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By Mike Johnson on 2017-05-19 23:15:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of House of Hardcore 26 tonight from the Sports Arena in St. James, Long Island!

Papadon vs. Little Guido Maritato

This is the House of Hardcore debut for Papadon.  Big reaction for Guido when he came out.

Papadon was bewildered by Guido's early offense and snapped over with a spinning head scissors.  Guido went for the Tomakaze but Papadon escaped and drilled Guido with some hard shots and chops.  He whipped Guido hard into the turnbuckles.   Guido was backdropped over for a two count.   He went for a suplex but Guido blocked and used a small package for a two count.   They went back and forth with some good action until Guido nailed the Tomakaze for the pin.  Really good opener.

Your winner, Little Guido!!

TJ Marconi vs. Matt Striker

Marconi used his strength and girth early to keep Striker at bay.  He slammed Striker and choked him against the ropes.   Marconi's second DG Haven, choked Striker against the ropes.   Marconi kept working over Striker and scored several two counts.   Marconi missed an elbow off the ropes when Striker rolled out of the way.  He went after Striker but was caught with a jawbreaker  Striker scored with a series of rights and a flying forearm. 

Striker went to come off the ropes but was caught for a chokeslam.  He slipped out of the way.  Marconi charged but hit the buckles.   Striker rebounded off the ropes but was caught for a slam, only to turn that attempt into a small package and score the pin.

Your winner, Matt Striker!

Solid match.

Lance Anoa'i vs. Alex Reynolds with Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Maria Manic

Reynolds was caught early with several chops.  He was sent into the corner but went up and over and cut off Lance with a kick.  Reynolds controlled Lance but was nailed with a dropkick.   Lance nailed a splash for a two count.   Lance measured and drilled Reynolds with chops and clotheslined him over the top to the floor.  Lance nailed a tope through the ropes to the floor.

Reynolds was tossed into the ring but nailed Lance and shoved him to the floor.  Reynolds teased a dive but stopped and flipped off the crowd instead.   Reynolds came off the ropes with a two count.   Lance made a comeback and peppered Reynolds in the corner.   Reynolds nailed a big running knee into the corner and scored  a two count.  Reynolds distracted the referee, setting up Friedman to choke Lance against the ropes.

Reynolds ripped at Lance's face.  Lance tried to fire back with bodyshots but was drilled with a knee.  Lance was sent into the ropes but was hit with a leaping knee that looked great.  Lance avoided a charge in the corner and nailed several tackles and a Stinger splash.  He nailed a head scissors into the corner and nailed a running hip attack for a two count.

Alex locked on a cobra clutch but was snapmared over and hit with a Samoan Drop.   Lance nailed a standing moonsault for a two count.   Lance went for a superkick but was caught and nailed with a great forearm for a two count.   Reynolds sat down during a sunset flip attempt and grabbed the ropes.  The referee kicked the ropes and Lance scored a two count.  Lance drilled Reynolds and hit a Coast to Coast for a two count. 

Lance went to the top for a splash but was shoved off by Friedman.   Reynolds went for a move but was caught and drilled with a superkick.  Friedman got on the apron and was drilled with a superkick as well.  Reynolds kicked Lance and caught him with a submission for the win.

Your winner, Alex Reynolds!

Really good match.  Reynolds was ON.  You can see him get more aggressive and that's brought out a new dimension in his work.  It also allowed Lance to be a better babyface.  Lance looked very good as well.

Moose vs. Dan Maff.

Moose had the Impact Grand championship.

Maff left the ring to verbally taunt fans and stall for time.  They went back and forth with some power spots  Moose was shoulderblocked down but jumped right back to his feet and dropkicked Maff to the outside.   Maff and Moose brawled around ringside.   Moose hit a big running kick against the rails.  When they returned to the ring, Maff drilled him with chops.  Moose fired back.  Maff gained control and scored a two count.  Moose came back and nailed a moonsault for a two count.  Maff cut off Moose and nailed a back senton splash.   Maff nailed a German suplex but Moose rolled through and nailed a spear.   Moose finally nailed the discus clothesline for the pin.

Your winner, Moose!

Good, hard hitting match.  Maff still has it.   He and Moose had nice chemistry in the ring.

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