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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-07-23 23:30:00

Welcome to Talking Smack and your hosts are Renee Young and Jerry Lawler.

Jerry says it takes a lot to shock him and he did not expect the Great Khali.

Jerry points out that Great Khali screwed Randy Orton out of the title so he is not happy to see Khali back.

Kevin Owens stops by as the first guest.  

Kevin asks if Renee is watching as a fan now because she is getting less and less responsibilities.

Renee asks Kevin about throwing AJ into the referee.  Kevin says that was the result of getting AJ's filthy body off him.  It was not intentional.  The referee was collateral damage.  The only thing that matters is the referee was okay enough to make the three count to make him the United States Champion again.

Jerry says that Kevin's comments earlier convinced him that he was going to win.  Jerry says when the referee was knocked down, he thought Kevin would tap out to the Calf Crusher.  Jerry gives Kevin credit for not tapping out.

Kevin says he is a fighter and he is the elite.  Kevin says he would never tap to anyone.

Renee asks Kevin about the change in his preparation for this match.  Kevin says it is a stupid question because he is still facing the same person.  The only difference is that AJ is walking into the ring with his title.  Renee suggests that maybe it is different to be champion compared to chasing the title.

Jerry says it had to be embarrassing and humiliating to lose the title at Madison Square Garden.  Jerry asks if the loss made him feel different for this match.

Kevin thanks Jerry for asking the question properly.  He says it did not feel great to lose the title.  WWE cannot have a show at Madison Square Garden without him.  He was not on the brand that was hosting the show because they need him there.  He says it stung to lose the title at Madison Square Garden and his family was there to see him lose.  However, they were here tonight to see him win.  Kevin says that AJ and Renee are both wrong about what was said about the United States Title.

Jerry asks Kevin what will AJ come back with the next time.  Kevin says there is no reason for AJ to face him again.  Kevin says that the children of America have something to look up to.  Kevin says Talking Smack is back because he is on the show.  Kevin says he resurrected the show that Renee killed.  

Jerry supports Kevin's statement that he was supposed to be on the show when Renee questioned Kevin walking onto the show.

Kevin tells Renee that she is being rude to him. 

Jerry says he feels like David Letterman when he and Andy Kaufman were on the show.

Renee asks if AJ is going to get a rematch at SummerSlam.  Kevin says AJ does not deserve a rematch.  This match was set before the title change. 

Kevin says he has better things to do than be disrespected by Renee.  Kevin congratulates the United States for having him as their champion again.  Kevin tells Renee to show Jinder some respect.

Jerry and Renee talk about the Flag Match and having to fight for your country.  Jerry says John Cena planted the American flag and Rusev.  Jerry talks about the pride to winning tonight.  What would have happened to John if he lost?

The next guest is Natalya.

Natalya says it is great to finally get what she deserved.  Natalya says she told everyone that she is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. 

Jerry asks Natalya if it meant more to have Charlotte be the final person eliminated.  Natalya says Charlotte has treated people terribly so it was fitting.

Jerry brings up Carmella and her comments on the Kickoff Show and that she picked Carmella.  Natalya does not trust Carmella and she says that Carmella hugged her after she won she knew it was phony.  Renee asks about possibly facing Carmella instead of Naomi.  Natalya says she beat Charlotte, Becky, Tamina, and Lana.  

Renee asks Natalya about having a singles title match in more than a year.  Natalya says Naomi is not in her league and Naomi should not be the Champion.

Renee asks Natalya about what happened after the match.

Natalya mentions some great moments involving the Hart Family at SummerSlam and her win at SummerSlam will be the greatest moment in the family's history.

They talk about the tag title match.

Renee and Jerry talk about the Punjabi Prison Match and they mention that Jinder Mahal will be joining them in a few minutes.

Jinder says there was a reason he chose this match.  Randy Orton underestimated him.  He proved that he is the smarted superstar and he will be champion for a long time. 

Renee asks Jinder about what is it like to be in the Punjabi Prison.  Jinder says it is a punishing match.  This is the end of Randy's legacy.  He has defeated Randy three times and he is the greatest WWE Champion.

Renee mentions the help he had from The Singh Brothers and The Great Khali.

Jinder points out that he followed the rules for that match.  Jinder says all 1.3 Billion Indian people stick together.

Jerry asks Jinder if everyone in India is looking at him leaving Orton's legacy in the cell or whether he needed help to win.

Jinder says the entire nation is celebrating with him.   Jinder says he laid Orton's legacy to rest.  

Jerry says Randy does not feel like his legacy is left laying in the cage.  Randy may think that Jinder cannot win without help.

Jinder says he is moving on and looking to cement his legacy.  Randy is past his prime while Jinder says he is getting better.  He will go down as the greatest of all time.

Jinder says that Sumir is getting some medical attention and he is doing fine.  The Singhs are there to make sure that he leaves the ring as the champion.  He says that he is the smartest and he will have a plan for anything thrown in his way.

Renee asks where does Jinder go from here. 

Jinder answers Renee in Punjabi.

We go to credits.

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