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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-05-02 21:57:00

We see Jinder Mahal having a photo session with the WWE Title belt, but Shane McMahon shows up.  Shane tells Jinder that titles are earned around here so it is not Jinder's.  Jinder says not yet.  When he wins the title, the Maharajah will bring pride and honor to the brand and Shane's family.  Shane tells Jinder he better worry about his opponent tonight and it is Sami Zayn.

We are in Fresno, California and your announcers are Tom Phillips, John Layfield, and Byron Saxton.

Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring and he does the Shane-O Shuffle on the way.

Shane says since everyone is fired up, he introduces the newest member of Smackdown, the United States Champion, Chris Jericho.  Chris makes his way to the ring.

Chris says this is a special night because he is giving everyone what they want.  He will give everyone what they need.  This is the new Show of Jericho . . . Smack it down, man.  

Shane says everyone is thrilled that he is on Smackdown.  There is a locker room full of people for dream matches.  Shane tells Chris that he will be defending the United States Title against his nemesis tonight . . . Kevin Owens.

AJ Styles makes his way to the stage. 

AJ comments on his old friend turned bitter enemy.  AJ says things have changed since they were on the same show.  AJ tells Chris that he is standing in the House that AJ Styles Built.  AJ says he does not forget about the past.  He brings up the Y2AJ shirts and then he says it would mean nothing more to him than to take the title from Jericho at Backlash, if Jericho is still the champion.

Chris asks AJ if he saw Kevin tap out to the Walls of Jericho.  He says there is a new Face of America and Chris Jericho be that name.  Chris asks AJ if he knows what happens when you think he cannot beat Kevin Owens tonight?  Does AJ know what happens when you don't think he will retain the United States Title?

We will not find out because Kevin Owens' music plays and he comes out to the stage.

Kevin says this is the most pathetic thing he has seen in his career.  Shane McMahon, Chris Jericho, and AJ Styles arguing about things that don't matter.  All that matters is tonight and he gets his rematch where he will take back what is his, the United States Championship.  He asks Chris if he thought the Festival of Friendship was bad, did you think Wrestlemania was bad?  Wait until tonight.  Kevin tells AJ to get out of his ring because he does not belong in it.

AJ leaves the ring and he attacks Owens.  Chris wants it to continue while officials and Shane McMahon try to separate them.

Jinder Mahal and the Singhs walk in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that AJ Styles is banned from ringside for the US Title Match.

We take a look back at what happened last week on Talking Smack when Baron Corbin attacked Sami Zayn and got suspended for a week.

Match Number One:  Sami Zayn versus Jinder Mahal (with The Singh Brothers)

They lock up and Mahal with a wrist lock.  Zayn with a reversal into a wrist lock.  Zayn with a hammer lock but Mahal with an elbow and kick.  Zayn leaps over Mahal and hits a head scissors.  Mahal with punches and he sends Zayn over the top rope to the apron but Zayn with a kick and he flips over Mahal to get back into the ring and then he hits a drop kick.  Mahal goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mahal gets a near fall.  Mahal with elbows to the head and we see Zayn getting knocked off the apron into the ringside barrier during the commercial break.  Zayn with punches but Mahal with a tilt-a-whirl slam for a near fall.  Mahal with a series of knees and he chokes Zayn.  Mahal with a back elbow for a near fall.  Mahal with a back elbow or two followed by a short arm clothesline.  Mahal with a chin lock.  Mahal sets for a superplex but Zayn blocks it and he punches Mahal and knocks him off the turnbuckles.  Zayn comes off the turnbuckles but Mahal moves and Zayn lands on his feet.  Mahal with a Harley Race knee for a near fall.  

Zayn with clotheslines and then he hits an elbow and goes to the turnbuckles and kicks Mahal and hits a double jump cross body for a near fall.  Zayn gets distracted by one of the Singh brothers and Mahal with an inside cradle for a near fall but Zayn reverses and gets a near fall.  Mahal blocks the Blue Thunder Bomb but he hits a tornado DDT after running the ropes with a wrist lock.  

Zayn sets for the Helluva Kick but Mahal is pulled to the floor.  Zayn is tripped by the other Singh and Mahal hits the Cobra Clutch Slam and gets the three count.

Winner:  Jinder Mahal

Becky Lynch walks in the back and she sees James Ellsworth, Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina.

Natalya says they are here to protect Becky from Charlotte.  Natalya reminds Becky she was the first woman drafted to Smackdown.  Becky should be getting title matches instead of Charlotte.  Carmella says they will watch Becky's back.  Natalya wants her to join them and they can make this their women's division.

Becky things about it as they walk away.

Tye Dillinger walks in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and we see Doph Ziggler in the back and he comments on how Nakamura isn't here tonight and he hasn't even proven himself on Smackdown.  Dolph says Shane and Daniel have built a whole pay per view around him.  Dolph says it is ridiculous without realizing Shane was standing behind him the whole time.

Shane says his name is Shinsuke Nakamura and he introduced himself to you last week.

Dolph says he was impressed with Shinsuke's entrance.  He will show Shane how to impress people when he faces Sin Cara tonight.

Aiden English is in the ring and he says the spotlight is finally on him as he sings.  He says the maestro of mayhem, the Picasso of Pain, the Rembrandt of Rage, and the Drama King.

The rest of Aiden's introduction by himself is interrupted by Tye Dillinger's entrance.

Match Number Two:  Aiden English versus Tye Dillinger

English hits Dillinger from behind and then he punches Dillinger.  He tells Tye that nobody interrupts the Artiste.  Dillinger with a flying forearm and kicks followed by a clothesline and another kick.  Dillinger with more kicks in the corner.  Tye hits the Tye Breaker Version 2.0 for the three count.

Winner:  Tye Dillinger

After the match, English appears to freak out at the thought of losing his match to Tye Dillinger.

We go to commercial.

Chris Jericho is walking in the back and he is asked by Renee Young about his match against Kevin Owens.  Chris tells Ronnie to . . . 

He sees Aiden English and he wants to know why he is crying and there is no crying on Smackdown.  He talks about all that is positive about Aiden.  Chris asks Aiden if he knows what happens when you cry on his show.  Chris tells Aiden he made the list, and Aiden cries more.  Chris puts Ronnie/Renee on the list too.

We take a look back at the end of the match between Charlotte and Naomi last week and the post match attack.

Charlotte is in the interview area and she is asked about what happened last week.  Charlotte says they stopped the inevitable last week.  She may be tagging with Naomi tonight, but the Smackdown Women's title is her destiny.

Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina appear in the interview area and they attack Charlotte and send her into storage cases.

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