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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-08 19:00:00

Richard Trionfo reporting:

Welcome to's coverage of Hell in a Cell from Detroit, Michigan.


Your host for the Kickoff Show is Renee Young.  She is joined by David Otunga and Peter Rosenberg.

Peter says he is excited for the two cell matches.  He wonders what will Shane do to protect the honor of his family.  David says Shane has no fear and he is looking forward to what Shane will do tonight.

Kayla Braxton is in the Social Media Lounge.  She will be joined by Charlotte Flair later this hour and you can send her questions.  

Renee talks about Tye Dillinger and what he has done the last few weeks.  We see footage of his victory over Baron Corbin last week on Raw.

Daniel Bryan and Tye Dillinger are in the office and Tye points out that Baron is in the US Title match.  He suggests being put in the title match and make it a Triple Threat Match.  Daniel goes through the steps of Tye's suggestions.  Daniel says that sounds like a great idea and Tye is in the match.  Daniel and Tye discuss hand gestures for 'Perfect Ten' and 'Yes'

The panelists talk about the changes to the United States Title Match and how it can affect the strategy and the fact that AJ can lose the title without being involved in the finish of the match.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the WWE Championship Match.

Renee asks if a win is necessary for Jinder.  Otunga mentions that the Singhs helped Jinder last time.  Nakamura should be prepared for the Singhs tonight.  Peter talks about how Mahal complained about the way people treated him and now Mahal is doing the same to Nakamura.  Peter says this is a big night for Nakamura.

Renee asks how will the fans react if Nakamura wins.  Otunga says he is looking forward to the celebration based on his entrance.

We take a look at the Rusev and Randy Orton match.

Aiden English appears at the table and he soaks in the adulation from the crowd.  Aiden says he was going to do a whole intro, but the fans did it for him.

Aiden is asked about his relationship with Rusev.  Aiden says it is deep and complicated.  Any time Rusev is announced from Bulgaria, the people rain down upon him.  Aiden says he is a cultural ambassador to the WWE and he can go to a man like Rusev and form a bridge for the fans to understand about Rusev's homeland more.

Renee asks about the RKO and Peter piles on.  Aiden says he does not deal in gifs, he deals in magic moments.  

Renee asks Aiden about Rusev's performance tonight.  Aiden says he knows that Rusev will get what he deserves and that is a victory and it might be faster than the nine second victory in their last match.

Aiden interrupts Peter's analysis of the match with a song for Rusev.

Charlotte joins Kayla in the Social Media Lounge and we go to commercial.

We are back and we go to Kayla Braxton and Charlotte Flair.

The first question is about becoming the first Divas, NXT, Raw, and Smackdown Women's Champion.  Charlotte says she is looking forward to that honor but she is looking forward to winning tonight.

Charlotte is asked about her strategy.  Charlotte says she has beaten Natalya for titles before.  She could say that she is confident but she has had to fight harder each time.

Charlotte is asked about having to deal with Carmella if she wins.  Charlotte says she has not had to deal with a situation like Carmella before and she will deal with it, but her focus is on Natalya.

Charlotte is asked for any last words.  She says Flairs are always better than the Harts.

David says Charlotte has studied Natalya.  You have made it when your idols are your rivals.  Peter says Natalya does not want to let go of the title, but Charlotte has been dealing with her father's health issues and her new book.  David says that when Natalya won the title, she forgot her luggage.

Renee brings up Carmella and they discuss what is the right time for Carmella to cash in.  Peter chooses Charlotte while David and Renee go with Natalya.

Baron Corbin is in the back and he is asked about the change in his strategy since the match is a Triple Threat Match.  Corbin says this is nonsense because he was prepared for a one on one match.  Now Dillinger whines and he gets added to the match.  Why is Tye in this match?  He fluked into a victory.  Baron says AJ, Tye, and Daniel are all friends.  Corbin vows to become the new United States Champion.

We go to ringside for Corey Graves, Tom Phillips, and Byron Saxton for the Kickoff Show Match.

Mike Johnson tagging in  Thanks for helping out Rich!

The Hype Bros vs. Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable

They noted this was Benjamin's first WWE PPV appearance since Wrestlemania in 2010.

Benjamin and Gable worked over Mojo early, tagging in and out.  Mojo cut off Gable with a high cross bodyblock.  Ryder tagged in and came off with a splash for a two count.  He worked over Gable's arm but was sent into the ropes.  Gable avoided him and used a rollup for a two count.   Benjamin tagged in and he and Ryder traded holds and reversals.   Benjamin shoulderblocked Ryder down.  He went for a hiptoss but Ryder reversed it.  They went back and forth and faced off.  Benjamin began to get more aggressive and kicked Ryder out of the ring to the floor.

