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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-07-03 00:03:00

Match Number Four:  Titan, Dragon Lee, Volador Jr., Jay White and Juice Robinson versus Hiromu Takahashi, BUSHI, “King of Darkness” EVIL, SANADA, and Tetsuya Naito

Volador and Naito start things off and Naito avoids him.  Naito continues to be tranquilo with Volador.  They lock up and Volador goes for a handspring move but Naito moves.  Naito rolls into his pose and Takahashi attacks Volador.  Volador kicks Bushi and then he sends Takahashi down with a head scissors.  Volador is sent to the apron and Bushi goes for a baseball slide but Volador leaps over Bushi and Bushi goes to the floor.  Volador with a moonsault onto Bushi and Takahashi.  Titan tags in and hits a springboard cross body and a jumping back heel kick.  Titan walks on his hands and he goes for a head scissors but Sanada with a drop kick.

Bushi with a rear chin lock while Naito pulls Robinson up the ramp by the hair and he punches Juice.  There is more carnage throughout the building as we see White down on the ground at ringside.  Bushi with a rake of the mask.  Bushi sends Titan into the turnbuckles and Sanada tags in.  Sanada with a single leg trip and he wraps Titan up and then he kicks Robinson who tries to help his partner and he gets wrapped up.  Sanada with a double baseball slide into the rear end.  Naito with a kick followed by a sunset flip from Bushi and a kick from Naito for a near fall on Titan.

Titan with chops and Naito is not impressed.  Naito with an enzuigiri and a German suplex but Titan lands on his feet and he hits a jumping back heel kick.  Robinson tags in and he hits a running elbow on Naito and Bushi.  Robinson with a jumping leg lariat to Naito.  Robinson gives Sanada a facebuster followed by a side Russian leg sweep.  Robinson with clotheslines to Naito and Sanada and then he hits cannonballs.  

Robinson goes up top but Takahashi trips him.  Naito goes to the apron and does a leg sweep and follows with a hesitation drop kick.  Takahashi screams at Robinson and he has a kick blocked.  Robinson with a jumping leg lariat and both men are down.  Lee tags in and hits a clothesline and gets a near fall.  Takahashi with a chop and Lee chops back.  They go back and forth for about thirty seconds and they chop each other again. Takahashi with a head scissors but Lee with a cartwheel to land on his feet.  Takahashi with a wheelbarrow suplex.  Lee with a German suplex.  Lee charges at Takahashi and Takahashi with an overhead belly-to-belly into the turnbuckles

White and Evil tag in and White with chops and punches followed by a forearm.  White with a back elbow and he hits a running European uppercut into the corner.  White with a chop but Evil with a forearm.  White with a forearm.  Sanada kicks White from the apron and he drops White on the top rope.  Evil with a side slam.  Bushi with a kick and DDT.  Sanada and Naito knock their opponents off the apron and Evil and Bushi Irish whip White.  Bushi with a swinging fisherman's neck breaker for a near fall after knees and kicks from Evil and Naito. 

Bushi goes to the turnbuckles but White moves.  Lee with a  drop kick. Naito with a drop kick to the knees.  Naito goes for a tornado DDT on Robinson but Robinson lands on his feet and he hits a clothesline.  Robinson with a double clothesline to Bushi and Sanada.  Robinson with a forearm to knock Takahashi off the apron.  Robinson stops short to allow Titan to hit a quebrada onto Takahashi.  Bushi kicks White and he goes for a codebureaker but he misses.  White with a uranage to Bushi for a near fall after Volador hits a lungblower.  White with a swinging flatline to Bushi for the three count.

Winners:  Titan, Dragon Lee, Volador Jr., Jay White and Juice Robinson

Match Number Five:  Hanson, Raymond Rowe, and Michael Elgin versus Tanga Roa, Tama Tonga, and Adam Page (with Haku)

Page and Elgin start things off.  They lock up and Elgin with a clean break but Page with a forearm.  Elgin with a forearm of his own that backs Page into the ropes.  Page with a side head lock.  Page goes for a shoulder tackle and it has no effect.  Page tries again and he does not move Elgin.  Elgin poses and he thinks about a shoulder tackle and he blocks a kick and gets Page on his shoulders.  Page with elbows and he gets back to his feet.  Page tries for a splash into the corner and Elgin catches him and hits a uranage.

Tama and Roa come in and so do Rowe and Hanson.  Tama and Roa with drop kicks but Hanson and Rowe lawn dart Tama and Roa into each other.  Elgin kicks Page and gets him up for a delayed vertical suplex.  Rowe slams Hanson onto Page.  Elgin with a bicycle kick to Tama and Rowe with a drop kick to Roa.  Hanson with a bronco buster into the corner.  Hanson wtih a snap mare to Tama and then he uses his beard to rake the eyes.  

Hanson tries for a slam but Tama escapes.  Hanson with a cartwheel but Tama with a Roll the Dice.  Roa tags in and he kicks and punches Hanson.  Roa with a running power slam and he gets a near fall.  Page with a chop and Hanson refuses to be Irish whipped.  Page grabs Hanson by the beard and pulls him to the mat and follows with a drop kick for a near fall.  Tama tags in and he grabs Hanson by the beard and connects with head butts.  Tama gets a near fall.  Rowe is knocked off the apron and Roa with an Irish whip to Hanson.  Hanson with an elbow from the apron and Roa pushes Hanson into the corner.  Hanson with a seated splash in the corner and Page goes after Elgin who tagged in. Elgin with a forearm and slingshot splash.

Elgin with a clothesline in the corner to Page and he hits a second one.  Elgin goes for a suplex but Tama stops him.  Elgin drops down and Tama goes over the top rope.  Roa is sent into the ropes and Elgin hip tosses Page into Roa.  Elgin with a Falcon Arrow to Page for a near fall.  Page with a bicycle kick followed by a super kick. Elgin with a German suplex and he holds on.  Page with elbows and a forearm.  Rowe tags in and Elgin goes for a German suplex but Page lands on his feet.  Rowe grabs Page.  Hanson with a clothesline while Rowe holds Page and Rowe gets a near fall. 

Roa stops Hanson on the top turnbuckle and Roa and Tama hit Nightfall.  Roa and Tama go to the turnbuckles for a double superplex on Hanson but Elgin stops them and connects with forearms and chops.  Tama and Roa yell at Elgin and Elgin with forearms to both.  Tama with a punch followed by a punch from Roa.  Tama with a leaping neck breaker.  Hanson with a springboard splash onto Roa and Tama.  Hanson with the infinity clothesline attempt to Roa but Tama with a splash when Roa moves.  They go for Nightfall on Rowe but Rowe with a uranage to Roa.  Rowe with a hip toss and knee to Tama.  Page with a slingshot clothesline and Rite of Passage to Rowe for the three count.

Winners:  Adam Page, Tama Tonga and Tanga Roa

After the match, Chase Owens joins them in the ring and Adam Page says the titles will be his.

The Chairman of New Japan, Naoki Sugibayashi enters the ring and he announces that New Japan will return to the United States in 2018.

It is time for intermission.

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