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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-05 18:22:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the 2017 Bound for Glory PPV from Ottawa, Ontario.

Bound for Glory will air across all traditional PPV outlets as well as on The Fite App. You can download the Fite App for free for your cell phone or mobile device by clicking here.    Fite can be streamed from your phone to Samsung Smart TVs and recently debuted a Roku channel as well. The app is HIGHLY recommended by yours truly and is free to download as well with tons of weekly free programming, including ROH's weekly TV series, Booker T's Reality of Wrestling and more.    If you order the site via FITE, you can use the receipt of the order to get three months of the Global Wrestling Network for free.   

Bound for Glory opened with footage of Alberto el Patron entering the building as Jeremy Borash asked what he had in store tonight at Bound for Glory.

They went into a video package on BFG with comments from many of the competitors.

Jeremy Borash welcomed everyone.  The crowd looks to be in the 900 area. [Note: Someone at the show pegged the crowd as closer to 600.]

It's amazing how Impact goes to another country and another venue and it really looks like they are still in the Impact Zone.

Impact Wrestling X-Division champion Trevor Lee vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Garza Jr.

They said Andrew Everett and Caleb Konley were banned from ringside.  HUGE pop for Petey Williams.  Williams came out to his old Team Canada theme song.  The fans sang the Canadian theme song and chanted his name.

The referee looks to be 13, by the way.

They said they were under lucha rules, so if someone leaves the ring, another competitor doesn't need to tag in to enter the fray.  Dutt and Sydal went back and forth and faced off.  Xavier tagged himself in and they had a back and forth.  They ended up on the floor.  Garza and Williams entered the ring.  Garza used some lucha takedowns.  Lee tagged in and cleaned houde on everyone but was caught and put in the tree of woe, where he was hit with a triple dropkick in the corner.   Williams stepped on his, well, nuts and sang O Canada!

The heels ended up on the floor so Williams, Dutt and Xavier hit a triple dive through the ropes.  Dutt nailed a big knee on Lee but Lee came back with a brutal looking powerbomb for a two count.   Lee began stomping away.  Lee continued working on Dutt who came back with a dropkick.  Dutt went for a tornado DDT but Lee escaped.  Garza Jr. tagged un and went after Lee, who focused on Garza's arm, which was bandaged.   He cinched in an armbar, trying to force a submission.

Williams finally tagged in and hit a  lot of hot offense on Lee before setting up the Canadian Destroyer.  He went for the move but was driven into the corner.  Sydal got involved and knocked Lee out of the ring.   Williams dove out of the ring, hitting a rana in mid-air on Lee to the floor.  That left Sydal and Xavier battling back in the ring.  Sydal was sent to the floor.  Xavier hit a space flying Tiger Drop to everyone, then hit a Spiral Tap on Lee for a two count.  Dutt broke it up at the ;ast second.

Sydal nailed a rana off the top on Xavier, with Xavier wiping out Dutt by crashing into him in the process.   Garza locked Sydal in a submission but was nailed by Williams.  Petey locked in a Sharpshooter, which got a huge pop but Dutt broke it up.  Lots of action.   Williams nailed the Canadian Destroyer on Xavier but was pitched out of the ring by Lee, who then stole the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division champion, Trevor Lee!

A good match, but it was your typical  X-Division match - hard work and some dives but nothing that stood out from similar efforts.  But, not a boring way to start the show.

They showed Impact champion Eli Drake entering the venue with Chris Adonis.

They showed Michigan independent wrestler Michigan’s Hakim Zane, who won their YouTube competition series Global Forged.  They said he would be in compeititon for Impact soon.

Taiji Ishimori vs. Tyson Dux.

Bonus match.    Ishimori nailed a big shoulder block to no effect.  They went back and forth until Ishimori nailed a rana and a dropkick, sending him to the outside.  Ishimori teased a dive but held onto the ropes, playing mind games with Dux.   Dux returned to the ring and cut off Ishimori, nailing a big backdrop.    They showed Laurel Van Ness stumbling around in the crowd with the idea that she was in no condition to be there.   The cameras kept focusing on her.   Ishimori came off the top with a Thesz Press.   Dux whipped out some power moves but was hit with a 450 splash off the top for the pin.

