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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-12 19:14:00

MVP vs. Rhett Titus

Lots of back and forth fists early.  MVP nailed a big chop and lifted Titus up for a backdrop but something went wrong.  Titus nailed a big boot to the face in the corner that looked great.  MVP came back with a big strike in the corner.  He set up for the Ballin' elbow but Titus rolled out of the ring to avoid it.  They went to the floor, where MVP dropped him across the railing.  They were nearly counted out battling on the floor.

Titus took control and mocked MVP's mannerisms before nailing an axehandle across the back.  He followed up with a kneedrop and hit a Yakuza kick in the corner.  He covered MVP for a two count.   MVP made a comeback but was nailed with a great looking backdrop.  They continued battling back and forth with near falls.  Fans were catcalling and chanted Boring.  MVP nailed the pin with a Yakuza Kick.

Your winner, MVP!

Alex Reynolds (with Maxwell Jacob Freeman) vs. Anthony Blitz vs. Petey Williams vs. Bobby Fish

Lots of fast paced action right out the gate. Reynolds and Williams continued their work from yesterday with some nice exchanges.  Blitz was worked over by Fish with strikes and kicks.  Blitz nailed a big leaping knee on Reynolds.   Lots of big athletic spots.  Blitz did the Tony Nese reverse flip dive to the floor.  Williams hit a dive into a rana to the floor.  They got a big pop doing submissions on each other at the same time.

A calvacade of action with way too much going on to adequately cover, but a fun, entertaining, athletic showcase for all involved.  Reynolds and Blitz battled on the top but Reynolds was shoved off.  Reynolds nailed a gutbuster on Williams but Blitz came off with a great swanton.  Fish worked over Reynolds with strikes.  MJF got on the apron and argued with the referee to distract from Reynolds tapping to a heel hook.  Fish confronted him.  MJF threatened to fight him and took off his shirt.  Fish pulled him into the ring and suplexed him with an exploder into Reynolds.  He locked a heel hook on Blitz.

Williams slipped into the ring and nailed Reynolds with a Canadian Destroyer and scored the pin.

Your winner, Petey Williams!

A very good match with tons of hot action.

After the match, Bobby Fish took the mic and said it was hot in the building.  He said that it was.  Fish that he hasn't been in HOH a bunch of times, but every time he does, he can count on two things - Tommy Dreamer is going to treat him right and the fans in this Arena are going to treat him right as well.  Fish said that he's spent a lot of time in this place working for different companies, but if he's going to put an end to his time on the independents "for at least a little while, because, sh**, who knows?", count him in.  Fish said that he wanted to say that the fans think that they appreciate the wrestlers, but if they didn't appreciate what the wrestlers did, there would be no wrestlers, "so, thank you."

The other competitors all embranced Fish, except Reynolds, who was still down from the Destroyer.  Reynolds slowly got up to his feet.  He stared at Fish and walked off.

The crowd gave Fish a big ovation before he left.

They announced a Saturday 11/18 return to the Arena.

Matt Striker vs. Dan Barry

They went back and forth with some nice technical wrestling and reversals, leading to some near falls.  They faced off and the crowd gave them some respectful applause.  Striker was sent up and over to the floor.  Barry hit a flip dive over the top to the floor.   He climbed the ropes and flipped back in for a two count.  

Magnus hit the ring and attacked them both, setting up a no contest.

Chris Payne came to the ring and confronted Magnus but was attacked and powerbombed.

Magnus said he was sick and tired of the out of shape marks taking up space in a business that he used to love.  Magnus said he's going to say this sh** before it's too late.  He said they can send anyone from HOH, a relic from ECW, NXT, whatever.  "Just don't send anyone who you want back." 

To be continued....

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