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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-26 11:00:00

by Kris Zellner @ 8:01 AM on 6/7/2010

AAA 6/6 - Palacio de los Deportes de Mexico City (Triplemania = almost full house)

1. Tables/Ladders/Chairs Match for the AAA Minis Title: Octagoncito beat Mini Abismo Negro to win the title. Other participants: Mascarita Divina/Mascarita Sagrada/Mini Charly Manson/La Parkita/Mini Chessman/Mini Histeria/Mini Psicosis

2. Losers become the winners maid for a month: Jennifer Blake/Rain/Sexy Star defeated Fabi y Mari Apache/Cinthia Moreno with help from Hijo del Tirantes of course.

3. 4 Way Dance for the AAA World Tag Titles: Silver King & Ultimo Gladiador beat Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm) to win the titles. Order of Elimination: Atsushi Aoki & Go Shiozaki/La Hermandad 187 (Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario)/Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm) - After the match, Hijo del Cien Caras & Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr. ran out and attacked the new champs bringing their IWRG angle over here.

4. Steel Cage Match where the losing team's second gets shaved: Chessman/Hernandez/Alex Koslov (Hijo del Tirantes) defeated Heavy Metal/Octagon/Pimpinela Escarlata (El Piero) - They added the cage the day of the show with no build. Order of Elimination: Octagon/Alex Koslov/Pimpinela Escarlata/Hernandez/Chessman leaving Heavy Metal in the cage and Piero to be shaved bald.

5. Abyss & Cibernetico beat Vampiro & Zorro when Konnan accidentally threw powder in Vampiro's eyes to start that feud up again. Daniels & Hernandez jumped Ciber after the match but he took care of them and La Hermandad ran off Koslov.

6. 4 Way Dance for the AAA Cruiserweight Title: Jack Evans defeated Christopher Daniels to win the title. Order of Elimination: NOSAWA & Extreme Tiger who was pinned after another Extreme Tiger came down to throw him off then unmasked as Relampago.

7. AAA Mega Heavyweight Title: Dr. Wagner Jr. beat Electroshock with the Wagner Driver to win the title. This was as close to an old-school match as there was on this show. El Mesias came out after the match and presented Wagner the title with no angle afterwards.

8. Por el Nombre: La Parka Jr. battled L.A. Par-K to a no contest. This was a brawl as accepted with the crowd behind Par-K of course. Par-K went for the Marinete but that brought Joaquin Roldan into the ring where Par-K hit him with Dorian caught in the crossfire. Dorian then recovered grabbing a steel chair and nailed Par-K which brought out Los Perros del Mal who got rid of the Roldan's and put Par-K on top of Parka for the win with Hijo del Tirantes making the count. Par-K then celebrated with Los Perros but it was announced after El Tri performed to the crowd by Marisela Pena that the DF Box y Lucha Commission had annulled the finish of the match due to Los Perros being involved and that there was no winner.

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