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By Stuart Carapola on 2017-10-13 22:20:00

Welcome to's live coverage of ROH's Global Wars Weekend - Pittsburgh!

Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana.

Hiromu Takahashi vs Mark Briscoe

Takahashi is accompanied to the ring by...Daryl.  No, not the Walking Dead guy, his stuffed cat toy.  Japanese wrestlers have some of the most interesting personas.  Takahashi drops Daryl off with the announcers, then the bell rings and we're off.  They just get started and Mark takes a bad bump and pops his elbow WAY out, and you can see it hanging at a nasty angle, and the referee has no choice but to call for the bell.

Winner by injury default: Hiromu Takahashi

Both men are clearly unhappy with what happened, and Mark is hurried to the back to be attended to.  Well, it's a physical business and things happen.

The Addiction vs The Best Friends

The Addiction comes out in their street clothes and say they're not dressed to wrestle, and they say that the Best Friends may be best friends, but they're best friends too, and last time they were here, the fans thought Kazarian turned on his best friend to join the Bullet Club.  The fans don't care about best friends, they just care about drinking, throwing streamers, and doing stupid chants to get themselves over.  The fans don't deserve to see them wrestle, and they tease leaving, tease that they're going to come back, then leave anyway.  Instead, out comes Rhett Titus and Will Ferrara and introduce themselves as the Dawgs.  They rag on the Steelers and apparently are going to take the Addiction's place, so...

The Dawgs vs Best Friends

They get off to a quick start, and the Best Friends get off to an early advantage and trap Ferrara in their half of the ring.  They take turns hitting standing moonsaults on Ferrara, Titus blind tags in and suckerpunches Trent, then catapults Ferrara into Trent and puts the boots to him.  Now Trent is caught in the wrong part of town, and the Dawgs are spending as much time bickering with each other as they do beating Trent up, thuogh their shoving matches tend to feed into double team moves.  Very clever!  The Dawgs hug it out...and then Titus tries to give Ferrara a flapjack on top of Trent, but Trent gets the knees up.  Shoving match between the Dawgs allows Trent to hit a tornado DDT and...miss the hot tag when Ferrara pulls Chuck off the apron.  Ferrara comes in and hits the BLL, Dawgs hit a double punt to Trent's face, and then the Dawgs hit the One Eyed Wonder Worm (or whatever it was Jacobs and Whitmer called their finish).  Chuck comes in to break up the pinfall at 2, and Ferrara tries to grab a chain and nail the Best Friends with it, but Cheeseburger comes out of nowhere to grab the chain and lay Ferrara out with it, and the Best Friends hit a rolling piledriver/Dudebuster combo on Titus for the win.

Winners: Best Friends

Great match, I really like the Dawgs and find their teamwork very entertaining.  The Best Friends try to walk out on Cheeseburger, but the fans implore them to be his friend, so the three of them share a big group hug and raise Cheeseburger's hand to the delight of the streamer-throwing alcoholics in the crowd.

Jay White vs Jay Lethal

Feeling out process to start, and they go to the mat and try some pinning combinations to no avail.  They spend a lot of time on the mat, and I have a feeling everyone's getting a little extra time on this show.  Awesome sequence with Lethal trying and failing to break White's neck bridge, and sweeping his legs out instead.  White responds with some chops, then DRILLS Lethal with a sweet dropkick to the face.  Lethal turns it around with a dropkick of his own, and maintains control for a while with a series of really nasty chops.  White catches Lethal with a spike DDT, and then another, and he goes to work on Lethal's neck with a Muta Lock and a modified abdominal stretch.  White with a neckbreaker for 2, then they trade German suplexes for a while until Lethal hits the Lethal Combination, three dives to the floor, and Hail To The King for 2.  White misses a top rope double stomp and Lethal hits a spinebuster for 2, then goes into the figure four.  Lethal nearly gets a pinfall off the figure four, White tries to turn it over, but fails and has to go to the ropes.  White catches a small package for 2, Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, White sidesteps and turns Lethal inside out with a lariat, then hits a brainbuster for 2.  White gets the Danielson MMA elbows, can't get the stoppage, so he picks Lethal up and goes for the Kiwi Krusher, Lethal blocks and unloads with a chop, but White gets a sleeper.  Lethal backs them into the corner to make White break, but White goes right back to it, so Lethal hoists him up in the air and counters to an Ace Crusher, then hits the Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

What a HELL of a match!  This is an example of what we talk about when we say there are times some people can get elevated even in defeat.  They hug, and White raises Lethal's hand in victory.
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