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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-09 04:05:00

IWGP Tag Team Champions Killer Elite Squad vs. War Machine vs. The Guerrillas of Destiny.

This was announced as being held under Tornado Rules with eliminations.

The Guerrillas of Destiny entered the ring, then left the Arena and returned behind Killer Elite Squad, attacking them from behind as they were in the entrance aisle.  Everyone brawled.  War Machine worked over Davey Boy Smith Jr. as Archer was being beaten down by the .G.O.D.  They regained control, double teaming Archer.  The challengers all faced off in the ring and slugged it out.  War Machine caught them on their shoulders and tossed them into each other.

Raymond Rowe went under the ring to grab a trash can but Archer charged him from behind and knocked him over the guard rail to the outside.  They all battled.  Rowe hit a dive to the outside.  Hanson went to do another but was drilled with the trash can.   The G.O.D. nailed Guerrilla Warfare but Hanson kicked up at two.  They went to the top but Rowe shoved Tonga Loa off the top while Hanson rolled out of the way of another splash from Tama Tonga. 

Smith hit the ring and worked over Tama, cinching in a sharpshooter.  Archer used a kendo stick to choke him out but Loa attacked them with a trash can lid.  Lots of great sequences here.  The Elite nailed the Killer Bomb on Rowe, who kicked out at two.  They took Hanson down off the apron but turned into Archer.  He attacked but was quickly overwhelmed.  They nailed Guerilla Warfare on Archer, who kicked out.   The story is that the teams know each other so well, they are prepared for the finishers.

 Hanson hit the ring and battled off the Guerrillas, running back and forth with clotheslines in opposite corners.  The G.O.D. thwarted that attempt. Rowe returned and they nailed Fallout on Loa, who kicked out.  Hanson hit a big dive to the outside.  A table was brought into the ring by Rowe and was being set up when the Guerrillas attacked him with trash can lids.  Archer responded in kind with a lid of his own. Tonga Loa was hit with the Killer Bomb and pinned, eliminated.

Before Killer Elite Squad and War Machine could settle their differences, the Guerrillas attacked and beat the hell out of Rowe with the trash can.  Killer Bomb followed but Hanson came off the top to break up the pinfall.  Hanson used a spinkick of doom to wipe out Archer.  Hanson set up the table and tried to place Archer on the table.  Hanson went to the top rope for a moonsault.  Smith nailed him with a trash can lid.  They drilled Hanson with the Killer Bomb through the table and scored the pin.

Your winners and still IWGP Tag Team champion The Killer Elite Squad!

Very fun brawl with lots of big double team maneuvers and some physical, hard hitting brawling.  Just great stuff.

The champs beat up one of the young boys at ringside and chased around some photographers.  That was entertaining a well.

YOSHI-HASHI & Trent Baretta & Jado vs. IWGP United States champion Kenny Omega & ROH champion Cody Rhodes & Marty Scurll

Omega and YOSHI-HASHI started out. Omega was sent to the floor but avoided a sliding kick.  Bullet Club all triple teamed YOSHI-HASHI on the floor.  Jado ran over to help.  Beretta hit a flip dive from the top to the floor on everyone.  Omega was tossed in the ring and triple-teamed.  He poked Berreta in the eye to escape and tagged in Cody.  Cody tried to make him kiss the ring of honor but was nailed.  The referee was distracted, allowing Rhodes to nail a big right hand with the ring.

Scurll tagged in and began working on Beretta's hands, stomping on them.  Omega came off the ropes with an axehandle on Beretta.  He nailed a running backbreaker across his knee for a two count.  Rhodes whipped Beretta into the corner, where he took a flip bump over.  Rhodes continued to work over Beretta, focusing on his lower back.  Rhodes dropped down across the back.  He went for another but Beretta turned around and pulled his knees up.

Omega tagged in and ran Beretta into Scurll's boot in the corner.  He ran Beretta into Rhodes and Omega's boots in the corner.  Omega tagged back in and asked for four boots.  This time, Beretta reversed it and sent Omega into his own partners' boots.  It was simple and silly but the audience loved it.  Beretta drilled Omega and tagged out to YOSHI-HASHI.  He dropkick Cody, sending him to the floor.  He continued the momentum, scoring a two count on Omega.  Omega caught him with a rolling Samoan Drop and immediately came off the corner with a moonsault for a two count.

Scurll tagged in and superkicked YOSHI-HASHI'S legs out from under him.  Jado got involved with a pair of headbutts but Scurll grabbed his fingers and snapped them.  As Jado was in pain, Scurll grabbed him for a chickenwing.  Jado escaped and and nailed a hanging DDT.  Everyone began nailing big moves on the other.  Jado grabbed a crossface on Scurll in the center but it was reversed into a chickenwing and Jado had to tap.

Your winners, Cody Rhodes & Kenny Omega & Marty Scurll!

Solid six man tag.  There may have been a little too much silliness for my taste but the crowd loved it.  

Rhodes' reaction to fans kissing his ring on the way to the back was priceless.

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Togi Makabe vs. Kota Ibushi & Juice Robinson

Some really nice action here.  Robinson looked so great.  He and Tanahashi had some nice exchanges.  Tananashi and Ibushi had some fun exchanges as well, teasing their singles bout down the line.  Tanahashi went for a Slingblade but was caught with a German suplex.  Tanahashi hit a Dragon Screw Legwhip.  Makabe tagged in and hit some reall physical action.  He went for the King Kong kneedrop but missed.  Robinson scored with Pulp Friction and scored the pin,

Your winners, Juice Robinson & Kota Ibushi!

Solid back and forth match.

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