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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-07-03 00:03:00

Match Number Six:  IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Title Match:  Young Bucks versus Roppongi Vice

Rocky and Matt start things off and they lock up.  Rocky with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Rocky leaps over Mat and then he hits a head scissors but Matt lands on his feet.  Rocky blocks a super kick and Matt with a Sharpshooter but Rocky gets to the ropes and Matt releases the hold.  Matt pie faces Rocky a few times.  Matt pushes Rocky and Rocky slaps Matt.  Nick hits Rocky and then Trent hits Nick.  All four men goes for dives and flip leg drops but miss.  They all go to a stalemate.

Trent and Rocky push Matt and Nick and then they pair off and exchange punches.  Nick and Matt try to Irish whip Rocky into Trent but they go for super kicks and are stopped.  Trent sends Nick into Matt and then Rocky with an elbow into the corner.  Matt and Nick with super kicks to Rocky and Trent.  Matt with a baseball slide and then Matt helps Nick to the top rope for a quebrada onto Trent and Rocky and Nick comments on the move to the camera man.

Nick tags in and kicks Rocky and Matt with an elbow drop and Nick gets a near fall.  Rocky is Irish whipped into the corner and Nick with a running knee.  Nick goes up top and lands on Rocky's knees on a swanton.  Matt goes for a sunset flip power bomb to the floor on Trent but Trent holds on to the ropes.  Nick with a super kick to Trent and Matt power bombs Trent on the ramp.  Nick kicks Rocky from the apron.  Matt hangs Rocky over the apron and Nick with a swanton off the apron.

Nick with a rollup for a near fall.  Nick punches Rocky and sends him into Matt's boot.  Matt tags back in and he kicks Rocky.  Matt punches Rocky and then punches him in the corner.  Matt with kicks and a snap mare followed by a boot to the head for a near fall.  Matt with a reverse chin lock.  Rocky with chops to Matt but Matt gets Rocky in position for the Meltzer Driver but Rocky sends Matt into Nick.  Matt with a back rake to Rocky but Rocky lands on his feet on a belly-to-back attempt.  He does it a second time.  Rocky runs into a double super kick but he fires back with a double clothesline.

Nick and Trent exchange chops.  Trent with an enzuigiri.  Trent with a double jump elbow into the corner.  Matt with a forearm to the ribs to stop a tornado DDT attempt on Nick.  Nick is sent to the apron and Trent hits a tornado DDT on Matt.  Trent goes up top but Matt pulls him off the turnbuckles.  Matt with an Irish whip and Trent hangs on the turnbuckles.  Nick with a super kick.  Matt wit a buckle bomb and Nick with an enzuigiri.  Matt with a sharpshooter to Trent and Rocky breaks it up.  Nick stops Rocky.  Matt power bombs Rocky onto Trent.  Matt gets a near fall.

Rocky slaps Matt and Nick and then they miss a double super kick.  Rocky with a double rana.  Matt and Nick with a double super kick to Rocky.  Matt and Nick take Trent to the mat.  Nick goes up top as they set for More Bang for Your Buck.  They do an inverted one to the back and they can only get a near fall.  Matt goes for a sharpshooter again but Trent with a rollup.  Matt with another back breaker and he applies the sharpshooter one more time.  Rocky pulls Nick off the apron but Nick kicks Rocky.

Trent gets to the ropes but Nick with a swanton to Trent's back and Matt pulls Trent back into the ring.  Trent fights through the pain and he does not tap.  Rocky with a drop kick to break up the hold.  Nick tags in and Rocky with a punch and he goes for a Shiranui but Nick gets Rocky in position for the Meltzer Driver.  Matt kicks Rocky on the apron and Rocky sends Matt into Nick to knock him off the turnbuckles.

Trent get Matt on his shoulders and Rocky clotheslines Matt.  Nick goes to the apron and he connects with a double sledge to the back.  Nick with an enzuigiri to Trent on the apron.  Nick goes for a German suplex on the apron but Trent blocks it and Trent with a piledriver on the apron.  Trent rolls Nick back in and Trent sets for the running knee and hits it.  Trent with a cradle piledriver but Nick kicks out.

Trent tries for Strong zero but Nick with forearms to the back.  Nick chops Trent but Trent and Rocky with jumping knees.  Rocky with a suicide dive to Matt.  They set for Strong Zero and they hit it but Nick kicks out.  Matt tags in and so does Rocky.  Matt with a punch and Rocky with a forearm.  They go back and forth with Matt gaining the advantage until Rocky hits a jumping knee.  Matt with a super kick.  Rocky with a spinning kick and shiranui.  Rocky goes for a suicide dive but Matt catches him and Nick with a double jump Meltzer Driver off the turnbuckles to the floor.

Trent comes into the ring and he chops Matt and Nick.  Trent spits at Nick.  Nick with a super kick to Trent.  Matt and Nick with a double super kick to the lower back.  They set Rocky for the Meltzer Driver and they hit it.  Rocky is put into the Sharpshooter and so is Trent.  Rocky taps out.

Winners:  Young Bucks

After the match Ricochet attacks the Young Bucks and then he hits a flip dive onto the Young Bucks.