When they returned from a commercial, Gable and Benjamin were working over Ryder.  Ryder grabbed Gable for a rollup, getting a two count, but was sent into the buckles.  Gable kicked away at him.  Ryder finally nailed a missile dropkick and made the tag to Mojo.  Mojo cleaned house on Gable and caught him going for a high cross bodyblock.  Gable escaped but was caught with a big powerslam for a two count.

Mojo missed a charge.  Gable came off the top for a moonsault but Mojo moved.  Gable landed on his feet and caught him with a belly to belly suplex.  He went for another moonsault and nailed it, scoring a two count.  Benjamin tagged in.  They nailed a double team maneuver and knocked Ryder off the apron, scoring a two count on Mojo.  

Mojo started pysching himself up and made a comeback befote tagging in Ryder.  They had Benjamin set up for the Hype Ryder but Benjamin broke free.  He scored a two count on Ryder.  He and Gable doubleteamed Ryder with a powerbomb/blockbuster combination and scored the pin on Zack.

Your winners, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin!

Good, competitive match with some really nice near falls in the latter minutes.  

The panel went into the hard sell for tonight's PPV and pushed that Asuka would debut in two weeks at the WWE TLC PPV.

They showed the Usos warming up backstage, then shows New Day doing the same.  Xavier was wearing boxing gloves and punching photos of the Usos that Kofi was holding aloft.

They aired a great video preview on Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon, almost guaranteeing that it's closing the PPV.

As they closed the Kickoff, they brought the Cell down to the ring.

Here we go folks!


WWE Raw Tag Team champions New Day vs. The Usos: Hell In A Cell

Each team went inder the ring and came back with weapons.  They all started brawling.  Xavier drilled Jimmy Uso.  He wrapped a chain around his fist and was elevated by Big E, then dropped down with a fist to the face.  Big E went for a dive at Jey but was sent into the Cell.  Xavier nailed a sliding kick on Xavcier.  Jimmy Uso hit a nice dive that squashed Xavier into the Cell.  Big E speared Jimmy from the ring into the Cell but smacked his own head on the steel.  Lots of big moves early and the crowd was loving it.

Xavier nailed Jey with a trombone and broke it over his back.  Big E handed him another, which was also broken over Uso.  Big E then tossed a cowbell to Xavier.  He used that to continue the battering.  Now, it was a gong, which Xavier smashed over Uso.  New Day began setting up for the Midnight Hour but Jey threw a chair at Xavier, knocking him off the turnbuckles to the floor.  That allowed Jimmy to stun Big E with a superkick.

The Usos began working over Big E with kendo sticks.   They worked him over and turned their attention to Woods on the floor, beating him with punches before using one of the kendo stick, driving it into his chest and throat, holding him against the Cell for a running hip attack.   They showed some nice intensity.  Big E returned to the fray, whipping out suplexes and powerslams before teasing a spear on the apron.  Jey Uso caught him with a superkick.  Usos charged Big E, who caught him with a uranage off the apron.  As he was sent down, Xavier charged underneath with a lungblower.  It wasn't pretty but it looked evil.

The New Day worked over Jimmy Uso but Jey broke up an attempted pinfall.  Jey was tossed to the outside.  Xavier began grabbing a ton of kendo sticks from under the ring.  He worked over Jey with shots in the corner on the floor.   They used the sticks to trap Jey in the corner of the cell, sticking the sticks through the fencing of the Cell.  That was pretty creative.  This allowed New Day to have a two on one advantage, working over Jimmy.

Xaver set up to come off the top of one of the ringposts to the floor on Jimmy but Jey broke free and attacked New Day.  Jimmy pulled Big E up on his shoulders.  Jey hit a dive through the ropes on E, who was the shoulders, driving him backwards into the cage.   They brought E into the ring and hit a pair of top rope splashes, but E still kicked up at two.   The Usos continued their assault and handicuffed him to the ring.  They then trapped Woods with cuffs and chained him to the ringpost, hanging him with his arms outstretched, unable to defend himself.  They worked over Woods, forcing Kofi Kingston, on the outside of the cage, to watch.  They beat the hell out of him, then dropped him back down to the floor outside.

E broke free and enraged, hit Jey with a big overhead belly to belly suplex.  He charged and drove Usos into the cage on the floor, bending it, then pulled Uso and charged the other in another corner.  He nailed the Big Ending on Jey, who kicked up at the last second.  He locked in a stretch muffler on Jey, but Jimmy nailed a superkick.  They unloaded on superkicks and went to the top for a double splash, but Woods saved the day and broke up the pinfall at the last second.  Great stuff.

Woods, still handcuffed, was beaten with the sticks, but he drove one of them with a headbutt and attacked.  He was overwhelmed and they beat him with a kendo stick like they were Sandman and he was Tommy Cairo.  They nailed a double splash with a chair and scored the pin.

Your winners and new WWE Smackdown Tag Team champions, The Usos!

A hell of an opener as these guys started out with big moves and spots, then went on to stiff beatings with the momentum flowing back and forth.  This feud continues to deliver.

Coverage continues on Page 2!

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