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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-05 18:22:00

Six Sides of Steel: Bobby Lashley & King Mo vs. Moose & UFC HOFer Stephan Bonner.

Moose's brother performed Moose and Bonnar to the ring. 

Everyone brawled in the cage.  Mo nailed a KO shot on Moose.  Everyone brawled.  Moose hit a big boot to Lashley.   Mo was busted open from hitting the page.   Bonnar and Mo faced off but were nailed by Lashley and Moose.  Lashley nailed a running powerslam on Bonnar as Moose nailed Mo.  Lashley sent Moose into the corner but Moose came out with a spear.   That left Bonnar and Mo finally facing off.  Mo took him down with a double leg takedown and he began raining down with punches.  They did MMA style guard and defenses.  Bonnar grabbed Mo in an armbar. 

American Top Team hit the cage and began working over Moose and Bonnar.   Mo and Moose ended up outside the cage.  Dan Lambert tossed Mo back in and locked the door, trapping Moose outside.    Bonnar nailed a spin kick on Mo and fired away at Lashley with knees.  He went for a crossface on Lashley but was attacked by members of American Top Team.  Moose climbed to the top of the cage and hit a flying bodypress press down onto Lashley and Mo, wiping them out.

Moose grabbed Dan Lambert but Moose was attaxked Colby Coverton.  Lashley speared Moose and scored th pin.

Your winners, Bobby Lashley and King Mo!

Impact champion Eli Drake with Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact

Impact went right after Drake.  Drake sent him to the floor but Impact landed on his feet.  Drake went for a sliding kick but was caught and nailed with an elbow.  Impact hit a spinning attack to the floor on Drake.    Back in the ring, Drake cut off Impact but was caught with a leg lariat.  Adonis interfered and nailed Impact when the referee wasn't looking.  Drake gained control and orked over Impact as he was left hanging outside on the apron.

On the floor, Impact was sent into the guard rails.  Impact was sent into another set but slipped underneath them and popped up, drilling Drake.  He nailed a leaping clothesline over the rail into the ringside area.  They battled to the apron, where Drake nailed a hangman's neckbreaker on the outside.  The crowd was really enjoying this one.  They battled on the floor, where Impact nailed a back suplex onto the ring steps and tossed the champion back in.

Back in the ring, Drake snapped him over with a powerslam for a two count.    Impact was sent hard into the ropes and knocked to the floor.   The referee argued with Drake, allowing Adonis to work over Impact on the outside.  Drake snapped Impact's leg into the post, with the idea that he was trying to minimize Impact's offense by taking out his base.  Drake used a slingshot to slam Impact into the guard rail, then tossed him back into the ring.

Drake went to the top.  Impact tried to cut him off.  Drake went for a sunset flop off the top but Impact held off.  He nailed a backflip off the ropes and landed on his legs.  Drake hit a moonsault press for a two count.  They battled back and forth.  Impact crotched him on the top rope.  Impact went for a belly to back superplex but Drake fired off with elbows.  Impact nailed a Samoan Drop off the top, rolled through and nailed a standing shooting star for a two count after a Russian Legsweep.

Impact went to the top and went for the Impact Elbow but Drake avoided it and nailed a dropkick.  Impact avoided several offensive maneuvers and nailed a kick to the head.   Drake caught him and nailed a great looking superkick for a close two count.  They continued to battle back and forth.  Impact placed Drake on the top rope to hit a Spanish Fly for a close two count.    Adonis tossed the title to Drake, who missed using it.  Impact kicked him and nailed Adonis with the title.  Impact nailed an elbow off the top for a two count.

They continued to battle back and forth.  They battled to the top again for the fourth time.  Drake teased a superplex off the top to the floor but Impact kicked him into the ring and nailed Starship Pain.  He went for the cover but Alberto el Patron hopped the guard rail and pulled the referee out.  Impact went for a flip dive on Patron but Alberto moved and Impact landed on the ref on the floor.  Poor Brandon Tolle.  Patron nailed Impact with a chair on the floor, then hit the ring and laid out Eli Drake as well.

Patron shoved Impact and the referee in the ring, then smashed a chair over Impact's head.  He placed Drake atop of Impact and the referee counted three, meaning the company gave fans in a brand new market and whatever fans were willing to pay for the show a completely bullsh** finish.  Great going.

Your winner and still Impact champion, Eli Drake!

The work until the end was really, really, really good and then the creative sent it all to hell.

Really, it was such a stupid ending.  Every time this company has a window where they can try and make a statement to whatever audience still cares about them that something is different, they do the exact same garbage.  It was the same overbooked ending that we've seen in a ton of Impact main events dating back a decade plus.  Instead of giving fans, oh, I don't know, a clean finish to the show as a reward for hanging in there after all the crap and drama they have lived through in the last year as well as just rewarding them for watching and supporting the company BY PAYING TO WATCH THIS SHOW, and then doing the Alberto angle after, they give the fans a meaningless, empty calorie finish to the "biggest show of the year." 

Ten years ago, I went to Atlanta to cover Bound for Glory 2007.  It was a great show from top to bottom but then in the end, there was bullsh** interference from Kevin Nash ruining a Sting vs. Kurt Angle main event.  The inteference didn't enhance the match, it just ruined the overall experience that was the rest of the show.  It didn't further the main event.  It didn't further any real storyline, it was just a bullsh** out.  It took a crowd that was having a great time and left them less than enthused walking out, because the last thing the fans remember is what they see before the show ends.

A decade later, there is no Vince Russo, no Jeff Jarrett, no Dixie Carter to point the finger at and place the blame on, yet the company did the exact same thing they always do anytime they have any hope of trying to show the world things are different.  Thing aren't different and let's all face it, they won't be a year from now - and Impact have no one to blame but themselves, because every person who took the heat and was blamed for these decisions in the past is nowhere near Impact right now.     It was just another bullsh** out.

Once again, this company runs in the same circles and it's a damn shame, because neither Drake nor Impact would have been hurt by losing, even if Alberto destroyed them both after.    The way this was booked just ripped the rug out from under the fans.  It won't get Patron heat.  It won't raise ratings because no one is really watching the show in great numbers.  It won't draw money, since the company doesn't actually run live shows.  It won't sell merchandise.  It won't sell the next PPV, whenever that one is. 

It was just another bullsh** finish to another bullsh** PPV and even worse, it was the same old crap when the company needs, NEEDS, NEEDS to not be the same old crap all over again.  The only ones this company are going to be bullsh**ing if they keep this up is themselves, because with each passing repeat, they lose more and more of the fan base that is left - and that fan base is a small percentage of what they had three years ago.  Doing the same old angles and finishes that WWE has done to death forever won't fix that, but at this point, what the hell will fix that?

I know someone in the company will be emailing me, calling me or texting me tonight to tell me how I am being unfair.  I am not and before anyone calls, I ask them this question - when's the last time Vince McMahon completely F***ed his audience on a Wrestlemania main event?   This was your Wrestlemania.  You should have treated the main event like that, not a Nitro from 2000.




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