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By Stuart Carapola on 2017-10-13 22:20:00

ROH TV champion Kenny King vs Punishment Martinez vs KUSHIDA vs Matt Taven vs Josh Woods vs Adam Page

If King is pinned, he will be forced to defend the TV title immediately against the person who defeated him.  King and the former champion, KUSHIDA, start us off with some mat wrestling, and neither man gets a strong advantage to start, and they do the indy stalemate.  Martinez tags himself in off of King, and KUSHIDA gives him the finger.  Martinez smiles and then charges, but KUSHIDA ducks and MArtinez sails over the top rope, so Taven quickly scurries in with a rollup for 2.  KUSHIDA with a hiptoss, a double bird to Taven with a rude word, then dropkicks him.  Page comes in and beats both Woods and KUSHIDA up by himself.  Woods gets a cross armbreaker on Page, but Taven hits a Lionsault and Page rolls to the floor.  Everyone brawls out to the floor where Page recovers and hits a running shooting star press off the apron, then KUSHIDA comes off the top with a somersault dive.  Punishment is in and connects with a couple of corner splashes to KUSHIDA, then a H-U-G-E falcon arrow suplex for 2.  Taven tags in and goes at it with KUSHIDA, then King comes in and unloads on Taven with a flurry of jabs, a cartwheel kick to Punishment, and a chin checker on Woods followed by a spinebuster to Page.  Whew!  King goes to the floor to go at it with Page, but then Punishment just high kicks him in the head before getting knocked silly by a leaping knee from Woods.  Taven tries a dive, but Punishment CATCHES HIM BY THE THROAT, but too many more dives happen before Punishment can kill him.  Page climbs up on the second tier railing, dives over the barricade, and wipes everyone out.  Crazy!  Page rolls KUSHIDA into the ring and hits the slingshot lariat, but Woods breaks it up, then German suplexes Page off the apron and onto the other participants.  Punishment and KUSHIDA wind up in the ring and Punishment boots him to the floor and hits a step-up somersault dive.  Ye gads.  Martinez goes to the top, King hits a leaping enziguiri, Woods rolls King up for 2.  King escapes a TKO and goes for the Royal Flush, Woods takes the bump wrong, so King picks him up and they blow it again, but Woods is nice enough to take the fall anyway.

Winner: Kenny King

Lots going on in this one, this really came off like the kind of match anyone in here could have won.

IWPG Tag Team Champions Killer Elite Squad vs War Machine

They start trading shots right off the bat, and Killer Elite Squad gets off to an early start and manhandle War Machine, throwing them around like nothing.  Hanson hits a flying headscissors (!) on Archer as Rowe tackles Davey Boy Jr to the floor, and then War Machine hits stereo dives and all four men take turns ramming each other into the barricades.  Hanson slams Davey Boy Jr on the floor, then Rowe slams Hanson on top of Davey Boy Jr.  Not his night.  Fans are actually moving out of the front row to get away from the participants before another one of them gets fired into the barricade in front of them and takes their legs out.  No more grievous injuries tonight, thanks!  Rowe with a Superman punch to Davey Boy Jr, then Archer tackles Rowe into the barricade.  Davey Boy Jr works Hanson over in the crowd with a chair as Archer gets Rowe in the ring and yells at Rowe before whipping him to the corner and following in with a charging clothesline.  KES with a double slam on Rowe, but Hanson comes in, cleans house, then goes back to the corner to take the hot tag so he can clean house again.  Hanson charges back and forth with corner clotheslines, then stacks them in one corner and connects with a charging splash and a bronco buster.  Hanson cartwheels past Archer, Archer cartwheels past Hanson, they cartwheel past each other, then wipe each other out with a double clothesline.  Double hot tag, and Davey Boy Jr just wants to trade shots with Rowe.  Rowe hits a roaring forearm, but Davey Boy Jr ducks another one and hits a gargoyle suplex, but Rowe is back up and hits a t-bone suplex.  Davey Boy Jr is up, so Rowe tosses him and connects with a kneestrike to the face for 2.  Archer tosses Rowe across the ring by the head, then he does the back and forth clotheslines on War Machine...until running into a big boot from Hanson, a Superman punch from Rowe, and War Machine gives Archer a double team German suplex.  Davey Boy Jr is in with a big vertical suplex on Hanson, then powerbombs Rowe and Archer comes in with a chokeslam for 2.  War Machine gives Hanson the Killer Bomb, and now Rowe is by himself and blocking punches with his head.  KES with the Hart Attack for 2, Rowe blocks another Killer Bomb and they hit their finish on Archer for the win.

Winners: War Machine

Match of the night so far, and for those who say the ROH guys never go over the New Japan guys, here you have two ROH guys going over the IWGP Tag Champs clean in the midle of the ring.  So there.

Silas Young vs Minoru Suzuki

Silas plays mind games from the start, calling Suzuki something rude and using the Beer City Bruiser to distract him so he can jump Suzuki from behind.  He tells Suzuki that he ain't crap, and Suzuki responds by getting a hanging armbar.  Out to the floor, where Suzuki happily rams Young into the barricade.  Suzuki with chops, and Young checks to make sure he's still got all his teeth.  Suzuki grabs the Bruiser's cigar, takes a drag, then grinds it in Young's face.  Bruiser yells at him to let go of his cigar, so Suzuki goes after Bruiser with a chair before dumping Young back into the ring and getting him in a Fujiwara armbar.  Young makes it to the ropes, so Suzuki tells Young to hit him, and Young does, but Suzuki no-sells and tosses Young to the apron.  Young sunset flips back in, rolls through, drills Suzuki with a knee, and hits a short DDT for 2.  Young keeps yelling at Suzuki while unloading with forearms, but Suzuki fires up, unloads with some shots of his own and a running Yakuza kick in the corner followed by a running boot for 2.  Young gets to his feet, calls Suzuki a mother******, and trades hard shots with him.  Silas hits the Finlay roll and headstand moonsault, but Suzuki kicks out at 2.  Davey Boy Smith Jr runs down to ringside to distract Young, allowing Suzuki to nail him from behind and shove him into the referee.  Suzuki rolls to the floor and Davey Boy Jr rolls in to attack Young, but Bruiser goes after Davey Boy Jr, dumps him to the floor, and tries a somersault dive...and misses.  Suzuki has a chair, uses a distraction from Davey Boy Jr to crack Young with the chair, and hits a delayed cradle piledriver for the win.

Winner: Minoru Suzuki

Hell of a brawl, and I liked how they booked Young to stand face to face with Suzuki instead of running for his life and cheapshotting the whole time.

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