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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-02 20:12:00

Arik Cannon vs. Conor Braxton vs. Bull James vs. Curt Stallion

Nice "Bull" chant when James came to the ring and at the onset of the match.  They noted Stallion earned his spot through his work at a HOH/Tea, 3D Academy seminar.   Lots of playing to the crowd early.  That led to referee Brian Stifler, the former Impact ref, doing the same and all the competitors left the ring.  They then did some silliness based around Braxton's Hoverboard, including James trying to use it.

James even wore a Cheese hat, since we are in Wisconsin!

After this silliness, they began going back and forth.  Braxton looked solid early with several pump kicks.  He big a big swing on Stallion while on the Hoverboard.   It was a good idea in theory but the Hoverboard was too slow in circling for this to really work.  He tried to do the same to James but Stallion nailed him from behind.  Stallion nailed a series of kicks on the other competitors in the corner.  Everyone battled.

They built to a Tower of Doom spot.  In the end, James scored the pin on Stalllion with the Doink Drop.

Your winner, Bull James!

Solid match with a nice mix of silliness and action.

Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack

Cage used his power and might early to work over Mack.  Mack ducked a clothesline and snapped Cage down with a neckbreaker.  He went to the ropes but was cut off by Cage, who kicked him in the face and nailed a forward facing Electric Chair off his shoulders for a two count.     Mack came back with a pair of slams.  Cage avoided another and shoved Mack into the corner, nailing the ringpost with his shoulder.  Cage nailed a pumphandle slam for a two count.

Mack came back with a pump kick in the corner.  He scored several two counts.  Mack went for a move off the top but Cage rolled out of the way and nailed him with a F5 for a two count.   Lots of big moves and near falls.  Mack kept kicking up.  Cage went for a suplex but Mack escaped and nailed a superkick, a stunner and a frog splash off the top for the pin.

Your winner, Willie Mack!

This was just great stuff from bell to bell.  Best thing on the show thus far from a wrestling standpoint.

Squad World Order vs. Al Snow & Swoggle (with Dave Herro)

SWO did mic work for a long time before the match.  If they aren't using this name to build to the BWO coming in, what the hell is the point of it?

If you aren't familiar with Herro, he's been a local promoter and personality in Wisconsin for years and promoted "Blizzard Brawl" before HOH took it over. 

It was all silliness and stalling from the Squad early.

The Squad worked over Al Snow for some time, focusing on his arm.  They did the old Midnight Express pumphandle spot on Snow's arm, leading to Mikey being tricked to doing it to Kenny.  They began arguing with each other and shoving.  They built up to a spot where Swoggle and Snow both bit the Squad on the rear end at the same time, so the Squad was rubbing each other's rear ends.  Swoggle nailed a sitdown splash on Mikey for a two count.

Snow tagged in and cut off with several clotheslines.  They choked Snow against the ropes.   He made a tag to Swoggle but the referee didn't see it, allowing the SWO to trash Snow more.  Snow nailed a small package but the referee was distracted.  Two additional tags to Swoggle were missed by the referee.   Snow nailed a clothesline and finally made the hot tag to Swoggle.  Swoggle cleaned house but was tripped by Randy on the outside.  The SWO worked over Swoggle and cut him off every time he went for a tag.

Swoggle caught Kenny with a Samoan Drop, which was quite the sight but Mikey tagged in and continued the assault.  Everyone battled.  Randy tried to interfere but Dave Herro hit the ring and chokeslammed him.  The other members of the SWO attacked Herro and kicked him out of the ring.  Snow made a comeback and nailed a double clothesline.  He nailed Kenny with Head.  Swoggle nailed the Tadpole splash for the pin.

Your winners, Swoggle and Al Snow!

As a local house match, this was solid fun.  I don't think anyone is going to rave about the in-ring work but as something designed for the locals, it was perfectly fine.

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