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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-22 21:42:00

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Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the 2017 WWE TLC PPV from Minneapolis! Elite subscribers can listen to our preview show for tonight by clicking here.

Elite subscribers can also listen to all of our past TLC Post-Game Shows by clicking here.

Our old pal Billy Krotchsen is sending along photos from the TLC PPV, which will be featured over the course of our coverage tonight.  Enjoy!


You can watch WWE's Kickoff broadcast below:

The Kickoff panel features Renee Young, David Otunga and Pete Rosenberg.  Young reviewed the story on Friday that saw Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt pulled from tonight's card, leading to Kurt Angle returning to the ring and AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor being added on the show.

Otunga noted that he saw Kurt Angle in the gym this morning and Angle was doing high intensity and looked great.  They noted it was an amazing series of circumstances that led to Angle wrestling for the first time in 11 years.  They wondered if he could get Braun Strowman in the Olympic Slam.

They went to the Miz, who said that everyone always tries to steal the spotlight.  The big news was that he and Maryse were expecting a baby girl but Angle tried to steal that moment from them.  He said they aren't just facing five stars and put over all over his team members' greatness.  Miz mocked Angle winning the gold medal with a broken neck.  He said after he beats Angle tonight, he demands that tomorrow, Angle walk out and shake Miz's hand to show he's the better man and that it's not personal.  They accused Miz of making it extremely personal.  Miz said he's not the one who's made it personal and promised that he was going to give Angle another "broken freaking neck."

They then went to AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor, saying two leaders from a "notorious club" will face for the first time ever tonight.  They noted fans were beyond excited about this announcement.  They presented it as "Christmas" coming early for fans and noted Styles rushed back from South America to make this happen.  They praised Kurt Angle for making this happen.

They noted tonight's Kickoff show would feature Mickie James taking fans' social media questions.

They talked about Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox.  Otunga picked Fox.  Rosenberg went with Sasha.

They aired a video feature about the debut of Asuka tonight.

Emma cut a promo backstage complaining about all the attention Asuka has been receiving.  She said all eyes will be on her tonight and decreed she was the creator of the women's revolution.   Good promo.

The panel all predicted Asuka would be victorious tonight.

Backstage, Kurt Angle was deep in thought when his son Jason Jordan came into the room.  Kurt said he had to fill the void and do something big when Roman couldn't compete.  Elias came in and said last night the spirit of Prince overtook him and tonight, they needed to have a big musical performance.  Jordan took issue with Elias bothering Kurt.  Kurt told him he could have his performance but give them a minute.  Jordan said, "Thanks for saving the PPV" to Elias in a mocking fashion.  Elias shot down, "At least I'm on the PPV." 

The panel looked at the Cruiserweight championship match between Enzo Amore and champion Kalisto.  The panel wondered how loyal Enzo's new friends really are.   They were cut off by Drew Gulak who came out upset that he was cut "for time" tonight.  He said the man was holding him down.  He had a megaphone and said he would not be silenced.  He said the man wants to break him, but he won't be broken and he wants a "better 205 live."  He went into a list of things he wanted to combat, but was cut off by Renee promoting Mickie James Q&A.

They aired a video feature on Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James for the Raw Women's championship.

Backstage, Mickie James did a social media Q&A with Charly Caruso.  James said she felt great and confident about her title match and was ready to take home her seventh championship.  On it being her potential seventh title, she said it's an amazing feeling since she would only be the second person to ever do this.  She was asked if she felt age was catching up to her.  She said that she's not the oldest woman on the roster and there are a fe females around her age and half the male roster is older than her.  She said Fabulous Moolah was 78 when she won her final championship.  She said she was going to get ready and if she wins, she will Facetime her son tomorrow to show him the belt.

AJ Styles was interviewed.  They made it clear he's going to face Demon Finn Balor.  Styles said he was going to be the first to beat the Demon on television.

They went to Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Booker T.  They introduced Banks vs. Fox after showing what happened at Raw to set this up.

Alicia Fox vs. Sasha Banks


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They shoved each other at the bell.  Sasha chased Fox out of the ring.  Fox returned to the ring cautiously.  She cut off Banks and sent her into the corner.  Banks reversed it and exploded with a series of rights.  Fox grabbed her by the hair and slammed Sasha backwards to the mat.

Fox, now in control, locked in a chinlock.   Banks came back with a Thesz Press and unloaded with a series of punches.  Fox tried to beg off and offered her hand.  Banks took the hand and dropkicked Fox out of the ring as they went to the usual waste of time commercial.

When they returned, Fox was making it to the ropes after being hit with the Bank Statement.  They battled to the ropes, where Banks was shoved off the corner to the apron and then bounced down to the floor outside.  Fox followed but was caught with a forearm.  Fox drove Banks down with a big kick.

Banks was shoved back into the squared circle and covered for a two count.  Fox placed her back on the top but was shoved into the buckles.  Fox shoved her outside to the apron, where she crashed again to the floor.   Fox gave the referee static as he counted Banks out.  Sasha returned right after the nine count, but was attacked again by Fox.

