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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-11-13 01:12:00

On Sunday night, Ring of Honor returned to Lakeland, Florida for the first time since Supercard of Honor for their latest television tapings, leading into Final Battle in December.

Here are the results of what happened (this is the order of the tapings so there might be some things that do not occur in this order on television).

Match Number One:  Troy Hollywood defeated Hunter Law in a Future of Honor match

Match Number Two:  IWGP Light Heavyweight Champion Marty Scurll defeated Beer City Bruiser after Scurll hit Bruiser with his umbrella.  During the match, Jay Lethal came out to the stage to watch.  The referee was knocked out briefly when Bruiser accidentally splashed him when Scurll moved.

Match Number Three:  Flip Gordon defeated Ring of Honor Six Man Tag Team Champion Adam Page with a springboard cutter.

Match Number Four:  Mandy Leon defeated Stella Grey in a Women of Honor Match when Leon forced Grey to tap out.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian come out and call out Hanson, since Raymond Rowe is still suspended.  Hanson comes out to confront them and he is attacked by Kazarian and Daniels.  Daniels pulls out clippers and removes part of Hanson’s beard.

Match Number Five:  Ring of Honor Television Champion Kenny King defeated Caprice Coleman (with Shane Taylor) to retain the Ring of Honor Television Title with the Royal Flush.

After the match, Punishment Martinez comes out and attacks King.  Taylor also attacks King.  Silas Young, who was on commentary during the match, also attacks King.

Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe come out and they call out Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer.  They talk about what they have done to Bully and the Team 3D Academy.  They want Bully and Dreamer to answer their challenge.  They tell Bully and Dreamer that they aren’t cowards, they are bitches.

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray come to the ring and security holds them back from getting in the ring.  Joe Koff is also at ringside and the Briscoes talk about how Dreamer and Bully are being told what to do by a little man.

Joe Koff comes into the ring and he tells Jay and Mark that they have let down all of the fans who have supported them over the years.  He also tells Mark and Jay that he is the one who makes the matches.  The Briscoes will face Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer at Final Battle.

Match Number Six:  Matt Taven (with Vinnie Marseglia and TK O’Ryan) defeated Jay Lethal with a rollup.  There was some interference by Marseglia and O’Ryan during the match and Marty Scurll came to ringside and offered his umbrella for Lethal to use.  Lethal refused and threw the umbrella at Scurll.  That is when Taven got the victory.

After the match, Taven cuts a promo about how they should still be the Ring of Honor Six Man Tag Team Champions.  He also announces that he will be facing Will Ospreay at Final Battle.

Match Number Seven (Announced for Christmas weekend):  Dalton Castle, Silas Young, Hanson, Jonathan Gresham, and Marty Scurll defeated Cody, Scorpio Sky, Josh Woods, Chris Sabin, and Punishment Martinez when Castle pinned Sky with Bang-O-Rang.

This match was announced as being captained by Cody and Dalton Castle with the members of the team picked at random.  Cody came out with a present and he said he would give it to the loudest fan in the building, but then he stomped on it and said no one would get it.  Scurll was the final person announced for the match.  Castle wore a Christmas sweater with his face on it and during the match threw it at Cody.  Cody put it on and then while on the apron, he was blowing kisses back and forth with Scurll.  There were a lot of dives to the floor during this match. 

There was a brief intermission.

Match Number Eight:  Sumie Sakai defeated Rain with a swinging neck breaker.

Match Number Nine:  Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian defeated Shaheem Ali and Leon St. Giovanni with the Best Meltzer Ever on St. Giovanni.

After the match, Coast 2 Coast had a segment in the ring where they talked about their shortcomings in the ring and vowed to win their next match or they would break up as a team.

Match Number Ten:  Shane Taylor defeated Eli Isom by referee stoppage after a punch to the head.

Match Number Eleven:  Rhett Titus and Will Ferrara defeated Simon Grimm and Flip Gordon when Titus pinned Grimm after Ferrara hit Grimm with a box.   Ferrara was dressed in a reindeer costume and Titus would not let him take it off during the match.

They put a table in the ring for the contract signing for the Ring of Honor World Title Match at Final Battle between Cody and Dalton Castle.  Cody was joined by Brandi Rhodes, and both were wearing fur coats.  Cody also had people bringing food and drinks for him during the contract signing.  They both cut promos and then Cody tries to attack Castle, but Dalton avoids him and then Castle give Cody a spinebuster through the table.

Match Number Twelve:  Ring of Honor Six Man Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega defeated Rocky Romero, Chuck Taylor, and Trent Baretta to retain the Ring of Honor Six Man Tag Titles with the One Winged Meltzer.  Before the match, Omega and the Bucks made this a title match. 

After the match, Nick Jackson got on the mic and put over the match and the performance of Baretta, Taylor, and Romero.  He talked about how they had one of his favorite matches the last time Ring of Honor was in Lakeland.  They bring out the rest of the Bullet Club and talk about FTRR and then mention Kenny Omega’s match at Wrestle Kingdom against Chris Jericho.

Omega takes the mic and talks about how many people he has met at the recent meet and greets and how he wants people to support Ring of Honor, New Japan, and any wrestling company.

Show Thoughts:

The best match of the tapings was the Six Man Tag Title Match that went more than 20 minutes.

It seemed like around three quarters of the crowd was wearing Bullet Club shirts.

The lines for the Bullet Club members went about halfway around the inside of the room.

The room used for the tapings was different than the two previous Ring of Honor shows that I attended (one was a television taping and the other was a house show).

It looked like the show was sold out and if it was not sold out, it was very close to being sold out.

Other matches that stood out were the Beer City Bruiser versus Marty Scurll and the Ten Man Tag Match.
Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana were the primary announcers with Brandi Rhodes joining in for the Women of Honor matches.

No return date was announced.

During the Gordon/Page match, there was a ‘Better than Full Sail’ chant.

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