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By Matthew Macklin on 2017-06-09 13:30:00 launched last week which gives you access to the entire back catalogue of one of Europes hottest promotions, with features an atmosphere like no other. Featured are the likes of Pete Dunne, Marty Scurll, Tyler Bate, Will Ospreay, Matt Riddle, Ryan Smile, Trent Seven, Mark Andrews, Chris Hero, Donovan Dijak, Jeff Cobb, Ricochet, War Machine, Tommy End, Kyle O'Reilly and many more international stars as well as Ireland's top talent such as The Kings of the North, Session Moth Martina, Jordan Devlin, Luther Ward, Justin Shape and The Lads From The Flats.  

This past weekends show, Outer Space Odyssey 3: Stranger Things Have Happened has just been added.

The preview video for the event featuring British Strong Style, Mark Haskins vs Sami Callihan, Jordan Devlin vs Moose and Ryan Smile defending the NLW Championship against Matt Riddle:


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