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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-08-19 22:25:00

Welcome to NXT Takeover Brooklyn III from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Your announcers are Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson.

Match Number One:  Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega) versus Johnny Gargano

They lock up and Almas with a waist lock take down but Gargano escapes.  The lock up and Almas with a wrist lock but Gargano with a reversal into a side head lock take down.  Almas with a head scissors and he goes Tranquilo before adding more pressure.  Gargano gets out of the hold and Almas with a side head lock.  Gargano with a head scissors and arm drag.  Gargano with a rollup for a near fall.  Gargano with a front face lock.  Gargano with a hammer lock but Almas with an elbow and shoulder in the corner.

Gargano with chops as they go around the ring.  Almas with an Irish whip but Gargano gets his feet up.  Almas sends Gargano to the mat with a neck breaker and then chops Gargano in the corner.  Almas with a drop kick for a near fall.  Gargano tries to send Almas to the floor but Almas hangs in the ropes and applies a triangle in the ropes.  Almas gets a near fall.  Almas with an arm bar.  

Gargano with punches and an arm drag.  Almas is sent into the turnbuckles after a drop toe hold.  Gargano with a knee to block a suplex attempt.  Both men go for clotheslines and both men go down.  They exchange punches and forearms.  Gargno with the advantage but Almas stays on his feet on clothesline attempts.  Gargano takes Almas down with clotheslines and follows with a rollup into a round kick.  Almas sends Gargano to the apron and Gargano hits a slingshot spear for a near fall.

Gargano with a thrust kick and a suicide dive to Almas.  Gargano sends Almas back into the ring and he hits the slingshot DDT and he gets a near fall.  Gargano tries for a slam but Almas gets to his feet.  Almas avoids a suplex attempt.  Gargano goes for a slingshot spear but Almas catches him and hits a neck breaker followed by an inverted Tornado DDT for a near fall.   Almas puts Gargano on the turnbuckles and chops Johnny.  Almas climbs the turnbuckles for a superplex but Gargano blocks it.  Gargano with punches and a head butt.  Gargano goes for a sunset flip power bomb but Almas lands on his feet and he hits a back fist.

Gargano with an enzuigiri to stop the running double knee strike.  Almas hip tosses Gargano into the turnbuckles.  Almas misses the running knees into the turnbuckles.  Gargano with La Mistica and Gargano applies the GargaNo Escape.  Almas tries to escape and Gargano rolls through.  Almas with a buckle bomb and running double knee strike but Gargano kicks out at two. 

Almas with knees to the arm.  Gargano with a super kick and he hits a second one but Almas stays on his feet.  Gargano sets for the lawn dart and he connects.  Vega throws a DIY shirt at Gargano and then Almas hits a running drop kick into the corner and hits the hammer lock clothesline for the three count.

Winner:  Andrade Almas

We see Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle in a luxury box with some NXT wrestlers who are trying to lobby their wares for Raw or Smackdown.

Drew McIntyre is in the back getting ready for his match.

Corey Graves comes out to join the announce team for the Tag Title Match.

Match Number Two:  NXT Tag Team Championship:  Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar [with Paul Ellering]) versus Sanity (Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe [with Nikki Cross and Killian Dain])

Akam and Rezar come into the ring and all four men brawl.  They take care of Wolfe at first and they double team Dain and force him to the floor.  Wolfe and Dain pull Akam and Rezar to the floor.  Eric Young grabs a table on the other side of the ring.

Wolfe and Akam battle on one side of the ring while Rezar and Dain fight.  Akam with a clothesline to Wolfe and then they send Wolfe into the ring and the match starts.

Akam biels Wolfe across the ring and Rezar tags in and he connects with forearms.  Akam tags in and Rezar with a knee to the midsection before he goes to the apron.  Akam with an Irish whip but Wolfe moves when Akam charges into the corner.  Young gets on the apron and he tells Dain to leave.  Young tags in and he sends Akam to the floor and hits a baseball slide. Young misses a clothesline and Akam clotheslines Young into the crowd.

Young and Akam fight in the crowd and Young is sent into the dasher boards but Akam misses a splash.  Young is sent back into the ringside area.  Akam and Young go back into the ring and Young with punches.  Akam with a back drop and Rezar with a Dominator and he gets a near fall.  Rezar with a forearm to the chest.  Akam tags in and gets a near fall.  Rezar tags back in and kicks Young.  Young with a punch but Rezar with a belly-to-belly suplex.  Rezar with a triangle on Young.  Young with elbows but Rezar stops Young from making the tag.  

Young with elbows but Rezar backs Young into the corner.  Young with the Flair Flip to the apron and he slides back into the ring but Rezar with a vertical choke on Young and sends him to the mat.  Rezar misses an elbow drop.  Young avoids a splash in the corner and Rezar hits the turnbuckles hard.  Young crawls to the corner to make the tag and Wolfe tags in.  Wolfe with a Yakuza kick to knock Akam off the apron.  Wolfe with forearms and a boot to Rezar.  Wolfe with an Exploder to Akam when he tries to escape.  Wolfe with a kick and German suplex to Rezar.  Wolfe goes up top  and hits a clothesline on Rezar but Akam breaks up the cover.

Akam sends Young to the floor and then he tags in.  Wolfe with a forearm but Akam with a kick and they hit the suplex and power bomb combination but Wolfe kicks out at two.  Rezar goes to the turnbuckles but Wolfe with a Frankenstriner and Akam goes to the floor when Wolfe moves against the ropes.  Young tags in and he hits a jumping neck breaker.  Young goes up top  but Rezar hits the ropes and Young is crotched.  Rezar climbs the turnbuckles and sets for a superplex but Young holds on to the turnbuckles.  Akam tries for a tower of doom but Nikki holds Young's leg and Akam power bombs Rezar.  Young with an elbow drop but Akam pulls Rezar to safety.  Young with a suicide dive and Wolfe with a dive to the floor.

Nikki Cross comes into the ring and so does Paul Ellering.  Cross wants a piece of Ellering and Cross goes up top while the referee deals with Young.  Akam catches Cross but Dain hits a cross body that sends everyone through the table.  Wolfe tags in and Young hits an elevated neck breaker and Wofle gets the three count.

Winners:  Sanity

After the match, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly attack Sanity.  Kyle and bobby work over Wolfe with a series of kicks.  

Kyle and Bobby are not going to focus only on Sanity, they send Rezar into the ring post.  They hit Chasing the Dragon on Young.  They hit Total Domination on Young and then grab the tag title belts.

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