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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-11 18:39:00

Alex Reynolds (with Maxell Jacob Freeman) vs. Petey Williams

Yep, former X-Division champ Petey Williams back in the ring for the first time in several years, at least in the Northeast.  He and Reynolds had a nice chemistry in the ring early on with some nice spots with the spotlight on Williams' offense.

Williams placed Reynolds on the top and tied him to the tree of woe.  He stepped on Reynolds', well, nuts.  Reynolds cut him off and beat Williams against the ropes.  He shot Williams in to the ropes but Williams maneuvered him into a single leg crab and then a crossface.  Reynolds made it to the ropes to force the break.

Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer but Reynolds avoided it.  Reynolds was sent to the floor, where Williams nailed him with a dive.   They battled on the floor with Reynolds whipping Williams into the guard rail.  He brought Williams back into the ring, scoring several two counts.

They battled back and forth until Reynolds tossed Williams to the floor, where MJF worked him over before tossing him back in.  Reynolds locked in a side chinlock.  Williams fought back to his feet but was tied to the tree of woe.  Alex tried to work him over and went to the top but Williams pulled himself up and superplexed Reynolds back down into the ring.

Williams cleaned house and nailed several big moves including a big flapjack for several two counts.  Reynolds nailed a suplex into a TKO for a two count.  They went back and forth with submissions and pinfall attempts.  Williams finally locked on a Canadian Maple Leaf.  Reynolds grabbed the ropes to force the break.

Williams finally nailed a double knee strike and went for the Destroyer but Reynolds avoided it, sending Williams up into a gutbuster for a two count.  They battled on the top.  Reynolds knocked him into the ring but missed a moonsault.  Wiliams went for the Destroyer but MJF got involved.  It ended up with Reynolds' tights being pulled down and Williams hitting the Destroyer for the pin.

Your winner, Petey Williams!

Good competitive match with some enjoyable back and forth sequences.

Jeff Cobb vs. Nick "Magnus" Aldis

Cobb is better known as Lucha Underground's Matanza Cuerto.

Cobb looked strong with some big spots, including a suplex early on.  Aldis went to the floor to stall.  Aldis cut him off and choked him against the ropes.   Aldis controlled him on the mat with a side chinlock.  Cobb made a comeback and they hit some big back and forth stiff shots on each other.  Magnus cut him off with a clothesline.  Magnus nailed a DVDR for a two count.

Cobb nailed a big suplex out of the corner.  Cobb nailed a few dropkicks.  Magnus locked on a Texas Cloverleaf but Cobb made it the ropes for a two count.  Cobb nailed a side salto suplex but Magnus came back with a missile dropkick out of the corner.  Good back and forth match.  Magnus went to the top but Cobb stunned him and set up for a big superplex.  Magnus knocked him into the ring and came off the ropes.  Cobb avoided it and caught him with Tour of the Islands and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jeff Cobb!

Really good and forth match with some big power spots.

Bobby Fish vs. Rhett Titus.


Titus had a really good heel swagger when he came out.  He reminded me a lot of Jimmy Garvin.  

They had some really good back and forth wrestling on the mat, countering each other, early on.   They ended up on the floor, where Titus was shot hard into the guard rails.  Titus came back with a clothesline into the railing.  Back in the ring, Titus locked on a cravate.  Fish made a comeback and hit a slingshot splash into the ring for a two count.

Fish fired away with a series of kicks but Titus snapped him with a dropkick for a two count.  They went back and forth until Titus nailed an enziguiri.  He locked Fish in an over the shoulders backbreaker and then dropped him down hard for a two count.  Titus missed a charge in the corner and Fish unloaded with strikes and kicks.  He nailed an exploder into the turnbuckles.

Fish cinched in a heel hook.  Titus broke free and nailed a big punt kick.  He went to the top but was nailed off and crashed hard into the ring.  Fish nailed a powerslam and locked on a submission.   Fish finally scored the submission.

Your winner, Bobby Fish!

Another really good bout.  This has been a fun show thus far.

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