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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-08 19:00:00

WWE Smackdown Women's champion Natalya vs. Charlotte Flair

Natalya controlled the match early, working on Charlotte's leg.   The story early on was that Charlotte couldn't keep any momentum.  Natalya kept cutting her off.  Natalya worked like she had something to prove.  She tried to go for a Sharpshooter but Charlotte kicked her off.   Charlotte fired away with chops.   Natalya responded by drilling her across the back.  She charged but was caught with a big knee from Charlotte.  Charlotte attempted to go for the Figure 8 but was hurting.  Natayla kicked her out to the floor, slid through the ropes and sent her hard into the stairs.

Natalya brought her back into the ring and cinched in the Sharpshooter.  Charlotte fought to get to the ropes.  She twisted herself to escape, snapping Natalya backwards into the turnbuckles.   Charlotte went for a moonsault but Natalya rolled out of the ring.  Charlotte went to the top again and hit a moonsault to the floor, hitting Natalya glancingly.  Natalya had enough and attacked Charlotte with a chair, beating her knee and working her over again and again. 

DQ City.

Your winner by DQ, Charlotte Flair!

Natalya stood over Flair, holding up the belt and said it was her championship. 

Charlotte grabbed at her knee after.

More of an angle than a hard-fought match, but this wasn't bad, especially if its to set up the Starrcade Cage match.  You can tell Natalya has a real spring in her step from being champion. 

AJ Styles, The Usos and Baron Corbin will all be on Talking Smack after the PPV goes off the air.

It was time for tghe Fashion Files.  It was back to basics.  They did a bit where the Ascension, in disguise, wanted to be friends but instead were insulted by Breezango.  There was a knock on the door and mysteriously, a briefcase was left there.  They opened it up and it glew from inside, like Marcellus Wallus' case in Pulp Fiction.  Sure enough, they promised the Pulp Files on Smackdown next week.  We had reported they were going in this direction a few weeks ago.   

WWE champion Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Mahal was wary and avoided Nakamura's kicks early, then tried to work over his arm.  Nakamura transitioned him into an armbar attempt but Mahal made it to the ropes.   Nakamura caught him with kicks in the corner.  Nakamura nailed a strike that sent him to the mat and drills him over and over with knees and kicks.  Mahal came back and worked over Nakamura, dumping him over into the first row.  Nakamura returned to the ring but was nailed with crossfaces and trapped in a rear chinlock.

Mahal cinched in an armbar, trying to work over Nakamura and wear him down.  Nakamura made a comeback and drilled Mahal with a kick as he was laid out across the turnbuckles.  The Singhs tried to get involved but were laid out on the floor.  Nakamura nailed a running knee to the head while he was on the apron.  Mahal knocked him down to the apron, which he crashed down knee-first.  He nailed a suplex into the ring for a two count on Nakamura.

Nakamura went to set up the Kinshasa but the Singhs pulled Mahal out of the ring.  The referee threw them out.  Nakamura nailed the Kinshasa but Mahal grabbed the ropes at the last second.  Nakamura set up for another but Mahal ran to the floor and tried to leave through the crowd.  Nakamura brought him back to the ring.  Nakamura was kicked as he returned to the ring but tossed off Mahal.  He went for a running knee in the corner but missed, hitting the bad knee.  Mahal nailed Khallas and scored the phrin.

Your winner and still WWE champion, Jinder Mahal!

Match was OK.  Nakamura still not clicking here at all.

Kevin Owens was interviewed backstage.  He dismissed the interviewer and went on to cut a great old school heel promo ripping on Shane McMahon and said he was the most dangerous and unforgiving person in WWE and that's what announcers should be talking about, not the Cell.  He said everyone talked about what he did to Shane's family but no one cared to talk about how Owens' family was hurt by what Shane had done to him to placate his own ego.  More of these type of promos please!!!!

Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler came out to no music or lights with the idea that he doesn't need a fancy entrance.  Or, maybe he's doing the ECW Dudley Boyz.

They went back and forth with solid action, but were in a position where the audience was just waiting for the main event.   Ziggler was working over Roode's arm for a long time.  The work was fine.  Ziggler cinched in a sleeper and scissored his legs around Roode's body to try and prevent him from fighting his way out.  Roode slipped out and tried to escape.  He made his way to his feet and nailed a belly to back suplex.

Roode continued to work over Ziggler but was unable to put him away.   Ziggler nailed a DDT for a two count.  There was actually a chant cheering Ziggler.  Ziggler caught the Famouser for a two count.  Ziggler went for a superkick but missed.  Roode caught him with a spinebuster.  They went into a series of rollups, including Ziggler hooking the tights until Roode rolled through and hooked the tights and scored the pin.

Your winner, Bobby Roode!

Ziggler immediately attacked him with the Zig Zag and left him laying. 

The work was fine but something was missing here. 

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