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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-12 19:14:00

The Squad vs. The Rock N' Roll Express

The Express received a really nice reaction.  This is their first time competing as a team in the venue.  Each made appearances here for the original ECW but never as a team.   Dykstra cut a promo saying it was from the bottom of their hearts.  They noted the Express were former champions but ripped on them for being old.  They ripped on the fans as well and said there were three members of the Squad and only two of the Express.  Bully Ray hit the ring to even the odds.....

Bully took the mic.  Before he could say anything, the fans chanted "Philly Street Fight."  Ray said that he wanted the Squad to realize something.  He said that you don't come into a building like this and disrespect a team like the RNR Express.  The place popped.  He said that if wasn't like the Express, teams like the Dudley Boyz never would have existed.  He said at the end of the day, the Express will be one of the greatest tag teams that ever existed and the Squad will be known as Ziggler's b***hes.   The crowd chanted that at the Squad.

Ray suggested they make it a six man tag.  They all agreed....

The Rock N' Roll Express & Bully Ray vs. The Squad

Some stalling early by the Squad,  Ray finally caught and demolished their Randy with big throws and a hard chop across the chest.   Gibson tagged in and locked on a headlock on Mondo.  Dykstra got involved and Gibson did the headlock takeover with a headscissors on the members.  Morton tagged in and hit a rana, which the place went NUTS for. 

The Squad cut off Morton and began taking turns beating him.  There was a huge "Rock and Roll" chant.   They kept beating on Morton and choked him against the ropes.  Morton was trapped in a bearhug.   Gibson finally made the hot tag and cleaned house and locked on a sleeper.   Everyone got involved and Bubba and the Express cleaned house.  Bubba called for the tables.

They set up the table and the Express hit a flapjack into a 3D by Bubba.  They then helped Bubba hit a powerbomb through another table for the pin.

Your winners, The Rock N' Roll Express & Bully Ray!

The crowd loved this.  It was all nostalgia for the Express mixed with some big table spots at the end.  The Squad did a great job here.

Bubba took the mic after and asked the crowd whether that was f***ing cool or what?  He said that the crowd doesn't understand how much this match meant to him, especially in this building.  He said that he's about to do something he's never done for any wrestler before.  He dropped to his knees and bowed before the Express and told them, "Thank you very much."  Bubba led a "Rock and Roll" chant. 

A lot of fun. 

Tommy Dreamer came out in street clothes.  He asked the fans how they were doing tonight.  He said he wanted to thank everyone because he tried to do something different and didn't announce any matches for tonight.  He said they packed the house tonight without one advertised match and wanted to thank everyone.  He said that he's all about history and tradition.  He said that they came so close to this show being broadcast on a "larger platform" and promised the next show would be broadcast on a "larger platform."  The place popped.  Dreamer said that people put their faith in him and he's investing back in the people.  He said that the promotion is about no BS, no politics and just wrestling because he's a wrestling fan.  He said the Rock N' Roll Express were nervous tonight and the fans were chanting "Rock and Roll" in 2017 and it was awesome.

Dreamer said at the last show, the Hardys, Bully and Christian were giving the next generation advice just as Terry Funk and others gave him advice so he could become Tommy Dreamer.  He said that he has a return tonight and its someone he knew when he was 17.  He said that the first time he saw him, Dreamer saw him as the next big star.  He said that he teamed with Christian York who moved on from wrestling and recounted Joey Matthews' career.  Out came Joey Matthews/Mercury He said that Matthews left the business two years ago and had to deal with a lot of personal demons.  He said that Joey has the platform to tell his story and said that this is his house, his locker room and his family.  He gave Joey the mic.

Joey said that he's blown away by this.  He praised Tommy Dreamer for getting him into ECW, a WWE developmental deal and set him on the path to win the WWE Tag Team championships three times and to get into WWE management.  Mercury said that he loves the business and almost lost an eye for the business.  He thanked Dreamer for all he's done for him and said the last time they were in the ring here in ECW, they teamed but Joey didn't get to savor the moment.  Joey said that he wants to savor this moment...and kicked Dreamer in the groin.

The crowd immediately turned on him and chanted, "A**hole."

He attacked Dreamer and beat him all over ringside, busting Dreamer open.   He removed his shirt and continued beating Dreamer before walking out.  A bloody Dreamer took the mic and said he would give Joey a moment, demanding he return so Dreamer can kick his a**

Joey Mercury vs. Tommy Dreamer

Mercury returned and Dreamer fired up with lots of punches and offense.  He nailed a neckbreaker.   Dreamer went to the outside and got a chair.  A "State Athletic Representative" entered the ring and ruled that Dreamer could not continue and if the match continued, they would cancel the rest of the show. 

Your winner, Joey Mercury!

Dreamer protested but Matthews attacked him and wielded the chair to chase everyone else out of the ring.  Matthews nailed the Pedigree on Dreamer.  He walked out, leaving Dreamer bloody and beaten.

As an angle, it was very good with a lot of fans buying into the entire thing.    It was very old school and realistic in its presentation, although they didn't explain why Mercury turned on Dreamer. 

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