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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-16 22:40:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of House of Glory Seven, the promotion's anniversary event in Jamaica, Queens at Club Amazora! While you are enjoying this coverage, don't forget to check out Richard Trionfo's SHINE coverage on the main page of the site!

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair signed for over three hours prior to the show, bringing a line that snaked around the entire venue.   The line was so long they pushed belltime back by an hour, which should be interesting as there is a curfew for the show due to the Club being needed for another event tonight.

The show opened with Santa Claus coming to the ring.   He circled the ring, giving out gifts.  The crowd chanted, "Thank you Santa!"  Santa took the mic and asked how everyone was doing and asked if everyone was ready to be entertained tonight.  Out came Anthony Gangone who said he didn't get what he wanted, a HOG title match, so he's going to make it a Black Christmas for Santa.  The House of Gangone were going to beat up Santa but masked man Monte hit the scene and came off the top with a flying bodypress.

Monte vs. Anthony Gangone

They kicked off a match.  Monte had control but was cut off by Gangone, who did the Flair strut as Ric was still signing at the stage in the venue.   Gangone nailed a big boot to the face and continued working Monte over with chops.   Monte came back and ascended to the top.  He went for a flying bodypress but was caught in mid-air and held in a vertical suplex position.  That looked awesome.   Gangone nailed a bucklebomb from a Razor's Edge for another two count.  

Gangone continued the assault until Monte fired off with right hands and a big kick.  He nailed a great running dropkick.  Monte nailed a stunner out of an attempted wheelbarrow suplex but only scored a two count.   Gangone raked Monte's face but was still overpowered and caught in the corner with a series of punches.   Gangone finally caught Monte with a package bomb into a backbreaker over the knee for another two count.   They went back and forth until Monte reversed a powerbomb into a rana in the corner.

Monte went to the top and nailed a big splash but was too hurt to make the cover.  He finally did but a member of House of Gangone placed Anthony's foot on the ropes.  The referee threw all the HOG members out of ringside, which got a big spot.  One of them tossed a fireball in Monte's face as the referee was moving the others out.  Gangone nailed a GTS and scored the pin.

Your winner, Anthony Gangone!

Nice, heated opened with some good back and forth action. 


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Ric Flair, after signing, came out to cut a promo on stage.  The place erupted for him.  He thanked everyone asked them if they were having a good time.  They popped.  He said he was fortunate that he was here tonight and it was the first time he's flown since he was sick this summer.  The crowd chanted, "Thank you Ric."  He said if you've been where he's been, he says thank you to you.  He said that everything he lived through in his life caught up to him in one night.  He said HOG was a tremendous promotion and he was happy to be there.  He said it was the first time in NYC where he wouldn't be drinking and joked, "Sh**!"  He thanked everyone and wished them a happy holidays.  He told everyone to grab onto life and live it every day as if its going well because you never know.  He said go after it.  He grabbed HOG promoter Brian XL and hugged him and thanked everyone again and told them to keep supporting HOG.  Flair was all smiles and looked great.


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The Lifeguard Mike Dell vs. MTV TRL champion Caveman

Dell came out to the Baywatch theme.  Of course he did.

Caveman is the MTV TRL champion.  Seriously.  The fans chanted "Ooga Ooga" and "ABC 123" at him.  They went back and forth until Dell began focusing on the leg.  He drilled Caveman's leg several times and scored several two counts.   Dell worked him over for a long time.  He tried to use his buoy but the referee stopped him.  Caveman made a comeback and scored the pin.

Your winner and still MTV TRL champion, Caveman!

Very entertaining stuff here.

They announced a 2/3/18 return here to Club Amazura.

The Masons vs. ?

Unfortunately, I couldn't hear the ring mics well from where I am positioned so I have no idea of what the team member names are.    The Masons were announced as making their debut and making their winter residences in Aspen, Colorado.  They worked over for a long time and showed some good ring psychology.   After a hot tag, they were on the run before coming back to hit a double team maneuver and score the pin.

Your winners,

Solid tag match.

They aired a video feature to set up the next match.

Last Man Standing: Ken Broadway vs. Leroy Green

This has been a long standing storyline in HOG with Broadway playing the Ted DiBiase role and Green as his Virgil before breaking free (and getting really over in the process) as they feuded.  This looks to be the finale of the feud, but we will see.  Green is dubbed "The Young Boy."  Broadway has a long entrance, which Green destroyed by hitting a tope to the outside.  The place popped and chanted "HOG!"

Green beat Broadway all around the ringside area, setting him up for some stiff chops.  Broadway cut him off and rammed him, groin first, into the railing.  He choked Green with a ring jacket and tossed him back into the ring.  The referee counted Green down but he returned to his feet.  Broadway continued the onslaught including some big suplexes.  Green refused to stay down and kept getting back up.   Green made a comeback and used a Gamecube as a weapon.  He went for a rana but was caught and dropped over Broadway's knee with a backbreaker.y

The referee began counting Green down but he returned to his feet.  Broadway was right on him and picked him up for a slam.  Broadway dropped a leg on Green and went under the ring, seeking something,  He came back out with a stick and cracked him across the back with it.   Green was beaten down but made a comeback and hit a big DDT.  He began caning Broadway with the stick, breaking it.  He nailed a dive and when Broadway caught him, Green twisted it into a tornado DDT on the floor.

Green ran around looking for something and finally found a chair.  He nailed Broadway with it and tried to nail a DVDR onto the chair but Broadway escaped.  He nailed a series of kicks, then caught Green in the corner with more.  He then nailed a backcracker, pulling Green off the buckes across his knees and a chair.  The crowd chanted "HOG" for that.  They were both counted down but got up at the nine count.  They   battled on the outside, where Broadway tried to nail a Pedigree off the apron.  Green slipped out and they battled.  Green hit a suplex on the apron and they bounced off to the floorv

Green went up the aisle and returned with a piece of guard rail.  He bridged it between the guard rail and the apron and placed Broadway on it.  He went to the top but someone tried to interfere with a chair.  He missed and Green laid him out.  Green went to the top again but Broadway met him.  They battled and Broadway flipped Green over and down onto the guard rail, which bent as he crashed into it.    The referee counted Green out but he rolled off and onto his feet at the last second.

Broadway attacked again and trashed Green on the floor.   They battled back to the apron, where a table was set up beneath them.  Green nailed an Unprettier on Broadway on the apron.  He rolled Broadway onto the table.  He then came off the top with a splash through the table, getting a huge pop.  Broadway was counted down.

Your winner, Leroy Green!

With the exception of a short sequence where they seemed to be a bit flummoxed, this was a lot of fun.  They put in a lot of time here and did a lot of big spots to make this work.

Broadway took the mic and said for 18 months, he made Green suffer and he hated him but tonight, he earned his respect.  He said he wanted Green to shake his hand.  Broadway's manager tried to stop him but Broadway blew him off and hugged Green.  The manager pushed and headbutt Broadway and kicked Green in the groin.

Thoroughly entertaining and a really good finale to what's been a central feud here.

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