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By Stuart Carapola on 2017-04-02 17:00:00

It's time for the Raw Tag Team Title Ladder match, but the New Day comes out to inform us that this is now a Fatal Four Way, and there is one more team to be involved in this match.  Kofi wonders who that could possibly be...and it's the Hardys!  WOW!

Raw Tag Team Title Match: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs Sheamus & Cesaro vs Enzo & Big Cass vs Matt & Jeff Hardy

Well, damn!  The Hardys are not in BROKEN gimmick tonight, in case you were wondering.  A brawl breaks out at the start, and the Hardys hit Poetry In Motion on both Gallows and Anderson.  Then they take out Enzo and Cass, and now they go at it with Cesaro and Sheamus, with Jeff taking both of them out with the Whisper In The Wind.  The fans are going NUTS chanting DELETE DELETE DELETE at the Hardys, and Matt runs around taking everyone out with a ladder while the fans chant "welcome back" at the Hardys.  The Hardys set up a ladder and Leff quickly tries to climb, but Gallows and Anderson knock him off and then take Matt out with a ladder.  Anderson climbs the ladder, but Sheamus takes Gallows out while Cesaro knocks Anderson off and ito the clutches of Sheamus, who hits a Finlay Roll and then Cesaro hits a double stomp off the ladder.  Cass and Enzo clear Cesaro out, but the Hardys are back in...and eating big boots from Cass.  The fans are like 1000% behind the Hardys as Cass and Enzo toss a few more ladders into the ring, but the Hardys pull them back out the other side, and they end up getting sandwiched between the ladders by Cass and Gallows, then Cass throws Enzo onto Gallows.  Sheamus hammers on Gallows while Cesaro hits the big swing on Anderson, and this goes on for like thirty seconds before Cesaro catapults Anderson into Sheamus, who powerslams him, then Cesaro hits Gallows with a Swiss19.  Cesaro and Sheamus go to the floor, and Cass tosses Enzo onto them again, then Jeff boots Cass to the floor, then Sheamus Brogue Kicks Jeff to the floor.  The fans chant for Brother Nero as Sheamus sets up a ladder and tries to climb, Gallows comes back in and fights with Sheamus on top of the ladder, and Enzo shoves the ladder over and takes both men out.  Now Enzo sets up a ladder and starts to climb, Cass puts Enzo on his shoulders and climbs up, but Gallows and Sheamus grab Cass and powerbomb him into another ladder, then superkick and Brogie kick him until he's down, then Gallows and Sheamus both go over the top rope together.  Anderso runs in and fights with Enzo on top of the ladder, Enzo fights Anderson  and then dives onto Cesaro, but flies right into a European uppercut.  Sheamus and Cesaro go for a T Gimmick on Anderson, but Gallows breaks it up, and they hit their finish on Cesaro.  Matt is in and hits Gallows with a Twist of Fate, Anderson quickly tries to climb, and Matt follows him up and they fight on top of the ladder as the fans chant DELETE at them.  Matt hits a Twist of Fate off the ladder on Anderson and Jeff goes up another ladder and hits a Swanton onto Sheamus and Cesaro on another pair of ladders.  Matt climbs up and claims the title belts, and we have new Raw Tag Team Champions!

Winners and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions: Matt & Jeff Hardy

Well, they weren't BROKEN, but they're back, and they're the Raw Tag Team Champions, and the camera cuts away before they start doing DELETE, though we hear the fans chanting it.  Awesome surprise!

What's left of Al Roker does introductions for our next match...

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz & Maryse

Nikki and Maryse start us off, but Maryse tags out before making contact, so Miz and Cena come in.  Miz evades locking up with Cena and bails out to the floor, then comes in, takes Cena down, and puts the boots to him.  Miz stops to yell at the fans, then chokes Cena on the ropes.  He backs off and Maryse takes a cheap shot at Cena while Nikki broods in her corner.  Miz with the corner clothesline and then a double axhandle off the top for 2.  Miz with a running boot to the face, then he again stops to play to the crowd, but takes too long and gives Cena a chance to dodge a corner charge.  Cena gets a hot tag, but the ref doesn't see it and puts Nikki back in the corner as Miz puts Cena down with a DDT for 2.  Cena finally knocks Miz to  the floor and makes the hot tag, and we're off with the ladies!  Nikki takes Maryse down and hammers her with right hands, Maryse goes to the floor with Miz and Nikki takes Miz out with a dive, then throws Maryse back into the ring and turns her inside out with a right hand.  Cena with a Blue Thunder Bomb to Miz, and now Cena and Nikki do You Can't See Me and a Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Double AA to Miz and Maryse, and that's all she wrote.

