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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-10-16 23:04:00

It is time for MizTV and the host makes his way to the ring with Curtis Axel, Sheamus, and Cesaro.

The ring is adorned with tables, ladders, and chairs.

The crowd chants for Curtis Axel before Miz welcomes everyone to MizTV.  Miz says Kurt Angle sent them away without what the people wanted.  Kurt would have lost his main event if they shattered the Shield.  If they shattered the Shield, Sheamus and Cesaro would not get their chance to win back the tag titles.

Cesaro says everyone is excited for the friendship between Dean, Seth, and Roman, but that is all they will have after they win the Tag titles.

Sheamus says shattered is the word because they are going to shatter the Shield into three pieces.  Sheamus tells everyone to Respect the Hawk.  They will take back their tag titles.  Then the Shield will break just like he is going to break Dean Ambrose's back . . . with a chair.  Cesaro says Seth will break a leg when he is pushed off a ladder.  Miz says Roman's spirit will be broken when he sends him through a table.

Miz says they will expose the Shield as a novelty act.  They are not as good or were as good as you think they are.  The Shield cannot contend with them.  The Shield is co-workers amongst each other.  Miz says they are a family.  He would do anything for Curtis, Bo, Sheamus, Cesaro, or the fourth member of their team . . . Braun Strowman.

Braun makes his way to the ring.

Braun says he would have shattered the Shield tonight.  Last week, they came together and gave him a Cerberus Bomb through the announcement table.  That is because none of them could stop him on their own.  Now, he tears them apart, one by one, until they are done and gone forever.  That starts tonight inside a steel cage with Roman Reigns.  The cage will be locked shut so Roman cannot run away from him.

Miz says The Shield is no match for this.  Do you think they can take them on?  

The crowd thinks they can and that leads to a Really rally.  Miz says that catchphrase is nostalgia and they can throw that away.  Dean must be drinking the Kool-Aid and he said if you want to talk about four or five, they accept the challenge.

Kurt Angle comes out before Miz announces the fifth member.  He says she does not care what Dean said.

Miz says that words matter and he reminds Kurt about the Three 'I's.  Make them prove they can take on all of these people.  If these heroes can go against all odds.

Kurt tells Miz to shut the hell up.  Kurt says he is the Raw General Manager and we will settle it in the ring.

Kurt says if Miz wants a fifth member, Braun has to win his match against Roman Reigns.  However, if Braun loses tonight, it is back to a three-on-three match.

Braun says they accept.

Kurt says that so there will not be any chaos, during the Tag Title Match and Steel Cage match, everyone is banned from ringside.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Alicia Fox blames the referee for saying she tapped out because she was scratching her nose.  Alicia says she should be facing Asuka and she demands her t-shirt.

Match Number Three:  Alicia Fox versus Sasha Banks

Sasha sends Alicia to the mat and sets for the Banks Statement but Alicia gets to the ropes and floor.  Sasha with a baseball slide and she sends Alicia back into the ring.  Alicia goes to the floor and drops Sasha on the top rope.  Alicia with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker followed by a knee to the back.  Alicia with a rear chin lock.  Sasha with a cross body for a near fall.  Alicia with a back elbow.

Alicia with a reverse chin lock.  Sasha with punches and she escapes a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and applies Banks Statement and Alicia taps out.

Winner:  Sasha Banks

Enzo Amore walks in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back and Sasha is in the back and she is asked about her victory.  She says Fox is as tough as she is crazy.  Fox attacks Sasha from behind but Sasha sends her into some cases.  Fox returns the favor and Alicia continues the attack.  A referee comes to stop Fox and Fox pushes her down.  Other referees send Alicia away.

Enzo makes his way to the ring.  Enzo says he hears a few boos and he says you are wondering where is his Cruiserweight Title and we see the match from last week when Mustafa Ali pulled Enzo out of the ring when he appeared to have won the match only to see Kalisto become the New Cruiserweight Champion.

