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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-06-18 23:00:00

It is time for Talking Smack and your hosts are Renee Young and Booker T.

They talk about Baron winning the Money in the Bank match and Booker talks about the US Open winner from earlier today.

They talk about the women's ladder match.  Booker points out that Carmella had the briefcase and Renee pointed out it was Ellsworth who grabbed it.

Renee mentions the controversy but she points out no one kept Ellsworth from being at ringside.  Booker says the bell ring and the music played.  Booker says possession is 9/10 of the law.  Renee talks about last year's Money in the Bank and the controversy with Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose taking advantage.

Naomi joins Renee and Booker.

Booker says it was the expert tutelage that helped her tonight.  Renee asks Naomi how is she doing since her knee is iced.  Naomi says she is good.  Booker says Lana brought everything and it looked like Lana was going to win.  Naomi says it is not how many times you get knocked down, it is how many times you get back up.   She knew she would pull through.  

Renee congratulates Naomi for retaining but Renee brings up Ellsworth.  Naomi says she is not surprised at what Ellsworth did.  Naomi says Carmella is using him.  Naomi says she was ready for the cash in if Carmella had done it.  

Booker points out that Naomi could have been sitting at home and it could have been a travesty if Naomi had lost.

Booker says he has been critical of Naomi saying she needed more passion at times, but he has said Naomi is the most talented woman in the locker room.  You cannot have a perfect engine with pieces sitting on the side. 

Naomi says she is making herself better in the ring. 

Renee says that Naomi is in a good place in her career and she has retained tonight.

Naomi says it is not fair and everyone should have had someone at ringside with them. 

Booker points out that the Money in the Bank ladder match is no disqualification.  He points out when Sharmell cost him but life is not fair.  Booker tells Naomi to be prepared because if Carmella sees you slipping, she will take advantage.

Naomi says she is ready and waiting for Carmella.  Naomi says she will take on Ellsworth too.

Renee mentions Shane and Daniel's comments from earlier in the night.

Booker says they should not change the result but Renee suggests doing something else related to the result.

Jinder Mahal joins the show.

Jinder wishes Booker a Happy Father's Day and he wishes Bob Orton a Happy Father's Day even though his son disappointed him tonight by losing.  Jinder is asked about the RKO and the Singhs helping him.  Jinder says his foot was already on the ropes and the Singhs alerted the referee.  Renee says the Singhs got what they deserved for putting their hands on Bob Orton.  

Booker mentions the pressure on Randy tonight and he asks Jinder how sweet was it to beat Randy in his home town.  Jinder says it was almost as sweet as when he won the title.  Jinder says Randy made a rookie mistake by turning his back on him.  Jinder says this is why he is the champion.  Jinder says he was in high school when Orton won his first title.  Orton is behind his prime.  Jinder says he will beat Randy's record.  He will beat Cena and Flair's records.

Jinder says he should be a role model.  He went from 3MB to his release.  Then he came back and won the title within a year.  Jinder says it is jealousy and intolerance that makes the people boo him.

Booker asks Jinder about Baron Corbin.  

Jinder says Mojo Rawley is also an Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner and he beat him on Smackdown.  He is going to go down in history as the greatest WWE Champion of all time.  Jinder says that when Baron outworks him, he will give him the WWE Title.  Jinder says he will not be outworked.

Booker asks Jinder about being influential to the people in India.  He says it is a great feeling because he is the pride of 1.3 billion people.  He addresses the people in Punjabi.

Baron Corbin shows up with the briefcase and they stare each other down.  Jinder walks away.

Booker says he wanted some smack talk.  Baron says he did not want to show up the champ.  Baron says hard work is a crutch for people with no talent.  Baron says he does not need abs to break Jinder in half.  He does not need abs to win the title.  Baron says he does not care if Jinder is the hardest worker.  Baron says this case will give him a lot of opportunities.

Booker brings up Baron attacking Nakamura before the match.  Baron says he is not here to waste time and he was not going to wait around for 3 or 4 minutes for Nakamura to dance around.  He was anxious to get the match started.  Baron says he has barely been in the door and look at what he has accomplished when you look at how long some of these people have been here and they have not done as much.

Booker says that Baron is looking to step on some toes and he says that Baron is here for checks and championships.

Renee asks Baron when will he cash it in.

Baron says he has the opportunity.  The WWE champion better have their heads on a swivel.  Look at Nakamura and he got hit with a ladder and camera.  

Booker asks if Baron is going to wait the entire year.

Baron says that will entertain him because it will make the champion think that he will cash in.

Booker says he likes the waiting game.  You can wait until you have a weak guy or a wounded animal and then pounce.  Baron says he will carry it with pride and he did not go through any shortcuts to win the match. 

Renee asks if Baron has anything to say to Jinder Mahal.  Baron tells Jinder to keep his head on a swivel and don't blink.  It will be a cold walk when you leave the ring without the title.

Baron says he is going to enjoy his night.  Baron says on Tuesday you can all say goodnight when he takes the champion down.

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