Winners: John Cena & Nikki Bella

Pretty much what we would have expected.  Cena gets a mic after the match and Nikki tries not to smile as we all know what's coming next.  Cena tells her that this is what she wanted, she broke her neck and did everything she could to come back because she has a Wrestlemania moment.  Cena remembers before she went into surgery that she would be a little loopy and they could talk about whatever they wanted, and she would never remember what they talked about  She asked him for over a year what that was, and he said he'd tell her when the time was right.  Cena says the time is right, because right as they were wheeling her into the ER, and at the last second, she asked her if she could hear him.  She said yes, and he had only one question, and he asked her if she knew that one day he would marry her.  She said yes, and Cena just needs her to say yes one more time.  Cena gets on one knee and takes the ring out of his pocket, and it's a big one!  Cena has been waiting for so long to ask her this: Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, will you marry me?  Of course she says yes, and he puts the ring on her finger, and they kiss and hug as we get our first ever in-ring engagement in Wrestlemania history.  They go hug and kiss their mothers, who are sitting at ringside, and walk to the back together hand in hand.

Non-Sanctioned Match: Triple H vs Seth Rollins

Triple H gets his usual awesome entrance, this time on a motorcycle with leather-clad Stephanie on a Triple H motorcycle with a police escort.  Rollins makes his entrance, the bell rings, and we're off: they trade right hands right off the bell, and Rollins knocks Triple H to the floor with a dropkick.  Rollins goes out after him and hits a clothesline that sends both men over the barricade and into the crowd.  Triple H charges and gets backdropped to the ringside area, then Rollins springboards off the barricade with a clothesline to Triple H.  Rolins springboards back in, but Triple H grabs the leg on the way down, and Rollins hits him with an enziguiri.  Rollins hits a dive through the ropes, then another.  Back out to the floor, and Seth goes for a Pedigree on the announce table, but Triple H hits the knee and then a DDT onto the table.  Triple H gets a chair and wallops Seth's knee with it, then does it again a second time.  Back into the ring, and Triple H gets Rollins in a leglock.  Rollins fights back and gives Triple H a Flatliner into the middle turnbuckle, but then he goes up and Triple H nails him and goes for a superplex.  Rollins fights him off and goes for a sunset bomb, but he blows his knee out coming down.  Triple H drags Seth up and unloads with right hands in the corner, but Rollins picks him up for a running powerbomb...and his knee goes out.  Triple H goes for a Pedigree, Seth slips out and goes for his own, but lets it go and hits a Buckle Bomb instead.  Seth knocks Triple H to the floor, goes to the top rope, hits a dive, but hurts his knee on the landing.  Rollins rams Triple H from one ringpost to another, then throws a bunch of chairs in the ring, dumps Triple H back into the ring, and hits a frogsplash for 2.  Rollins comes after Triple H with a chair, but Triple H kicks his knee out from under him and then hits a spinebuster.  Triple H puts Seth's leg in a chair and Pillmanizes his knee, then he goes to the top, but Rollins throws a chair in Triple H's face and hits a superplex, rolls through, and hits a falcon arrow suplex for 2.  Seth goes up to the top, but Stephanie distracts him and Triple H takes Rollins down and gets him in an inverted figure four.  Rollins gets out and gets the Border City Stretch on Triple H, but Triple H punches the knee until Rollins releases the hold and rolls out to the floor.  Triple H comes right out and nails Seth's knee with a chair, then puts him back in the inverted figure four on the floor.  Rollins pulls a bunch of stuff out from under the ring and inadvertently tosses the sledgehammer to Triple H.  Triple H releases the hold and gets the hammer, chases Rollins into the ring, and Rollins fires off right hands and they end up trading punches until Triple H turns Rollins inside out with a clothesline.  Triple H gets the sledgehammer again, but Rollins hits a leaping enziguiri and lays Triple H out.  Seth has the sledgehammer, but Stephanie grabs it out of his hand, setting Triple H to slip in, nail Seth, and hit the Pedigree.  Triple H covers, but Rollins is barely out at 2.  Triple H pulls Rollins to the top rope for a super Pedigree, but Rollins backdrops Triple H and hits a Phoenix Splash for 2.  Rollins goes for a Pedigree, Triple H gets out, reverses to an attempt of his own, Seth blocks and tries his own, Triple H backdrops, Rollinns lands hard on his bad knee, Triple H goes for another, Rollins gets out and tries one of his own, and Triple H goes back to the bad knee.  Stephanie is up on the apron and holds Rollins, but Rollins gets away and Seth superkicks Triple H into Steph, who goes off the apron and through a ringside table.  Rollins hits the Pedigree and covers Triple H for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins
Rollins is the Kingslayer!  Very good match, and the announcers play up how Rollins may never be the same after this.

Wrestlemania 33 continues on Page 4!

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