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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-04-24 23:05:00

This week's show starts off with a recap of Braun Strowman's night on last week's Raw where he threw Kalisto away and then destroyed the ring and referee in the main event.

We are in Kansas City, Missouri and your announcers are Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves.

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring.

Chris welcomes everyone to a monumental Highlight Reel because it will be the final Highlight Reel on Raw.  Chris says he will beat Kevin Owens on Sunday and become the United States Champion and then he will go to Smackdown.  Whether it is Smackdown, Raw, or Southpaw Regional Wrestling, the people have always been behind him.  You are his pals . . . his buddies.  You are the pals of Jericho, cheer him on man.

Chris says he needed a huge, charismatic guest and that would be him.  Chris says he will get his payback on Sunday against Kevin Owens because Kevin betrayed him at the Festival of Friendship and then beat him for the United States Title at Wrestlemania.  Now Kevin is on Smackdown and he says he is the Face of America.   Chris says that does not fit.  What about the hemorrhoid of America.  

Miz interrupts, after the second cue, and he is joined by his wife Maryse.

Miz says that Raw is no longer Jericho.  It hasn't been since they arrived.  Miz says Monday Night Raw is all about the IT Couple.  

Chris says they better watch . . . IT couple.

Miz says that was adorable.  Everyone watching needs to know that the Highlight Reel has been cancelled.  It will be replaced with MizTV.  Miz tells the little people to change the scenery. 

Jericho does not initially move so his carpet can be removed.  

Miz asks if we are ready for MizTV to start, but before it can start Dean Ambrose's music interrupts and he makes his way to the ring.

Dean tells Chris that Miz is a stupid idiot.  

Miz says Chris never said that, but Chris says he was thinking about it.

Dean says you cannot change talk shows.  Dean signals for something and the Ambrose Asylum is back and the potted plant is replaced with a gift box.

Dean tells Chris he will be rooting for him on Sunday, even if that means he has to go to Smackdown.  He says they have gone to war together and they have fought like cats and dogs, he is all about the healing power.  Dean mentions that Chris destroyed his potted plant but Dean reminds Chris about destroying the jacket.  Chris reminds Dean he still owes him $15,000.  Dean says he has a gift for Chris and it is a jacket with Christmas lights on it.  

Dean tells Chris to try it on, but Miz stops him.  

Miz says it looks hideous but Jericho puts it on.  Miz says that is a quality of an Intercontinental Champion who is a slacker and devalues the title.  Everyone should be thankful that he is on Raw.  They should be thankful that Miz is here to take care of the mediocrity that is Dean and Chris.  Miz says that people should be giving him gifts.

Dean says he has a gift for Miz and then Dean kicks Miz and hits a double underhook DDT.

Chris asks Maryse if she knows what happens when you are married to the Miz.  He asks if she knows what happens when you are married to a stupid idiot.   He tells Maryse that she made the list.

The Hardys walk in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number One:  Matt Hardy (with Jeff Hardy) versus Sheamus (with Cesaro)

They lock up and Matt with a rollup for a near fall.  Matt with a waist lock but Sheamus with an elbow and side head lock.  Matt with forearms to the ribs but Sheamus with a shoulder tackle.  Sheamus blocks a hip toss and then Matt does the same.  Matt with a swinging neck breaker followed by a series of leg drops.  Matt gets a near fall.  Matt with a side head lock.  Matt escapes a slam attempt but Sheamus wtih a boot.  Sheamus is sent to the apron and Sheamus sets for the forearms across the chest but Matt with elbows and forearms.  Sheamus gets Matt on his shoulders on the apron but Matt gets to his feet and Matt with a Side Effect onto the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus with a side head lock.  We see footage during the commercial break when Sheamus pulled Matt off the turnbuckles and Matt landed hard on his back.  Back to live action and Sheamus with forearms across the chest and then he sends Matt off the top rope back to the mat.  Sheamus comes off the turnbuckles with a forearm and he gets a near fall.  Sheamus sets for an Air Raid Crash but Matt escapes.  Matt moves when Sheamus charges into the corner and Sheamus hits the ring post.  Matt with a tornado DDT but Matt cannot take advantage.

Matt with forearms and then he sends Sheamus into the turnbuckles.  Matt with a clothesline into the corner and then he hits a bulldog.  Matt goes to the turnbuckles for the elbow drop and he gets a near fall.  Matt sets for the Twist of Fate but Sheamus blocks the boot and Sheamus with a knee to the head and Matt goes to the floor.  Sheamus goes to the apron and he goes for a clothesline off the apron.  Matt with a kick and Sheamus hits a Finlay Slam.  Sheamus pushes Jeff away and Sheamus sends Matt back into the ring.

Jeff gets on the apron and Cesaro pulls Jeff off the apron.  Matt with a kick and Twist of Fate for the three count.

Winner:  Matt Hardy

After the match, Cesaro has some words for Jeff.  Cesaro asks Sheamus if he saw what happened.  Sheamus tells Cesaro to calm down.  Sheamus offers his hand to Matt.  Cesaro has calmed down and he offers his hand too.   Matt and Jeff shake hands and Sheamus raises Matt's hand and then Cesaro does the same to Jeff.

Kurt Angle is on the phone and he is talking about the Dumpster Match.  Kurt says he will talk to Kalisto to see if he still wants to go through with the match.

Miz and Maryse hang up the phone and Miz says it is unacceptable that he had to wait two minutes outside.  Miz says it bothered him that Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho interrupted MizTv.  He wants to know what Kurt is going to do about it.

Kurt tells Miz that we settle things in the ring and he can find a partner or a co-star because he will be facing Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose. 

Miz storms off and Maryse yells at Angle in French and Kurt tells her 'right back at you'.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  Neville and TJ Perkins versus Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries

Gallagher and Aries discuss strategy before entering the ring and they charge after Perkins and Neville.  Gallagher with a European uppercut to Perkins.  Perkins and Neville hold on to the ropes to stop Aries and Gallagher but Gallagher and Aries send Perkins and Neville to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Perkins with a drop kick to Gallagher's back for a near fall.  Neville tags in and he kicks Gallagher and follows with a snap mare and reverse chin lock.  Neville tries to send Gallagher into the turnbuckles but Gallagher blocks it and he sends Neville into the turnbuckles.  Neville is sent towards Gallagher and Gallagher with a drop toe hold and then Gallagher sends Perkins into Neville.  Aries tags in and connects with elbows and chops to Neville and Perkins.  Aries with a gutbuster followed by a pendulum elbow.  Aries with a slingshot senton to Neville and then Aries goes for a suicide dive but Perkins goes to the apron.  Neville is back dropped to the floor and Aries with a neck breaker in the ropes.  Aries with a suicide dive and then he gets a near fall on Perkins and applies the Last Chancery. 

Neville breaks up the hold and Gallagher with forearms to Neville followed by a head butt to the midsection and a European uppercut.  Neville with kicks but Gallagher with a head butt to Neville.  Gallagher blocks a kick from Perkins and Aries with a forearm followed by the discus five arm for the three count.

Winners:  Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher

We go to commercial.

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