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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-06-12 23:05:00

We are back and Roman Reigns will be making an announcement about SummerSlam next week.

Bray Wyatt appears and he says the world is ending and collapsing under the weight of its own sin.  Bray says he knows that he is the only one who can save you.  Bray says he's here.

Bray makes his way to the ring.

Bray says those who deny him will be judged.  Those who sit in pathetic apathy will suffer their guilt.  Those who dare blaspheme his name will be punished.  Just like Seth Rollins.  He has it all figured out.  He has all the answers.  Seth lives in a glass house with the blueprints of the architect blocking out the sun.  It only took one dose of his truth to bring that house down.  Now Seth will be picking out shards of glass from his soul for eternity due to his transgression.  Due to Seth's ignorance and dependence on humanity will set the way that you will live by.  If you take his name in vain, you will fall.

If you take his name in vain . . . 

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Seth says he has to clarify something so they are on the same page.  Bray cost him his match last week because he called Bray a couple of names?  He can get under Bray's skin for that? Calling him a wannabe martyr and a false prophet, that was the truth.  By calling him out, it forces Bray into the light.  Bray prefers to hide in the shadows and attack when necessary.

Seth says that makes Bray a coward.  Seth dares Bray to prove him wrong.

Bray tells Seth his pride will betray him.  You are oozing arrogance all over the place.  When you look at your reflection in the mirror, you see the man.  Bray says he sees a man who is beneath him.  You do not want this fight because his power is more than you can fathom.  You have found the will to slay a king.

The lights go out and go back on.  Seth is alone in the ring.  The lights go out and come back on and Bray is back on the TitanTron.

Bray tells Seth to face his fear and RUN.

The Hardys are in the interview area and they are asked about their match against Sheamus and Cesaro. 

Matt says they are the most physically daunting team they have face.  Matt says they find a problem and they climb it.  Jeff says then they jump off it.  Matt says they will regain their titles tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Akira Tozawa is in the front row for the next match.

Match Number Three:  Kalisto versus Apollo Crews (with Titus O'Neil)

Crews with a waist lock but Kalisto with a kick and satellite head scissors.  Crews with a kick and he gets a near fall.  Crews gets a near fall after a suplex.  Crews with a front face lock.  Crews with a punch and he sends Kalisto to the mat.  Crews poses but Kalisto with a kick and enzuigiri from the apron.  Kalisto with a springboard head scissors followed by a spike head scissors for a near fall.  Titus distracts Kalisto and Crews gets a near fall with a rollup.  Crews blocks a handspring move and hits the toss power bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Apollo Crews

After the match, Crews wants Tozawa to come into the ring.  

Tozawa tries to get away but he cannot escape the hug.

Rhyno is being fed cheese and crackers by Heath Slater.

Miz and Maryse stop by and Miz says he has a career changing opportunity.  Miz says that Kurt Angle has done a horrible job of showcasing Heath Slater's talent.  Miz offers Slater an opportunity to be part of his entourage.  Rhyno says he has a partner.  

Slater says what he wanted as a kid going to WWE events was to be Intercontinental Champion. 

Miz tells Slater to join him and he will get a shot at the Intercontinental Title someday.

Rhyno says Slater has a partner.

Miz says that he can eat caviar with stars or eat string cheese with Rhyno.

Rhyno says that Miz can find a tag team partner because he is going to Kurt Angle to make a tag match for tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring.

Alexa says last week she defeated Bayley to retain her Women's championship.  Instead of having a celebration worthy of a champion, she had to defend her title against Nia Jax.  Tonight, she has no obligation to defend her title.  Alexa mentions the Money in the Bank Ladder Match on Sunday, but that is on Sunday.  The goddess is here to honor you with her presence.

Nia Jax is not like most girls, other than the fact she is interrupting the champion.

Nia reminds Alexa that Nia said that she deserved that opportunity.  Nia reminds Alexa that she promised her.

Alexa says she should have said she was thrilled to have a title match against Nia.  She wanted a match for the ages that people could watch over and over on the WWE Network.  That moment was stolen by Mickie James and Dana Brooke.  They are the real problem.

Mickie James and Dana Brooke come out.  Mickie calls Alexa a dwarf and she reminds Alexa that she is a six time champion so she has a long way to go into her territory.  Mickie asks Dana if Alexa said it was unfair to get a title match.

Dana says Alexa said that 'we' have a Nia Jax problem.

Alexa wants everyone to calm down.  Alexa asks Nia to consider the sources.  Dana is the epitome of a disgruntled worker.  Mickie James is someone whose spotlight is fading by the second.

Emma's music plays and she makes her way to the ring. 

She tells everyone you can put the spotlight where it belongs because Emma is back.  Emma says she is ready for her rightful place at the top of the women's division.  

Alexa tells Nia they are proving her point.  They are stealing her spotlight.

Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring.

She tells Alexa she has it all twisted.  To be a champion, you need to prove you are the best day in and day out.  You have a ring full of women ready to throw it down.  All you want to do is come out and yap your mouth.  Sasha says that she will show Alexa how a boss throws a party.

We go to commercial with all six women brawling.  What will happen next?

Match Number Four:  Alexa Bliss, Emma, and Nia Jax versus Mickie James, Dana Brooke, and Sasha Banks

The match is joined in progress and Alexa with a reverse chin lock on Dana.  Alexa returns to the reverse chin lock.  Dana with elbows but Alexa sends Dana to the mat by the hair.  Alexa chokes Dana in the ropes.  Alexa kicks Dana and chokes her in the corner.  Emma tags in and she kicks Dana.  Emma with a butterfly suplex for a near fall.  Emma with a drop kick and she gets another near fall.  Emma punches her former BFF and applies a reverse chin lock.  Dana with elbows but Emma with a forearm to the back.

Emma with an Irish whip but she runs into a boot in the corner.  Emma kicks Dana in the midsection and Emma knocks Mickie off the apron.  Emma misses a kick and Sasha tags in.  Sasha with clotheslines followed by a drop kick.  Sasha blocks a kick and kicks Emma.  Sasha sends Emma into Nia.  Emma avoids a lungblower and then Emma with an elbow.  Emma tries to make the tag and Alexa leaves.

Nia breaks up a cover and Mickie with a chin lock and thrust kick.  Mickie moves and Nia goes to the floor.  Mickie with a Thesz Press.  Emma with a rollup but Sasha counters into the Banks Statement and Emma taps out.

Winners:  Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Finn Balor video package.  Finn says if you don't believe in yourself, nobody is going to.  Feeling the love from the fans is a humbling experience.  

Corey Graves had a chance to talk to Bayley.

Corey asks Bayley what happened at Extreme Rules.  Bayley says that match is to inflict pain.  She says she has never been in a match or situation like that.  She is not here to put bruises on people's backs, she is here to put smiles on people's faces.  Corey asks how will that attitude help in the ring?  Bayley says she will not defeat people with hugs, but she did not get here being someone she is not.  When she goes through the curtain, they see 100% Bayley.  She is not going to change who she is for a match.  She will do what is best for herself.

Corey asks what does the future hold for Bayley.  Bayley says everyone has been asking her.  Since she started training 9 years ago, she wrote down on her first day she wanted to be the best.  That has not changed.  A loss does not change her mindset or her legacy.  She wants to regain the Women's Title.  She wants to walk back into Wrestlemania as the Raw Women's Champion.  They are in Louisiana, where Wrestlemania is next year.  She wants everyone to know that they can do it on their own terms.

Bayley asks to end this interview on a hug and Corey is not very excited for the hug.

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