Your winner, Taiji Ishimori!

The match was fine but once they started focusing on Van Ness, it was impossible to really follow the flow of the match.

They showed Johnny Impact arriving at the venue earlier.

Backstage, Grado was warming up when Abyss came up to him.  Grado tried to reason with Joseph but was told that Joseph wasn't here.  He promised that Grado was hurt and was going to be exported.  Grado cut a promo saying he was proud of wrestling all over the world and getting a visa to work here.  He promised we were going to see a different Grado.

Alberto el Patron came out and cut a heel promo, saying that he's finally back.  He ripped on the promotion. saying it was full of backstabbers, cowards and losers and said management took his title, suspended him and cut his pay because they believed stupid reports online instead of the facts from the authorities, even after the reports proved he never did anything wrong.  He was referring to the Paige airport incident obviously.   Patron said that before that, all he heard from the losers hiding in the back is how great he was and all the great things he did inside the "sacred ring."  Once the inicident happened, no one ever called him and when it was proven he did nothing wrong, no one apologized.  He singled out Jeremy Borash, teasing he was going to do something to JB and even faced off with him by coming to the announcing table, but in the end, shook his hand and said he wasn't going to start with Borash.  He said that what happened to him was wrong but what will really be wrong is what he does tonight.   

This was weird.  The idea is that Patron is mad that the company suspended him when they thought he had been a domestic abuser (without actually saying that) and didn't pay him, so they hurt his family and then never acknowledged that he was innocent or called him.  Man, that is a slippery slope they are building here.   I hope this doesn't mean he's going to ruin the main event, because the last thing this company needs is another main event with another bullsh** finish.

Monster's Ball Match: Grado vs. Abyss

They said Grado was wearing a flannel given to him by Mick Foley.

Abyss said he smelled fear on Grado and asked what kind of man wears a fanny bag.  He said he doesn't see Grado dancing now.  Grado kicked him in the groin and they rang the bell.  Grado tossed some weapons that were in a trash can into the ring, then tossed the can in as well.  There are several barbed wire boards around the ring.  Grado went to use a cheese grater but was nailed.  Abyss grabbed a staple gun.  Grado went for a sunset flip but instead was hit with a staple gun in the forehead and rolled to the floor in pain.

Abyss tossed several barbed wire boards into the ring and bridged another between the guard rail and the ring apron.   He teased a chokeslam through the board but Grado elbowed his way out.  He charged Abyss but was grabbed and sent into the guard rail.  Abyss spread thumbtacks in the ring but was nailed with a cheese grater in the groin.  Grado drilled him with several trash can shots.  Grado went to the apron but Abyss threw the trash can at him and sent Grado through the barbed wire bridge on the outside.  The cameras only sort of caught it but they smartly showed a replay.

Abyss went under the ring and pulled out his spiked 2x4 Janice.   He missed a shot with it and Grado did some clubbering followed by the Bionic Elbow. Grado nailed him with the Singapore Cane.  Abyss grabbed him for a chokeslam but Grado slipped out and knocked him into a barbed wire board.  Laurel Van Ness is back in the crowd.  Grado sandwiched Abyss in between two barbed wire boards and splashed him off the top.  Van Ness entered the ringside area and lowblowed Grado.  She nailed the Tomakaze on Grado and began beating him.

She grabbed Janice but the lights went out.  When they returned, Rosemary was in the ring and spewed the mist in Laurel's eyes.  She and Abyss faced off.  He grabbed her for a chokeslam, teasing it would be into the thumbtacks.  Grado got involved but Abyss grabbed him.  Rosemary spewed mist.  Grado ducked and Abyss got misted.  Abyss grabbed her and chokeslammed her into the tacks.  Grado rolled up Abyss for a two count but someone rang the bell.  Well, that's what happens when you replace your crew with locals.

It sort of fell apart for a second and ended with Abyss nailing the Black Hole Slam on a barbed wire board for the pin.

Your winner, Abyss!

It was OK at best but it got really wonky at the end.

Team Impact cut a promo.  Every time James Storm cut a promo the audio squealed.  He riled up the crowd but you heard no reaction.  EC3 just looked at them and said, "See you out there", teasing dissension.

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