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By Stuart Carapola on 2017-10-13 22:20:00

ROH Tag Team Title Match: Motor City Machine Guns vs Young Bucks vs The Kingdom

Shelley and Matt Jackson start us off, and Shelley throws up a Too Sweet at Matt, drawing a "cease and desist" chant from the crowd.  Very cute.  That doesn't stop the Bucks from outmaneuvering all four opponents right off the bell to start the match, as they clear the ring and then wipe all four opponents out with stereo dives. TK O'Ryan gets trapped in the ring and the Bucks work his shoulder over, so he goes to the eyes and tags Marseglia in, though Marseglia doesn'twield the axe he brought to the ring with him.  O'Ryan comes in and they blindside Matt, and work him over with a double flapjack and a senton/legdrop combo for 2.  They work Matt over for a few moments before Matt makes the hot tag to Nick, who cleans house on the Kingdom, cleans house on the MCMGs, then gets crotched on the top rope.  So much for that.  MCMGs take over now, double teaming the woo woo out of their oponents and going for Skull and Bones on O'Ryan, but Marseglia comes in to break it up, then hits a swanton on Shelley for 2.  The Bucks drag O'Ryan to the floor and double superkick him, but then Sabin takes them both out in the ring, then gets superkicked...okay, all heck is breaking loose.  superkicks and dives everywhere, Bucks with double Sharpshooters on the MCMGs, Kingdom breaks it up, MCMGs and Bucks superkick the tar out of each other, Bucks come out on top and go for More Bang For Your Buck on Shelley, but Sabin comes in and gets a hammerlock cradle on Matt for the win.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

The Addiction comes out and attacks the MCMGs after the match, then the Best Friends run in to make the save and surround Daniels in the ring and work him over 4-on-1 after laying Kazarian out and dumping him to the floor.  The Best Friends pick up the belts and give them a good long look before handing them to the champions.

Bully Ray, who isn't scheduled to wrestle tonight, comes out to the ring to share what's on his mind.  He took a shot to the head at Death Before Dishonor and doesn't know what the future is or if he'll be able to wrestle again since it's a pretty bad injury and he has to do what he has to do.  ROH management told him not to bother showing up because he needs to stya home and take care of himself, and he considered it, but then he saw what towns they're going to be in, and there's no way he's not going to Pittsburgh.  The fans chant for the company he used to work for, and Bubba says it's weird the fans still chant that, and the reason he felt the need to come back here is because about a half hour away is a building called the Golden Dome, and places like the Golden Dome and Pittsburgh mean something to him.  He felt it was necessary, and he hopes he's not being selfish, but he needed to come here and make eye contact with everyone, and make them undertand that they won't meet many wrestlers in this industry who truly appreciate the fans like he does.  This has always been a great town for him no matter where he's worked, but it's his first time here with ROH, and it tops every one of those previous visits.  He hopes to see the fans again, but he doesn't think it's happening, so if this is his last time here, he's glad to have the chance to say goodbye.  His music hits and he waves at the crowd and gives them a big hand, and we're at intermission.


Okay, we're back and have a Women of Honor six woman tag...

Deonna Purazzo, Mandy Leon & Jenny Rose vs Sumie Sakai, Faye Jackson & Britt Baker

Purrazzo and Sakai start us off and neither woman gets an advantag, so Mandy and Faye Jackson come in and go at it next and Mandy gets an early advantage, but then Jackson crushes Mandy in the corner with a couple of charging splashes.  Mandy dodges a third and hits a charging kneestrike in the corner, and then Britt Baker and Jenny Rose come in for a sequence, and then Sumie tags in and gets caught in the opposing corner and triple teamed.  Sumie gets away and Britt comes in to knock Deonna silly and hit a swinging fisherman's suplex for 2.  Deonna responds with some hard kicks and a side Russian legsweep, then floats into a Fujiwara armbar.  Britt quickly goes to the ropes, then she and Deonna trade superkicks and bicycle kicks. Jenny Rose comes in to try and double team, but Sumie shuts that down and then Faye takes Deonna and Jenny out with a top rope crossbody, but Mandy breaks the cover up at 2.  Everyone is in the ring trading shots, then Deonna gets Faye in a Fujiwara and forces the tapout.

Winners: Deonna Purrazzo, Mandy Leon & Jenny Rose

Good match to warm the fans up coming back from intermission.

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