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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-16 22:40:00

Sonya Strong vs. Su Yung

Yung got in Strong's face in the corner before the bell.  She backed up and Sonya stepped to her in the middle of the ring.  The crowd chanted for her.   They went into a test of strength.   Strong sent her into the ropes but was shoulderblocked down.  Strong followed up with a dropkick.  Yung tried to spew mist at Strong, who ducked and went to the floor.  Yung followed and the battle was on there.  Yung forced her against the guard rail and slammed Strong into the apron.

Yung whipped Strong into the guard rail and grabbed a chair as the referee checked on Strong.  She then added another to her collection.   Yung went to the apron but Strong swept her legs, knocking her down.  Yung forced Strong into the corner and slapped her hard.   Strong was worked over and placed in surfboard variation before being slammed into the apron several times.   She then locked Strong in a pendelum before attempting a two count.

Sonya was worked over more and placed in the tree of woe in the corner.   Yung held her by the hair and unloaded with a series of kicks to the back.  She went and charged but Strong flipped off the corner and kicked her as she was upside down.  Strong unloaded with a series of offensive maneuvers and strikes that sent Yung to the floor.   Yung pulled her out of the ring.  The brawled up the aisle and around the building, battling atop of one of the bars.  Yung hit a running flip off the bar to the floor. 

They battled back to the ringside area, where Yung hit a pair of suplexes on the floor.   They were almost both counted out fighting.  They returned to the ring, where Yung nailed a hard slap across the face.  Strong sent her into the ropes and nailed a big elbow to the sternum.  Yung fired back, as did Strong, who scored with a boot to the face and a spinning kick that glancingly hit.  They battled back and forth.  Yung caught her with a kick and nailed a headscissor into a rana that sent Strong into the buckles.

Yung hung her on the ropes and nailed a pedigree as she was hanging for a two count.   Yung put on a glove.  Are we getting the claw?  Nope.  Strong avoided and pulled her up into a variation on a Rampaige for a two count.  It looked awesome.   They continued fighting and bumped the ref.  As he was recovering, Yung spewed mist in Strong's face.  Strong came back to hit a back suplex and score the pin.

Your winner, Sonya Strong!

Match was very entertaining at times with some unique offense from Yung, Strong looking good with strikes and offense,a nice brawl and spot off the bar but as it went on, it felt like they were losing steam.

After the match, the crowd was giving Yung a nice ovation when HOG Women's champion Violet and her second came to the ring.  The second attacked Yung and laid her out.  Violet covered her and declared herself the winner.

HOG Crown Jewel champion Evander James (with Matt Ryan) Open Challenge

James issued an open challenge to anyone in the back.  Out came out former CZW champion Joe Gacy, who was not advertised for the show.

Gacy started out strong with some good offense and sent James out to the floor.  Gacy worked him over on the floor but as he returned, Ryan (who plays his role well) grabbed his leg, allowing James to take over.  James began working over Gacy's, stomping and slamming his knee, scoring two counts.   James made Gacy catch his leg on the ropes and kicked him from behind, then choked him.  

Gacy used a spinning toehold but Gacy tried to small package him, garnering a two count.  James quickly cut him off with a knee.   Gacy was worked over but came back with a neckbreaker and scored a two count.   James came back with a powerbomb attempt but Gacy cut him off with a big forearm.  James caught him with a sit-out powerbomb for a two count, but when Gacy escaped, James hooked the leg and turned it into a single leg crab.  He transitioned into a full Boston Crab.  Gacy fought hs way out and nailed a Lethal Injection variation for a two count.

Gacy locked in a submission and James was tapping but Matt Ryan distracted the referee.  The crowd chanted, "He tapped out." Gacy attempted a small package but James dropped down and grabbed the ropes, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Evander James!

Very good back and forth match.  James is really evolving well and Gacy looked good here as well.  Very entertaining match that had the crowd into all the near falls.

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