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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-06-06 21:58:00

We are back and John Cena will be back on Smackdown on July 4th.

The Singh brothers introduce Jinder Mahal.

Match Number Three:  Jinder Mahal (with the Singhs) versus Mojo Rawley in a Non Title Match, but if Mojo wins, he is in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

They lock up and Mahal misses a punch on the break and Mojo with punches and he sends Mahal into the turnbuckles.  Mojo with a hip toss and Mahal rolls to the apron.  Mahal returns to the ring and he kicks and punches Mojo.  Mahal with more punches.  Mojo with a flying shoulder tackle and Mojo rolls to the floor again.  The Singhs talk to Mahal and Mahal yells at them.  Mojo with a pounce but the Singhs distract Mojo and Mahal with a boot to stop him.  Mahal with kicks to Mojo.

Mahal with a short arm clothesline.  Mahal with a reverse chin lock.  Mojo with a belly-to-back suplex.  Mahal misses a splash and Mojo with running shoulder tackles and a clothesline.  Mojo with a Stinger Splash and he gets Mahal on his shoulders but Mahal with a rake of the eyes and he sends Mojo shoulder first into the ring post followed by a Cobra Clutch Slam for the three count.

Winner:  Jinder Mahal

After the match, Jinder takes the mic and he demands silence when he speaks.  He reminds everyone that he is the WWE Champion.  Mahal says he just broke the dream of Mojo Rawley just like he will dismantle the dreams of Randy Orton thinking he can win the WWE Title in his home town.  Mahal says Randy Orton is sick and anyone who supports him is sick.  Mahal says he is your antidote.  He is your medicine.  Once he cures the WWE Universe of Randy Orton, you will have no choice but to accept him as your Modern Day Maharaja. 

Jinder address people in Punjabi.

We have a Shinsuke Nakamura video package.  

The New Day walk in the back and they take some food from someone in the back and then Big E eats some paper.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Randy Orton is asked about Jinder Mahal's comments.

Randy says after Smackdown, he had the honor of getting a few calls from legends like his father, Ric Flair, and Harley Race.  They said let Jinder run his mouth all he wants because actions speak louder than words.  In his home town, he will not have to say one word and Jinder Mahal will hear him just fine.

Match Number Four:  Epico and Primo versus Big E and Xavier Woods (with Kofi Kingston)

Primo and Woods start things off and Primo with a chop.  Woods floats over and he hits a head scissors take down.  Woods sends Primo into the ropes and Woods with a hesitation drop kick to the back for a near fall.  Primo with a knee and Epico tags in and he punches Woods and connects with an elbow to the back of the neck.  Woods with a forearm and he tags in Big E.  Big E with a shoulder into the corner followed by a clothesline for a near fall.  Big E with an abdominal stretch and it is time for some butt bongo action, but first Woods puts Primo in an abdominal stretch and it is a duet.  Woods gets his trombone as we go to split screen as the Colons go to the floor.

Big E with a forearm to Epico's back while Woods takes care of Primo.  Big E runs Epico into the ringside barrier.  Woods tags in and Big E drops him onto Epico for a near fall.  Woods with a punch and chops.  Woods is sent into the ropes and Primo kicks him on the floor.  Primo tags in and he rakes the eyes with his boot.  Primo chops Woods and sends him back into the ring.  Primo punches Woods and we go back to full screen.

Woods sends Primo into the turnbuckles but Primo with an Irish whip and clothesline in the corner.  Primo puts Woods on the turnbuckles and punches him.  Woods punches Primo and knocks him off the turnbuckles with a head butt.  Woods with a missile drop kick and both men are down.  Big E tags in and hits two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes to Epico and follows with a belly-to-belly suplex.  Big E with a Sexy Party and then he hits a Warrior Splash.  Big E sends Primo over the top rope to the floor and Woods with a plancha.  Epico with a rolup for a near fall.  Epico with a jaw breaker but Woods tags in and Woods with an enzuigiri and then Woods and Big E hit Midnight Hour for the three count.

Winners:  Big E and Xavier Woods

After the match, The Usos come out and Jimmy says they were impressed.  Jimmy and Jey tell them to keep doing what they are doing because they have the tag team division on lock down.  Jimmy says they are not always serious.  Jimmy comments on Kofi's outfit.   Jimmy asks if Big E is his bra size.  They say at Money in the Bank there won't be any more laughter.

Kevin Owens is getting ready for his match against Shinsuke Nakamura. 

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sami Zayn is in the interview area.  He is asked about his preparation for the Money in the Bank match.  Sami says he has been watching a lot of matches involving his opponents to find out their weaknesses.  He has not been able to figure out Shinsuke Nakamura so he will be on commentary for this match.  He says Shinsuke's charsima is what makes it hard to forget how hard his strikes are.  This oppotunity is too big and too important.

Baron Corbin stops by and he takes the mic and he has a question for Sami.  Corbin punches Sami instead and then he hits Sami with a small ladder.  Corbin picks up Sami and he tells Sami that Nakamura isn't who Sami should be worrying about.  Corbin sends Sami into more ladders that are very convenient.  Corbin says a spot just opened up on commentary.

Shane McMahon is on the phone and he is telling the person on the phone that Sami got beaten up by Baron Corbin.

Naomi enters and she wants a match against Lana at Money in the Bank.

Shane tells Naomi that she does not have to do it.

Naomi says she wants it and she will put her title on the line.  

Shane gives Naomi the match.

Since Sami Zayn is otherwise indisposed, Baron Corbin takes Sami's spot on commentary for the main event.

Match Number Five:  Kevin Owens versus Shinsuke Nakamura in a Non Title Match

Nakamura goes for a kick but Owens avoids it.  Nakamura with a kick to the leg.  Owens with a wrist lock and take down.  Nakamura with a reversal but Owens gets away.  Nakamura tells Owens to bring it and Nakamura with a kick and forearm.  Owens goes to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Owens with a kick to Nakamura's back.  Owens with a boot to the head.  Owens punches Nakamura and kicks him in the chest.  Owens gets a near fall.  Owens with a reverse chin lock.  We see footage from the commercial break when Owens dropped Nakamura onto the apron and then giving Nakamura a fallaway slam into the ringside barrier.  Nakamura with elbows but Owens with a DDT and he gets a near fall.  Owens with a reverse chin lock.  Nakamura with an elbow and forearm.  Owens with a forearm.  They go back and forth but Owens gets Nakamura on his shoulders but Nakamura gets to his feet.  Nakamura with a flying boot and then he connects with a series of boots and a kick to the chest.

Nakamura with an Irish whip and knee into the corner.  Nakamura puts Owens on the turnbuckles and hits a running knee for a near fall.  Owens with elbows to block the reverse exploder.  Owens with a head butt and clothesline into the corner.  Owens puts Nakamura on the turnbuckles and then he sets for a superplex.  Nakamura with punches and a double sledge to knock Owens to the mat.  Owens pulls Nakamura off the turnbuckles and Owens follows with a cannonball for a near fall.  Owens sets for the pop up power bomb but Nakamura holds on to the ropes.  Nakamura with a round kick and a reverse exploder.  Nakamura with Kinshasa for the three count.

Winner:  Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, Baron Corbin gets up from the announce table and hits End of Days on Nakamura.

We go to credits.

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