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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-11 18:39:00

Anything Goes: Bully Ray vs. Sami Callihan.

Bully came out brandishing a steel chair.   Sami Callihan mouthed off to a kid and the kid slapped him.  Bully played it up and even had the kid and his brother jump in the ring to challenge Callihan.   The crowd chanted "Little Kids."  Bully played up the Anything Goes aspect of the match on the mic to rile up the crowd.  Ray said it was No DQ and Callihan attacked him.  Ray made a comeback and sent him to the floor, where they battled around the ringside area.  The crowd chanted for tables.  Ray went to chop Callihan but he ducked and Ray n

Callihan worked over Bubba on the floor and charged but was kicked away.  Callihan cut him off and brought him back into the ring, choking him against the ropes.  Callihan used a chain and whipped it across Bully's back several times for a two count.  Callihan had words with the referee and shoved him several times.  He set up and charged Bully but was hit with a big boot as he ran into the corner.  Ray went for a splash but missed.  Callihan locked in a facelock.  Ray shoved him into the ropes and speared him for a two count.

Ray worked him over and set up for the fans to yell "Get the Tables!"  Ray was distracted by Callihan's manager and nailed with a big pump kick.  Ray went for a sits down atomic drop but the manager hit the ring with a chair.  Ray took it away and nailed the manager, then hit the sitdown atomic drop and scored the pin.

Your winner, Bully Ray!

Ray did a promo after putting over New Jersey, saying one of his first breaks in the business was at the Polish American Club in Piscataway, NJ so coming back to NJ is like coming home.  He put over that the Rock N' Roll Express would be wrestling later and said he would be watching.

We are now at intermission.

The Spirit Squad vs. The Rock N' Roll Express

Kenny Dykstra said that this was now the House of Has-Beens and told the Express that they weren't going to be wrestling tonight.  He told Ricky Morton to take their HOF ring to the pawn shop so he can go get an eight-ball and have a blast.  Ouch.  They then told Gibson to go and get surgery to get his lazy eye fixed.  They introduced the new members of the "Squad World Order" and it was a guy carrying a tennis racquet and "Big Bubba Marconi" who was TJ Marconi in a suit. 

They then brought out someone who was from the "NJ Sports Authority" saying that anyone over the age of 52 cannot compete.  If they refused, the show would be shut down.  Morton told them to kiss his a**.   He said that they will step out of the ring but they aren't going to let the fans get ripped off.  They said that they had a replacement team and promised it wouldn't be the last of them tonight.

Out came Team Tremendous.  As much as I love that team, it was disapointing to see no Express, even as limited as they are now. 

Team Tremendous vs. The Spirit Squad

Some stalling early.  They tried to take out Bill Carr but he was too big and too powerful.  Dan Barry tagged in and was cut off.  The Squad tagged in and out, working him over.  Dykstra locked in a rear chinlock.  Barry tried to fight back with elbows but as cut off.  The Squad continued to work him over.  Carr tagged in and they all battled back and forth.  It picked up with some really good back and forth until the Squad stoled the pin by rolling up Barry.

The Rock N' Roll Express came back out to the stage after the finish.  They returned to the ring as the Squad was celebrating.  The Athletic Authority figure told them he told them they can't wrestle.  Instead, they attacked the Squad and brawled, hitting the double dropkick on Dykstra.  Big Bubba Marconi attacked them and "Enter Sandman" played as the former ECW World champion made his grand entrance.  He caned the "Commissoner" and then the Squad and Marconi.  He and the Express all shared a cold brew.

MVP vs. Jake Hager (the former Jack Swagger) vs. Tommy Dreamer.


They all locked up but no one got the advantage.  They set up a triple headlock which turned into Swagger and Dreamer double teaming MVP, who finally cut himself off and pulled himself out of the ring.    Swagger and Dreamer battled back and forth.  Dreamer nailed a neckbreaker and began working him over with elbows but MVP returned and nailed Dreamer.

MVP and Swagger double teamed Dreamer.  Dreamer came back with a pescado to the outside.   Dreamer grabbed a drink and spewed Swagger's face.  He and MVP brawled around ringside.  MVP nailed Dreamer and tossed him back in the ring, locking in a crossface.  Swagger returned to the ring and locked on the anklelock on MVP.    Dreamer came back to wear down MVP with a crossface. Dreamer set up a chair for a move but was hit with a droptoehold by MVP into the chair.

Swagger worked over MVP and locked on the anklelock.  Dreamer drilled him with a kick and nailed a DDT for a two count.  Swagger came back and nailed the Vader Bomb off the ropes.  He teased doing one on MVP but instead locked on the anklelock again.  Dreamer nailed Swagger but was sent into a chair that was wedged in the corner.  He nailed a Mafia Kick on Dreamer, then hit the Playmaker and scored the pin.

Your winner, MVP!

MVP took the mic and said that he's shared the ring with his opponents many a time.  At times, he didn't respect Swagger, but told Swagger that he's earned his respect.  He then praised Dreamer, who he called a legend.  He led a "Thank you Tommy" chant.

Dreamer thanked everyone for coming and thanked the venue for the great atmosphere they had tonight.  He said that he's 46 years old and had the pleasure of being MVP's boss and Swagger's boss and was able to watch their careers grow.  He said if anyone ever thinks their life is down, look to MVP, who came back from being in prison to become an advocate and is proof that you can come back from anything.  He told Swagger that just like Cody Rhodes, you show the world that there is life after WWE.  He said that he wishes Swagger was on the show tomorrow because he wants to book Swagger vs. Jeff Cobb and said he has an open invite to come face Cobb anytime at any HOH show.  Dreamer told the crowd he loves them and to get home safe.

That's it from HOH!  They return tomorrow from the 2300 Arena and so will we with live coverage!!!

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