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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-02 19:35:00

Best of Three Falls: X-Division champion Sonjay Dutt vs. Low Ki


They started out slow, including a test of strength, which Ki won and turned into a pinfall attempt.  Dutt worked over Ki's arm and controlled him on the mat.  He went to the ropes for a move but Ki avoided him as Dutt flipped.  Dutt landed on his feet and was dropkicked across the ring.  Ki went to the top but cut off Ki on the top and went for a superplex.  Dutt went into a sunset flip but Ki rolled through and jumped up with the Warrior's Way doublestomp for the pin.

Winner of Fall One: Low Ki


Dutt was out and took a long time to get to his feet.  Ki went after him but it turned out Dutt was playing dead and sent him to the flooor, then hit a sliding kick to the floor.  They battled on the floor, where Ki shoved him backwards into the barricade.  Ki smiled, believing he had the match won, and tossed Dutt back into the ring.  Ki went for the Ki Krusher on the apron but Dutt escaped and landed on his feet but was shoved hard into the buckles.  Dutt went for a sunset flip into the ring but Ki rolled through and went for the Warrior's Way again but Dutt moved and Ki hurt his ankle.  He began limping on it and went down, not able to put weight on the leg.

The referee checked on Ki, who was played opossum and nailed a springboard kick to Dutt's head for a two count.  Dutt was outside on the steps.  Ki went for the double stomp but Dutt moved but again, Ki's ankle was hurt.  Dutt drove him into the barricade and tossed Ki back into the ring.  Dutt cinched in a single-leg crab.  Dutt turned it into a catapult but Ki caught himself on the ropes and nailed another stomp.  Dutt was able to reverse a pinfall attempt and scored the three count.

Winner of Fall Two, Sonjay Dutt


Low Ki took off his jacket for the third fall.   Dutt and Ki fired back and forth.   Ki appeared to hurt his hand.  He drilled Dutt in the stomach.   Ki let the referee count Dutt down.  When Dutt returned to his feet, he had a second wind and unloaded with some big strikes.  Ki came back with a leaping kick in the corner for a two count.  Low Ki nailed the Ki Krusher for a two count.  Ki trapped Dutt in the tree of woe but Dutt fought him off and hit a twisting splash off the top, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Sonjay Dutt.

Good, well worked match.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion Rosemary vs. GFW Women's champion Sienna.

Gail Kim came to ringside as she's going to award the winner the new GFW championship.

They had a number of women painted up like Rosemary for her entrance.

They went right at it brawling at the bell.  KM and Lauren Van Ness came to ringside just a minute into the match.   Rosemary nailed a Side Russian legsweep for a two count.  Laurel distracted Rosemary, allowing Sienna to get control but Sienna was sent into Laurel when Rosemary reversed a whip as Ness was pulling the ropes down.  Sienna demanded KM removed Laurel and he carried her out.  As Sienna was distracted, Rosemary dove off the top to the floor.

Back in the ring, Rosemary worked her over but was caught with a back suplex for a two count.  Sienna worked her over and smashed her into the buckles, then followed up with a series of kicks.  Rosemary was controlled and beaten on the floor.  Sienna brought her back into the ring and nailed a big forearm.    She missed a charge into the corner and was placed on top.  Rosemary appeared to be going for a back superplex but was nailed with a series of elbows and sent down into the tree of woe.  She reached up and pulled Sienna down into a superplex of sorts, sending her crashing down into the ring.

Rosemary nailed a nice looking missile dropkick.  They started to counter each other's moves until Rosemary nailed a kick in the corner for a two count.  Sienna came back with the Silencer (The Pounce) for a two count.  Sienna was shocked that she didn't score the pinfall. 

Rosemary hit the Red Wedding (TKO) but Laurel Van Ness returned to ringside and pulled referee Earl Hebner out of the ring.  He threw her out but Allie hit the ringside area with a kendo stick and chased her out.  Distracted, Earl missed Sienna nailing Rosemary with a title belt.  Rosemary kicked up and went to spew the mist, but Sienna caught it in her hand, which "began burning."  She wiped it in Rosemary's eyes, blinding her and locked in a submission to score the win.

Your winner and unified Women's champion, Sienna!

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