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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-04 11:01:00

The Tijuana, Mexico-based Crash Lucha Libre promotion announced today that Konnan, who had been working as a booker and head of creative for the company, was gone from the company. 

We are told that Konnan was let go this past Thursday following a locker room meeting and the decision to announce it today was to not distract from the promotion's events over this past weekend in Mexico.  Konnan had joined the promotion after he and AAA fell out of favor, sparking a lot of talent to move to Crash and leading the promotion to running more events outside of Tijuana on a regular basis.

The promotion issued the following statement to this morning after we requested comment in an attempt to confirm the story:

The Crash Lucha Libre brand is known for the way we treat people and value each and every single person that works in this company. Bettering the economical and habitual needs. Showing the support for each element and giving opportunity to new talent.

In this way, the value and professionalism shown between each of its partners.

Not being able to comply to the Crash Lucha Libre code of ethic, is something that we do not tolerate in this company.

With that being said, We not announce that Carlos Santiago Espada "Konnan", will no longer be working with The Crash.

We thank him for the time and support and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

We will be announcing the dates for 2018 with the best matches and our debut in the United States.

We are told a Spanish-language version of the statement was issued to media in Mexico this morning as well.

Politically, it should be interesting to see what this means for Crash Lucha Libre's working relationship with Impact Wrestling, especially since Konnan is a regular for Impact as part of the LAX faction. 

Konnan was recently announced as the head writer for the Aro Lucha promotion out of Nashville, TN, a position we are told Impact Wrestling has given him permission to pursue.  One would have expected that Konnan would have been the conduit to bring Crash talents in for that group, which is taping a TV pilot this Sunday 12/10 in Nashville, TN.    Whether this exit changes that remains to be seen as well.

Crash Lucha Libre is slated to run New Orleans over Wrestlemania 34 weekend in April 2018 as part of Wrestlecon.  It should be interesting to see how much of their plans going forward change with Konnan's dismissal.

Konnan has not, as of yet, commented on his departure and was retweeting fans' comments about Crash's weekend events as if he was still associated with the company.

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