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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-06-26 23:05:00

We are in Los Angeles, California and your announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.

We see what happened last week when Braun Strowman and his ambulance returned to Raw.

Roman listens to the crowd prefer to see his opponent at the pay per view.

Roman says he is going to call it like it is and he says if you give him a moment, you might like it.  Last week on Raw, Samoa Joe finally put the Kokina Clutch on him and put him to sleep.  When he was done, Braun Strowman returned and he came out like a coward when Roman was down and he picked the bones.  Then he challenged Roman to an ambulance match at Great Balls of Fire.  Roman says he has been in a lot of matches but never an Ambulance Match, but he accepts the challenge.

He will put Strowman in that ambluance, close the door, and drive you straight to hell.  Roman says this is his yard.

An ambulance arrives in the arena and backs into the corner of the crowd.

Roman leaves the ring and walks to the ambulance.  Roman looks inside and then he looks around.  Roman opens the ambulance and no one is in there.  

Strowman attacks Roman from the side and sends him into the barrier and then throws him onto the stage by the throat.  Roman punches Strowman and Strowman almost falls off the stage.  Strowman blocks the Superman punch and Roman is tossed into the side of the ambulance.  Strowman puts Reigns in the ambulance and drives away.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see what happened during the opening segment when Braun Strowman introduced Roman Reigns into the ambulance.

Booker says Braun has ambushed him the last few weeks, but he has faith in Roman when it is face to face.

Elias Samson is in the ring with Cesaro and Sheamus but they are interrupted by the Hardys and Finn Balor before they can sing anything.

Match Number One:  Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Finn Balor versus Sheamus, Cesaro, and Elias Samson

Matt and Sheamus start things off and they lock up.  Sheamus with a European uppercut and head butts.  Sheamus with a European uppercut and Matt with a kick and punch.  Jeff tags in and they Irish whip Sheamus into the turnbuckles and Jeff with Poetry in Motion.  Matt and Jeff with a double suplex to Cesaro and Balor goes after Samson as we go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro tags in.  Matt tags in and then Balor tags in and punches and kicks Cesaro.  Balor with a snap mare and boots to the midsection.  Balor with more boots to Cesaro.  Cesaro with a sunset flip but Balor rolls through and drop kicks Cesaro for a near fall.  Cesaro puts Balor on the apron and Sheamus tags in and connects with forearms across the chest.  Samson kicks Balor in the ribs when Sheamus distracts the referee.  Cesaro tags in and they kick Balor. 

Samson tags in and kicks Balor in the midsection.  Balor sends Samson into the corner and punches him but Sheamus tags in and hits a forearm to the kidneys and follows with a tilt-a-whirl power slam.  Sheamus gets Balor on his shoulder for a back breaker.  Jeff tags in and punches Sheamus and follows with a running forearm and reverse atomic drop and leg drop to the midsection.  Jeff gets a near fall.  Jeff with a kick and Sheamus avoids a Twist of Fate.  Sheamus goes into the ring post shoulder first and Jeff goes up top but Cesaro pulls Sheamus to the floor.

Jeff with a cross body onto Cesaro on the floor.  Jeff punches Samson on the apron but Samson holds the leg and Sheamus with a jumping knee to Jeff and he gets a near fall when Jeff gets his foot on the ropes.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Samson with a clothesline to Jeff and he kicks Jeff.  Sheamus with a uranage back breaker for a near fall.  Cesaro tags in and Cesaro wit a double sledge off the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Cesaro with a front face lock.  Cesaro with a boot to Balor but Jeff with a back body drop.  Sheamus tags in and Jeff hits a Twist of Fate.  Samson and Matt tag in and Matt with forearms and then he sends Samson into all three turnbuckles.  Matt with a running clothesline followed by a bulldog and Side Effect for a near fall when Sheamus breaks up the cover.  Cesaro sends Matt into the ring post and Sheamus tags in.  Cesaro tags in and they hit the spike White Noise but Balor breaks up the cover.  

Matt with a jaw breaker and Balor tags in and hits a forearm and clothesline on Cesaro.  He knocks Sheamus and Samson off the apron.  Balor with a running kick to Samson from the apron followed by an enzuigiri to Cesaro and he avoids a Brogue Kick.  Sheamus is sent to the floor and Balor with a plancha onto Sheamus and Cesaro.  Balor with Slingblade to Cesaro and then he hits a running drop kick.  Balor goes up top for Coup De Grace and Matt with a Twist of Fate to stop Sheamus and Jeff with a cannonball to Samson off the apron.

Balor with Coup de Grace for the three count.

Winners:  Finn Balor, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy

We have the latest from Shattered Dreams Production.  Goldust says It's Showtime and there is truly something magical in the air.  Can you feel it?  Can you taste it?  Are you on the edge of your seats?  Goldust says the anticipation makes him tingle.  He tells Truth he understands if he is nervous.  Even the biggest stars suffer from stage fright.  When the red light goes on, you must move forward and bring your A Game.  You must shine . . . like gold.  Tonight he puts the finishing touch on his masterpiece.  Goldust asks if you like a happy ending.  The Golden Age is back.

Match Number Two:  Goldust versus R Truth

Goldust uses the camera man to attack Truth and he punches and kicks him while the attack is filmed.  Goldust sends Truth into the ring post.

We go to the interview area where Paul Heyman is asked about Brock Lesnar and Social Media.  Paul says the Staples Center will be on fire because his client will be here tonight and he will walk to the ring and he will call out Samoa Joe.  He will call out Samoa Joe for a fight.  It is a fight . . .

Samoa Joe shows up and Paul tells Joe he is an advocate.  Joe says he will not waste anything on Paul.  Everything he does tonight is for Brock.  Joe tells Paul he looks good.

We go to commercial.

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