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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-09 04:05:00

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion KUSHIDA vs. Will Ospreay.

Ospreay came out in a cool Spider-Man themed outfit, right down to the mask.  I thought I was done with New York Comic Con.

They shook hands at the bell then began slugging it out.  Ospreay nailed rana.  He went for a move off the apron but KUSHIDA avoided it.  He sent Ospreay into the guard rail throat first.  KUSHIDA charged and was leaping off a chair but Ospreay dove off the guard rail and wiped him out.  Ospreay hit a space flying tiger drop over the top but was caught in an armbar on the floor.

Back in the ring, KUSHIDA locked in a figure four leglock.  KUSHIDA made a comeback and nailed a dropkick to the shoulder.  He continued working over the shoulder and arm.  He cartwheeled into another dropkick.  KUSHIDA cinched in an armbar, working over Ospreay.  They nailed some really impressive sequences and then KUSHIDA would go back to going for moves to build to the Hoverboard Lock.  KUSHIDA was rebounding off the ropes when Ospreay caught him with a one man Spanish Fly.

Ospreay and KUSHIDA exchanged punches and forearms.  Opsreay unloaded with great kicks and strikes.  He draped KUSHIDA across the top rope and went to the top but KUSHIDA charged and nailed him.  KUSHIDA went to the top and brought him in with an armbar submission, flipping him down into the ring. Ospreay made it to the ropes.  KUSHIDA wouldn't let it go and continued working on the arm.  Ospreay did a hell of a job selling it.

KUSHIDA began kicking and stomping Ospreay.   He absorbed it and fought through the pain.  He nailed a double knee gutbuster and a great leaping DDT.  KUSHIDA cut him off on the ropes with a flipping kick. KUSHIDA went for the arm again but Ospreay slipped out and superkicked him in the face as he was forced against the buckles.  Ospreay tried to go for an Ace Cutter off the ropes but KUSHIDA nailed him.  Ospreay drilled KUSHIDA and nailed an awesome looking inverted shooting star press for a two count.

KUSHIDA was drilled with the Oscutter.  He went for a move off the ropes but was caught in the Hoverboard Lock.  KUSHIDA maneuevered him to the center of the ring.  Ospreay fought and they went back and forth.  KUSHIDA drilled his arm.  Ospreay came back with a flurry of offense and scored the pin with the Ocutter.

Your winner and new IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion, Will Ospreay!

Damn fine entertaining match here.   This was just great.

Hiromu Takahashi came out to issue a challenge for the belt, but Marty Scurll hit the ring and snapped his fingers, stealing the moment.  Scurll cut a promo and congratulated Ospreay on the win but said he would never be as great as him.  He said that he would be Ospreay's next challenge.  Ospreay agreed.  

Takahashi was pissed after.

Tetsuya Naito vs. Tomohiro Ishii for 1/4 Tokyo Dome IWGP championship match.

Naito took his time taking off his suit.  Ishii looked like he was ready to murder someone as he came to the ring.  Just pure intensity.

Naito was very wary of Ishii when he tried to lock up several times and tried to stall.  That didn't end well for him as Ishii unloaded with offense.   Naito sent him to the floor and teased a dive to mock him but Ishii had him scouted and attacked.  Ishii drilled him hard with chops.  He just beat him hard.  Naito spit in his face in response.  Ishii continued the assault.  They went to the floor, where Ishii was sent into the barricade and then hit with a dropkick to the knees.

Naito placed Ishii's knee on the apron and began working on it, even diving down with an axehandle on it.  Naito rolled back into the ring, happy to get a countout.  Naito continued beating on Ishii's leg and knee.  Naito rebounded off the ropes but was surprised by Ishii whipping out of a dropkick to his own knees.  Ishii began focusing on that area, then nailed rapid fire chops and forearms in the corner, literally beating him down. 

Ishii grabbed Naito and nailed a big suplex.  Naito cut him off and went for a tornado DDT but Ishii shrugged him off.  An enziguri attempt also failed.  Ishii caught him with a Saito suplex.  Naito nailed several neckbreakers.  Naito caught Ishii in the corner with a slingshot dropkick.  Ishii nailed him with a big forearm and hit a German suplex into the corner.  Ishii powerbombed Naito for a two count.  They battled to the top, where Ishii hit a big superplex for a two count.

