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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-05 12:37:00

Bill Eadie, who over the course of his career, wrestled as The Masked Superstar, Demolition Ax and Geto Mongol, 69, wrestled what was announced as the final match of his career on Saturday 6/3 for the IWWA in Parkersburg, West Virginia.  Eadie was inducted into the IWWA Wrestling HOF, by his good friend, Mr. Jim Cornette.  Eadie's final match featuring Demolition Ax, Bulldozer and The Nightmare facing Tony Atlas and IWWA Tag Team Champions Adam Parsons & Brad Thomas (Ricky Morton trainees).  

Jon Dean sent the following recap of the match.....Ax was technically the heel but still got the biggest pop of the night when he was introduced. Midway thru the match, Demoliton Ax and Bulldozer had a “difference of opinions” on who should be taking charge and lead the team. The fans were waiting for the matcup between Ax & Tony Atlas. Tony was winning the test of strength, but after a stiff shot to the back, Ax got the upper hand and tagged BullDozer in. Ax told BullDozer, “That’s how it’s done, Son!” As the match went on, BullDozer kept antagonizing Ax, then BullDozer finally shoved Ax. As BullDozer was getting the upper hand on Adam Parsons, Ax’s good friend, Jim Cornette, ran over to ringside from the commentary table, and threw him the famous Tennis Racket. The next sound you heard was Ax hitting the BullDozer with the racket.   The sound was like a cannon going off!  Adam Parsons pinned BullDozer for the win.  After the match, Ax helped the BullDozer up, and gave him one more final shot with the Tennis Racket.  Even though Bill lost in his final match, he sent the fans home with a BANG.   It was fitting that his last wrestling Match was in the state where he earned his college degree (WVU).  Much respect to Bill Eadie. Happy Retirement Bill!

Andrew McRae sent the following....Saturday night a six man tag team match was held between the two promotions that have shows in Battle Arts Academy, Battle Arts Professional Wrestling ( and Destiny World Wrestling ( with the stipulation being that if Destiny won, Anthony Carelli aka Santino Marella would have to come out of retirement and make his in-ring return on a future Destiny show.  Well, Destiny won the match, so looks like Santino will wrestle once again. 

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