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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-05 19:00:00

They brought out Larry Legend to ring announce the main events.  He was doing his spiel when Joe Gacy walked out and nailed him.  He cut a promo saying that other than Matt Tremont, where were all the other CZW originals.  He said the show was full of a bunch of people he doesn't even know who are ready to go take a deal to go elsewhere.  He said he hoped that everyone in the back was listening because there's not going to be any politics here.  Fans chanted for "Wifebeater" and he said he could kick Wifebeater up.   He said he was tired of people using this place to get to greener pastures but he isn't doing that.

A group of masked man brought a barbed wire board into the ring and placed it into the corner.  Gacy said part timers like Legend are what is ruining CZW and the business.  He said if CZW was going to remove barbed wire from its logo, he was putting it back into CZW.  He beat Legend up and ripped off his suit and shirt, then hit a running DVDR through the board on Legend.  Wow, I didn't expect Legend to be eating barbed wire tonight.

Lio Rush vs. Joey Janella

Back and forth chanting for each competitor.  They locked up and Janela snapped Lio down to the mat, then challenged him to bring it.  Rush responded with a dropkick to the legs and Janella was rebounding off the ropes.   They ended up on the floor, where Rush nailed a rana and hit a dive.  He went for another but Janela returned to the ring and nailed one on him instead.  Janela went for another but Rush returned to the ring and challenged him to face him.  Janela re-entered the ring and offered his hand then drilled him with a forearm to the face.

Janela slammed Rush and tied him up on the mat.  Janella scored with a series of running uppercuts and forearms to the back as Rush was in the corner.   Rush fired back with combinations of strikes but was slammed with an uppercut that rocked him.   Janella sent him to the floor, where the referee began counting him out.

Rush returned to the ring and nailed a reverse rana that looked awesome.   He drilled Janella with a kick to the chest.  Janella challenged him to hit harder.  Rush did.  Janella called him the B-word.   They battled back and forth with chops.   They nailed each other with clotheslines.  They made it back to their knees and fired back and forth with chops and strikes.

Janella was drilled in the corner with a big kick.   He placed a chair in the ring and sat Janella in it.  Rush went to the top but was cut off.   Janela nailed a superplex into the ring and then hit a brainbuster through the chair on Rush.  

Janella placed a table and bridged it between the guard rail and the ring apron.  He then set up a few chairs in the aisle to the ring.  Rush cut off Janella and hit a dive to the outside.  He ascended to the top for a frog splash but Janella moved out of the way.  They battled back and forth until Janella locked him in a crossface.     They fought back and forth with a bunch of crazy strikes.

Rush went to the top but but Janella cut him off.  They battled back and forth until Rush nailed a suplex off the top through the bridged table, which looked awesome.  Exhausted, they returned to the ring and began swinging.  

Janella brought a ladder into the ring.   Rush's people tried to stop him but were kicked down.  Janella did a dive off the top of the ladder to everyone below.   Rush cut him off and nailed him with a Pedigree for a two count.  Rush went to the top of the ladder and hit a huge frog splash for a two count.  I was shocked that wasn't the finish.

The crowd began clapping for both.   Rush brought a sledgehammer into the ring but Janella ducked the shot and locked on a crossface.   Janella set up a table and hit a powerbomb off the ladder through a table but Rush popped up like Road Warrior Hawk after a piledriver.  Janella hit another sitdown powerbomb but Rush kicked up.  Some fans chanted "Kill the business!"

Janella tried to set up for a Pedigree but Rush slipped out and nailed him with a sledgehammer.   Rush waited for Janella to pull himself up and nailed a Pedigree and scored the pin.

Your winner, Lio Rush!

Janella took the mic and said this wasn't the last time they were going to meet and that they were going to fight forever.  They hugged.  The crowd chanted, "Thank you Lio!"  Rush said that a few years ago, he was traveling three hours from Maryland to NJ to work at the Dojo Wars show with a newborn and his family who wanted to support him.  He said Janela was there and they wanted to prove themselves as the best wrestlers in the world.  He told the audience "I f***ing love you guys."  He said that whether they cheered him or booed him for whatever reason they wanted, "I f***ing love you guys."  He said that as a 22-year old kid with a baby, he wanted to thank them for giving him a chance to showcase himself as one of the best wrestlers in the world.  He said he didn't want to take up too much of everyone's time, he wanted to tell everyone in the back, those who came to ringside and to DJ Hyde, thank you for the oppportunity to prove himself.  He said that wherever he goes after this, he promises that he will blow "the motherf***ing roof off that place" and will never stop bleeding black and yellow and will never forget about each and every one of the fans.

We are now at intermission as they prepare for the main event.

Atsushi Onita vs. Matt Tremont: No Ropes Barbed Wire Exploding Baseball Bats Match

Tremont out first.  Big reaction and CZW chant.  Onita out next to "Wild Thing."  Huge pop.  Streamers.  

Onita threw his jacket at Tremont and rammed his face into the barbed wire.  He nailed him with a chair several times.   They went to the floor, where Onita worked over Tremont.  The fans chanted Bulldozer while others chanted for Onita.  Tremont was bleeding.  They returned to the ring where Onita bit him in the face and nailed him with a barbed wire bat to the chest.  Onita hit him in the head with a chair but Tremont no sold it and clotheslined him for a two count.

Onita blew red mist in Tremont's face.  He beat Tremont over and over across the back ith the remnants of the chair.   He raked Tremont's face with the barbed wire bat.   He sent Tremont into the wire and charged but Tremont moved.  Onita hit the wire and Tremont sprewed red mist.

Tremont grabbed an exploding bat but RAIJIN-Yaguchi and Hideki Hosaka hit the ring and attacked him, preventing him from using it.  They held him for Onita, who used the bat and it exploded when it struck Tremont's chest.  They all beat Tremont.  Out came Danny Havoc and Ricky Shane Page.  They all brawled.  Onita challenged them to a six man tag: FMW vs. CZW.  Tremont agreed.

Everyone brawled using barbed wire weapons.   Page sent Yaguchi into a table in the corner, which got a CZW chant.   Team CZW grabbed Onita and Tremont nailed him with the exploding bat.  That explosion looked better than the first.   Team CZW worked over Team FMW until Onita blew mist in Havoc's face and hit a stunner on Tremont.

Team FMW set up a barbed wire board across four chairs in the ring.   They suplexed Havoc through the board for a two count.   Havoc was nailed with an exploding barbed wire bat and hit with a back suplex onto the remnants of the barbed wire board and pinned.

Your winners, Team FMW!

Onita took the mic and said he runs Japan.  He said these weren't explosions and they were cheap.  He challenged Tremont to come to Japan and said he would show him what an explosion death match was.   Onita cut a promo thanking everyone for coming and told Tremont when he comes to Japan, he will show him.  They slapped each other.  Tremont said he would come to Japan for the first time and he will beat Onita.  Onita slapped him.  

It was, well, a spectacle.  

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