They battled back and forth with strikes and forearms.  Ishii unloaded with forearm after forearm.  Ishii's lariat was warded off.  Naito caught him with a German suplex.  He placed Ishii on the top and snapped off a rana for a two count.  Naito came off the top and dropkicked the back of Ishii's head but Ishii powered up like the beast he is.  Ishii nailed a great looking lariat for a two count.   Naito cut him off and tied him up in a leg submission.  Ishii made it to the ropes.   Naito came off the ropes with a big forearm for a two count.

Naito dumped Ishii on the back of his head with a nasty suplex for a two count.  Naito escaped a brainbuster attempt for another two count.  Naito was caught going for a move, was elevated and dropped into almost a tombstone and nearly pinned.   Ishii drilled him with headbutts to the chest and killed him with a lariat for another two count.  Naito came back with Destino and scored the pin.

Your winner, advancing to the main event of WrestleKingdom,  Tetsuya Naito!

IWGP champ Kazuchika Okada vs. EVIL.

They gave this a bigtime build up and entrances.  It was EVIL's strength vs. Okada's finesse.  EVIL chopped Okada hard early.   Okada nailed a slingshot senton and a neckbreaker.  He cinched in a straitjacket chinlock.   Okada rebounded off the ropes will a dropkick, sending EVIL to the floor.  Okada whipped EVIL into the railing.  He charged to follow up but was sent into the rail.  EVIL wrapped a chair around Okada's head and ran him into the ringpost.  He then swung a chair, striking Okada.   That couldn't have been good for Okada's neck.

EVIL returned to the ring, happy to take a countdown win.  Okada returned and EVIL cinched in a cravate, continuing to focus his attack on the neck.  He followed up with a neckbreaker for a two count.    Okada was dared to fight back and did but was struck down and hit with a back senton splash for a two count.  EVIL locked him in a surfboard, then stomped him down.   EVIL cinched in a rear chinlock.    Okada made a comeback and nailed a DDT.

Okada sent him into the ring with a flapjack for a two count.  Okada place EVIL on the top and dropkicked him off to the floor.   EVIL was drilled with a running boot and sent over the barricade.  Okada charged at him.  EVIL threw a chair.  Okada ducked under it and still hit a bodypress over the guard rail onto EVIL.  Okada returned to the ring and went after EVIL but was worked over and hit with a lariat that sent him over the barricade and back into the ringside area.

EVIL continued to maul Okada, nailing a sideslam for a two count.  Okada came back with a kick and nailed a neckbreaker.  EVIL whipped out an evil looking German suplex, dropping him on the side of his neck.  EVIL followed that up with a clothesline in the corner.  He placed Okada on the top rope.  He tried to set up for a fisherman's buster but was fought off.  Okada went for a missle dropkick but no water in the pool.  EVIL cinched in a side chinlock.   Okada finally made it to the ropes to break the hold.

EVIL began kicking at Okada's face and head, mocking him.  Okada got up in his face and they exchanged forearms and punches.  Okada finally nailed a big dropkick and came off the top with an elbow.  He called for the Rainmaker but EVIL nailed a rolling forearm.  Okada was knocked into the referee, who was KO'd.  EVIL hit a fisherman's buster into the buckles.   EVIL brought a stack of chairs into the ring to set up Darkness Falls but Okada turned it into a rana onto the chairs.

Okada went for the Rainmaker but EVIL nailed Darkness Falls.  The referee was still out.  They battled back to their feet and unleashed back and forth with uppercuts and strikes.   Okada finally brings him down.  Okada continued to destroy EVIL with stomps and strikes.  The referee pulled Okada away.  He still went after EVIL, who caught him with a back suplex and a nasty lariat.  EVIL stomped away at him in the corner.  EVIL pulled Okada to the top.  EVIL continued working him over but Okada kept kicking up at two.

EVIL was going for a STO but Okada nailed a German suplex.  EVIL almost scored a three count with another suplex.  Okada, out of nowhere, nailed the Rainmaker. They went back and forth until Okada nailed a tombstone and the Rainmaker for the pin.

Your winner and still IWGP champion, Kazuchika Okada!

Okada is now the longest reigning IWGP champion in history.

Tetsuya Naito came to the ring.

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