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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-14 16:34:00

Shane Taylor vs. Josh Woods

They had a bit of a feeling out process early.  Woods rolled through and locked on an ankle lock.  Taylor kicked him off and out of the ring.  Taylor ht a big forearm to knock him off the apron.  Taylor went to the floor where they kicked back and forth and slugged it out.  They battled it out and returned to the ring, where Taylor completely controlled Woods.  Taylor hit Woods with a big move, crushing him against the railing.  Taylor worked over Woods, who came back with a springboard into a kick to the head.  Woods begins unloading with some sharp offense including a big running knee strime in the corner.  Woods went for a back suplex.  He finally nailed it and scored a two count.  They battled back and forth until Taylor nailed a sit-down piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Shane Taylor!

The story here was that Taylor got his win back over Woods. They worked really hard.

Kenny King & Colt Cabana vs. Marty Scurll & Adam Page.


Cabana and Scurll started off. They did some European style wrestling mixed with comedy spots.  It was very entertaining.  Cabana had the early momentum and scored several two counts.  King tagged in and tagged Scurll with several kicks.  Scurll quickly cut him off and tagged in Page.  King was able to avoid Page and kick Scurll off the apron, then avoided a move from Page.  He ended up on the floor in between them, and outmaneuvered them, looking really good.  King ran Page to the ropes and snapped his neck onto the ropes as he jumped to the floor.  Scurll went to superkick King from the apron.  King ducked but left his hand open and Scurll stomped them hard.

Back in the ring, King and Page went back and forth.  King caught him in the Muta Lock but Scurll hit the ring for a double stomp to force the break.   Bullet Club controlled the champion for a long time before Cabana made the hot tag.  Cabana unloaded with all sorts of offense including a springboard quebrada on both.   Cabana scored a two count with a rollup on Scurll.   Scurll made a comeback and went for the chickenwing but Cabana turned it into the Billy Goat's Curse.  Page nailed Cabana with a lariat.

Page tagged in and attacked King on the apron before going for Rite of Passage on Scurll.  Cabana turned it into a sunset flip attempt.  Page called for Marty to help him but it ended up being a low blow for his partner instead.  Page nailed a shooting star on King to the floor from the apron, which looked awesome.  Scurll took out Cabana with a kick to the legs and went to snap Cabana's fingers.  Cabana slipped an over mitt from inside his tights, thwarting the effort.  That didn't stop Scurll for long and he snapped the fingers.

Page and King battled back into the ring where King nailed the Royal Flush on Page and scored the win.

Your winners, Colt Cabana & ROH TV champion Kenny King!

Good competitive bout with some nice sequences and some good comedy.

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