Fox nailed a Northern Light suplex for a two count.  She cinched Banks in a side chinlock.  Somehow the Missing Link came up in commentary.  They reversed attempted Irish whips.  Fox went for a rollup but Banks kicked out and jettisoned her through the ropes to the floor roughly.  Fox made it back into the ring.  Fox nailed a nice head scissors takedown.  Banks nailed her in the nose but was kicked down for a two count.

Fox went for a scissors kick but argued with the referee beforehand, allowing Banks to recover a bit.  Banks cut her off and nailed the Bank Statement, forcing a submission.

Your winner, Sasha Banks!

Good, solid match.  Fox worked hard and did a lot more than you'd expect from her usually.  Banks did a good job as babyface in peril before making the comeback.  I liked this.  Enjoyable.

The panel looked at media coverage of Kurt Angle's return, acting as if he hasn't wrestled in 11 years.

They aired a video feature on Angle.

Backstage, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were interviewed.  Rollins said they were feeling good.  Dean said he's not in a good mood at all.  Dean said he doesn't know what Angle's plans and motivations are but he's not jumping into the kiddie end of the pool.  It's war.  Rollins said he never thought he'd be competing with Angle.  Dean admitted it was cool but said they were coming to burn everything down like Kamikaze pilots.  They turned down the chance to give away their strategy but promised they had something up their sleeves.  Ambrose said it was a four stage plan - tables, ladder, chairs, war.  


The opening video feature focused on the return of WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.

The announcers welcomed everyone to the event and pointed out that Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt had been pulled due to a viral infection.

Emma vs. Asuka


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The announcers noted Asuka had not been pinned or submitted since debuting in NXT.  Emma avoided locking up several times and was very proud of herself  Asuka took down and cinched in an armbreaker.  Emma grabbed the bottom rope.  Emma slapped her, which led to Asuka shaking her head as if to say, "OK, if this is how it's going to be, fine."


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They locked up again and Asuka was unfazed and kept in control of Emma's arm.  They noted this was Emma's first ever singles bout on PPV.  Emma slapped her again and Asuka smiled.  Asuka used a hip attack and then kicked her in the tailbone.  Asuka took her to the mat and cinched in an anklelock.  Emma rolled through and Asuka, after a hesitation, went through the ropes to the floor.

Emma worked her over on the floor and tossed Asuka back into the ring,  She stomped Asuka's face into the mat for a two count.  Emma cinched in an armbar, but Asuka broke free and nailed some kicks.  Emma made a comeback and showed a real mean streak, working her over in the corner and hanging her to the tree of woe.    Emma hit a nice splash in the corner for a two count.

Emma kept up the attack but Asuka just started to get angry.  She rolled up Emma for a two count.  Emma kicked her off towards the ropes but Asuka rebounded with a knee strike.  Asuka began tatooing her with kicks.  She came off the middle rope with a missile dropkick.   Asuka began kicking her in the head while holding the arm to prevent retreat.

Asuka grabbed the anklelock and twisted her leg.  Emma made it to her feet trying to escape but was hit with a big back suplex.  Emma rolled out of the ring to the relative safety of the floor.  Asuka went to the apron to retrieve her but was slammed off to the floor.   

They returned to the ring, where Emma was caught in the Asuka Lock and tapped out.

Your winner, Asuka!


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Much more of a competitive match than I expected going in.  Emma looked to be working extremely hard to make a case herself and did a nice job.  She and Asuka had some good in-ring chemistry.  All of Asuka's striking and offense looked great.   Really good match.  Asuka looked like a star.

Backstage, the Miz was telling Cesaro and Sheamus that they needed to focus.  Sheamus said Mick Foley never would have allowed this to happen, but he's always wanted to Brogue Kick an Olympic gold medalist through a table.  Miz said Angle wouldn't have stepped in for them.  He says he did it for the "WWE Universe" but the reality is that he only cares about himself.  Miz said Angle could have canceled or postponed the match but didn't.  He had to play superhero. 

Angle may think he's a superhero but he's going to meet a monster among men.  Braun told him to save the pep talk because he's going to snuff out Angle's return plus trash Dean and Seth.  He warned them to stay out of his way.

Kane said that if anyone was going to take them out, it was going to be him.  Miz said they have enough carnage to go around and sit at the dinner table.  When they take them out, they will run Monday Night Raw.  Braun said there's no tomorrow for Team Angle.  Kane said he's going to make TLC into "hell on earth."  Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro did the Shield pose to close the segment.  Good stuff.

Elias was in the ring and quoted Prince, since they are in Minneapolis.  He ripped the crowd and said he had a song to sing.  How long before Jason Jordan comes out?

Elias started to play but someone was throwing vegetables.  They turned on the lights and it was Jason doing it, tossing them from a shopping cart.  Jordan walked out laughing.  Elias just stared at him as the segment ended.  It seemed like an angle right out of 1985 WWF.

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