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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-08 19:00:00

McMahon attacked Owens as he entered the cage and they brawled in the aisle.  Owens was whipped into the barricade.  McMahon peppered him with strikes.  Owens fought back and shot him into the cage and then the barricade.  Shane came back with a flying clothesline off the barricade in the aisle.  Shane cartwheeled into a kick to the head.  Owens went into the cage and tried to hold the door shut to keep McMahon out.  Shane kicked the door into Owens' face.

McMahon entered the cage and they locked the door.  Owens knocked Shane off the apron, into the cage and then ran Shane into the Cell.   He ripped McMahon's face into the cage and told them "Take a look at Daddy."  The camera looked at Shane's kids, two of whom were smiling and laughing.  Owena continued to work over McMahon, screaming at him to fight back and do it for his kids.  He punted Shane in the gut then began taking apart the ring steps as a potential weapon.

McMahon nailed several shots on Owens but was cut off as he rolled into the ring as Owens stomped away at him.  Owens continued working him over until McMahon pulled his knees up when Owens went for a swanton off the top of the cage.  McMahon began nailing rights and lefts.   McMahon whipped him into the ropes and nailed a back elbow.   McMahon caught Owens with a DDT.  McMahon went to the top for a shooting star press but Owens rolled out of the way.

Owens ascended to the top rope and nailed a top rope frog splash for a two count.  He went for the pop-up powerbomb but McMahon grabbed him iun an armbar, attempting to put him in a triangle choke.  Owens fought to escape and slid out of the ring as McMahon held on.  Owens finally slammed him down atop of the ring steps outside, scoring a two count there.   Owens was tremendous trash talking McMahon.  Owens pulled out a table from under the ring and set it up at an angle against the Cell wall.  He set up Shane against it and charged for a cannonball, but McMahon slpped out of way.  Owens destroyed the table.  McMahon laid a hand across him, attempting a pinfall but only garnered a two count.

McMahon picked up a huge piece of the table and slammed it over Owens several times.   He pulled out a trash can and brought it into the ring.  He set up Owens in the corner for the Vam Terminator.  McMahon sails coast to coast but Owens put his foot on the rope, breaking the pinfall.  Given the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation, even heel announcer Corey Graves said it shouldn't have happened.  McMahon demanded they open the cage door but the officials refused.

McMahon went under the ring and pulled out a tool to cut the chain.  McMahon opened the door and beat Owens with the trash can.  Owens and McMahon battled to the aisle, where Owens DDT'd him on the ramp.   Owens picked up McMahon and drove him, groin first, into the cell door.    Owens ripped McMahon's face against the cage.   McMahon tried to kick away at him but was continously savaged.  Owens began setting up the announcers' table for more carnage, even hitting McMahon with a  TV monitor.

Owens placed McMahon on the table.  He stepped up on the barricade to come off with a move but then looked up at the Cell and decided to climb that instead.    Owens went to the top and teased coming off the top but had some reservations.   That allowed Shane to recover and climb up the cell.  Owens nailed him and McMahon hung off as if he would fall but made it to the top.  They began brawling.  Shane nailed a Side Russian Legsweep on the roof of the cell.  McMahon slammed Owens atop of the cage.  He followed up with a suplex atop the cage.

McMahon kept working over Owens, who came back with a superkick.  McMahon looked to take a rough bump on that one.  Owens followed up with a back senton bomb.  He went for a powerbomb but Shane backdropped him. The back of Owens' legs came down hard on the steel it appeared.   They battled back and forth with punches.   Owens caught him with a pop-up powerbomb atop the cage.  Owens teased throwing Shane off the top of the Cell a la Undertaker vs. Mick Foley but Shane put the brakes on.

They battled atop the cage with Shane hitting several clotheslines.  Owens began to climb down the cell.  Shane met him and sent him off the cell (about halfway down) through the table.    McMahon climbed down and watched as WWE officials checked on Owens' well being.  McMahon teased pinning Owens, but changed his mind.  McMahon pulled him to another table and began clearing it for destruction.  McMahon set up Owens on the table.  Shane returned to the top of the Cell and came off with an elbow....

....but someone pulled Owens off the table.


McMahon crashed through the table and was out. Medical officials began tending to Shane.  Zayn pulled Owens over to McMahon and put him atop of Shane.  He made the referee count.

Your winner, Kevin Owens!

Shane McMahon did a stretcher job.  He gave a thumbs up as he was taken out.

Owens was walked out by officials.  There appeared to be a moment where he and Zayn looked at each other after the pin but the announcers didn't refer to it.

A really entertaining brawl to close the show with some legitimate moments on the top of the cage where the drama was magnified by the fear that they could go through the roof.  The Zayn turn was an interesting idea.  He's certainly deserving of a push and it will be interesting to see what comes out of this.


The hosts are Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg.

They recapped everything we saw in the main event and the insanity of McMahon's elbow off the top as well as the shock of Sami Zayn helping Kevin Owens.  They wondered what the rest of the McMahon family was thinking.

New WWE United States champion Baron Corbin joined them.  He bragged about beating two men at once and said whoever they put in the ring with him are going to be beaten.  He said he's going to keep the belt forever.  He said there are no real men who just try to take things anymore the way that he took the belt.  He ripped on the fans on Twitter, saying they are people who knock him from behind a keyboard but when they see him in person, they want his autograph.

The Usos joined the panel and asked where Daniel Bryan was.  Renee said she made a formal request but it didn't happen.   One of them had ice wrapped around his elbow.  They said it was the first time they were in the Cell and admitted it was true, you don't come out the same.  They were pretty tremendous watching the footage of the match and reacting to it.  They said the New Day deserve their props.  They said it's been a war but they still won.  One of them said they needed to put some stripper poles in the Uso penetentiary and then everyone walked back from.  He actually walked back from it and asked if they could cut that but was reminded they were live.  They said everyone's been "asleep" on them forever.  The Usos were absolutely charismatic and entertaining here and came off real, to the point you could tell they were coming super close to stepping outside the PG parameters WWE uses.

AJ Styles was the next guest.  He said he wasn't upset they added Tye Dillinger to the match, but his goal was to teach Baron Corbin a lesson and that didn't happen.  They noted he didn't lose the match but lost the title.  Styles admitted he's going to be really sore tomorrow.  Styles said it was HIAC and that's what WWE is all about, bringing it.  He said that he felt it was one of the better WWE PPVs.  Styles reminded them that he has a rematch clause and teased he could cash that in on Smackdown Live.  They asked Styles about what went down with Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon.  Styles questioned why Sami Zayn would help Owens after all they've been through. Styles said there's been a lot of weird and crazy things that have happened in this world lately and this is another example of that.  Styles said everyone has a motive and a reason for everything that happened.  He said he didn't know what the story was with Zayn helping Owens, but if someone had done to AJ what Owens did to  Zayn, he wouldn't lift a finger to help someone. Styles said that Shane wasn't beaten by Owens, but by Zayn.  He teased that if Shane needed a partner, he would be happy to help because the situation makes him angry.  Styles said he's not going to let Corbin keep his belt and promised he was getting it back Tuesday.  Styles promised to get his belt back and go after the WWE championship at the same time.




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