Ricochet takes the mic and he says he likes being with his hot girlfriend, there was no way he was going to miss this.  Ricochet says he came here to talk about the Young Bucks and their tag titles.  You call yourself the best tag team on Earth and you have the right to say that because you have won titles in many companies and you are going to have t-shirts in Hot Topics all over the United States and Canada.

If you like to call yourself the best, you wouldn't mind putting the title on the line against him and Taguchi.

Ricochet says he would have been here earlier but a certain Underground company were acting like pricks.

Rocky takes the mic and he says they had a conversation three years ago about a five year plan.  The first item was the IWGP Junior Tag Titles and they did that three times.  The second thing was winning the Super Juniors Tag Tournament and they did that.  The last thing was that when it was time, Trent would move up to the heavyweight division without him and he had his blessing.  If they did not win tonight.  Rocky tells Trent to show everyone what he has . . . in the heavyweight division.

Rocky says he loves Trent and they hug.

Match Number Seven:  Will Ospreay, Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe, and Kazuchika Okada versus Marty Scurll, Yujiro Takahashi, Bad Luck Fale, and Cody

Mark and Scurll start things off.  They lock up and Scurll with a wrist lock and he takes Mark to the mat.  Mark with a back drop and wrist lock.  Scurll reverses and he punches Mark.  Mark with a crane kick that is blocked and he is flipped but he lands on his feet.  Mark and Marty miss clotheslines and they both assume the position.  Marty wants to too sweet Mark but Mark with a chop and Marty crawls on his knees to the comfort of Cody.  Cody tags in and so does Jay.

Scurll tags back in and then Cody tags in.  Cody tags Scurll back in and then he tags Cody back in.  The crowd wants Fale so Fale is tagged in.  Fale tags Cody in as the continuing string of tags without action continues.  The crowd wants Takahashi and he is tagged in, but he tags in Cody.  Mark has a confused look on his face as the tags continue.  Okada is tagged in and Cody goes to the floor very quickly and even goes into the crowd to get away from Okada.

Ospreay wants things to speed up.  Ospreay is tagged in as the crowd chants for him and he forces Cody to back away.  Jay tags back in and they lock up.  Cody with an arm drag.  Jay with a head scissors and he punches Cody.  Jay with a European uppercut and Ospreay tags in and he kicks Cody.  Ospreay with a running European uppercut followed by a hesitation drop kick.  Ospreay goes up top and Scurll flaps his wings on the ropes in front of Ospreay.  Marty falls into the ring and Cody uses the distraction for a triple jump arm drag from the turnbuckles.  Takahashi knocks Jay and Okada off the apron.  Cody tags in and then he tags in Takahashi who punches and kicks Ospreay.  Takahashi does a Sexy Party and he tags in Scurll and Scurll with a Sexy Party of his own as he kicks Ospreay.  Cody tags in and he kicks Ospreay and he teases a sexy Party but he flips off the crowd and then he does a Sexy Party.

Cody looks to Fale to finish the Sexy Party Grand Slam and he kicks Ospreay and he drops down on Ospreay for a near fall.  Scurll tags in and he Irish whips Ospreay but Scurll runs into a boot and then he stops Ospreay from making the tag.  Scurll with a thrust kick to the knees when Ospreay covers up.  Scrull does a Hammer Dance before setting for the Chicken Wing.  Ospreay with an drop kick and enzuigiri.  Jay and Takahashi tag in and Jay with a thrust kick to Cody.

Takahashi has a punch blocked and Jay with jabs and a European uppercut followed by a drop kick and neck breaker for a near fall.  Takahashi sends Jay to the mat and hits a leg drop.  Takahashi with a snap mare and drop kick to Jay.  Takahashi with an Irish whip but Jay with an uppercut and forearm.  Okada and Fale tag in and Fale knocks Scurll off the apron. when Okada moves.  Okada with a DDT to Fale and then he tries for a slam and he cannot get Fale up.  Fale tries for a slam and Okada gets to his feet.  Okada with an elbow and a slam.

Okada goes up top and he leaps over Fale and Fale with a Samoan drop and a splash for a near fall.  Fale sets for the Golden Spike but Okada avoids it.  Fale with a shoulder tackle and Cody tags in.  Okada and Cody exchange forearms.  Cody with kicks and he misses Beautiful Disaster.  Okada misses a Rainmaker attempt.  Okada with a flapjack and both men are down.  Ospreay tags in and he leaps over Cody.  Cody with a drop down kick.  Cody blocks a German suplex.  Cody goes for a gourdbuster and Ospreay counters into a cutter.

Scurll grabs Ospreay's fingers and he cracks them.  Mark with a clothesline to Scurll.  Takahashi takes care of Mark.  Jay with a clothesline to Takahashi.  Fale with a shoulder tackle to Jay.  Okada with a drop kick to Fale.  Scurll opens the umbrella.  Ospreay with a handspring pele kick to Scurll.  Cody with Cross Rhodes to Ospreay for the three count.

Winners:  Cody, Marty Scurll, Bad Luck Fale, and Yujiro Takahashi

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