Enzo says he wants to be real for a minute.  He says he got nuked, duped, screwed, and robbed of his Cruiserweight Title.  Enzo says he had to deal with a corrupt GM.  Enzo also says that Kalisto robbed him of the Cruiserweight Title.

Kalisto's music plays and he makes his way to the ring.  

Kalisto tells Enzo enough is enough and that he has a big mouth and never shuts up.  Kalisto says you can blame him, Kurt Angle, the entire 205 Live roster, or the WWE Universe.  There ain't gonna be no excuses at TLC when he comes out of there as the Cruiserweight Champion.

Enzo says he has money stacked taller than Kalisto.  Enzo says he will not be getting his hands dirty since he won't be fighting tonight.  Enzo says the zo train is coming through.

Noam Dar, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari, and Drew Gulak attack Kalisto.

Enzo asks if that is too brutal and he insults Kalisto's mask.  Enzo says he doesn't want to get his clothes dirty.

Mustafa Ali's music plays and he comes to the ring and he avoids Gulak and hits a rana on Nese.  Ali kicks Gulak and then clotheslines Dar.  Ali with a round kick to Daivari and Enzo attacks Ali from behind.  Gulak, Daviari, Nese, Dar, and Enzo attack Kalisto.

Daivari with a hammer lock clothesline to Ali.  Enzo has something to say to Kalisto and he hits Eat Defeat on Kalisto.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Sheamus and Cesaro versus Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the WWE Raw Tag Titles

Sheamus and Dean start things off.  They lock up and Sheamus backs Dean into the corner and he misses a punch.  Dean with kicks and chops in the corner.  Sheamus with a boot when Dean charges into the corner.  Sheamus with a knee to the midsection followed by a punch.  Dean with a knee to the midsection.  Seth tags in and both men hit drop kicks to send Sheamus to the floor.  Cesaro is clotheslined over the top rope to the floor and then Dean and Seth with pescados onto Sheamus and Cesaro.  Rollins goes up top and Sheamus stops him.  Sheamus distracts the referee and Cesaro with a clothesline on the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus with a reverse chin lock on Rollins.  Rollins with punches to escape and Rollins knocks Cesaro off the apron.  Sheamus with a uranage back breaker for a near fall.  Cesaro tags in and they send Rollins sternum first into the turnbuckles and follow with a double super kick.  Cesaro gets a near fall.  Cesaro with a European uppercut and front face lock.  Rollins tries to get to his corner to make a tag but Cesaro stops him.  Cesaro with a knee to Rollins and he kicks Ambrose off the apron.  Rollins with a back body drop but Ambrose is on the floor.

Sheamus tags in and he sends Rollins into the air for a European uppercut and Sheamus gets a near fall.  Sheamus argues with the referee but Rollins cannot take advantage of Sheamus losing focus.  Sheamus kicks Rollins and punches him.  Sheamus with a European uppercut.  Rolilns blocks a punch and Rollins with a punch and chops followed by a back heel kick.  Rollins moves and Sheamus goes into the post.  Cesaro tags in and Rollins sends Cesaro over the top rope to the floor.  Rollins makes the tag and Ambrose with running forearms and a clothesline. 

Ambrose with a running forearm but Cesaro escapes the bulldog.  Ambrose with a neck breaker and he goes up top but Cesaro avoids him.  Ambrose tries to catapult Cesaro into the post but Cesaro lands on the turnbuckles.  Ambrose kicks Cesaro and sends him to the floor.  Ambrose with suicide dives onto Sheamus and Cesaro.  Ambrose with the elbow to the chest off the turnbuckles and Sheamus breaks up the cover.  Sheamus with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker to Rollins.  Sheamus is sent to the apron.  Cesaro with a boot to Ambrose and then Cesaro hits a springboard clothesline and Rollins breaks up the cover.  Cesaro with a European uppercut to Rollins.  Cesaro and Sheamus go for a double Splash Mountain.  Rollins with the V Trigger and Ambrose with the double underhook DDT for the three count.

Winners:  Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

We go to commercial.

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