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By Stuart Carapola on 2017-04-01 22:32:00

Triple H comes out to cut an opening promo and says that tonight, NXT is home.  We hit the opening video, then we're off to our hosts: Tom Philips, Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness, and they send us to the ring for our opening match!

Sanity attacked No Way Jose earlier today at Axxess and dropped ring steps on his hand, taking him out of tonight's eight person tag.  William Regal said he will allow Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, and Ruby Riot to pick a new partner, so we end up with...

Sanity vs Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot & Kassius Ohno

Big brawl with all eight participants to start us off, then things calm down and we wind up with Nikki and Ruby starting us off.  Nikki works Ruby over pretty good and tosses her across the ring by the hair,  Ruby dodges a charge and headscissors Nikki face first into the corner.  Wolf tags in, so Ruby tags out to Ohno, who promptly knocks both Wolf and Young out with roaring elbows.  Ohno with a rolling senton for 2 on Wolf, then works over the arm with a nasty wristlock.  Young distracts Ohno and lets Wolf cheapshot him, and now Ohno is trapped in the wrong part of town.  He gets away and tags out to Strong, who cleans house on all of Sanity, hitting a Hacker Slam on Wolf and a backbreaker on Young.  Leaping enziguiri sends Dane to the floor, but he turns his back and lets Wolf get in behind and hit a half nelson suplex.  Now Dane is in and he is not happy with Strong, pounding the snot out of him.  Strong is our babyface in peril for several moments until Young misses a corner charge and Strong makes the tag to Dillinger, who goes absolutely berserk on Young, then turns his attention to Wolf and lays him out with a DDT.  Tye hits a top rope bodypress on Wolf, takes Young out with a dive to the floor, but gets blindsided by Dane.  Strong in turn blindsides Dane, Wolf nails Strong, and Ohno knocks Wolf out with an elbow, then Dane rams Ohno into the ring apron.  Ruby goes for a dive, but Nikki comes out of nowhere and lays Ruby out with a big shot.  Nikki and Ruby are brawling and roll out to the floor as Dillinger and Young come back in, and Tye unloads on Young with a series of punches, nails Wolf, backdrops Young, superkicks Dane into next week and covers for 2.  Ohno blocks a bicycle kick, hits one of his own, drills Wolf with the Deathblow, but then Young hits Ohno with a leaping neckbreaker.  Young goes for a wheelbarrow suplex on Dillinger, but Strong drills him with the Sick Kick, leaving Strong in there with Dane.  Nikki jumps on Strong's back, Ruby jumps on Dane's back, Nikki jumps off Strong and again brawls out to the floor with Ruby.  Tye is in and gets Dane up on his shoulders, Wolf comes in and superkicks Tye, and Dane hits a version of the Cradle Shock Driver for the win.

Winners: Sanity

Geez, Tye loses AGAIN?  When is this guy gonna catch a break?

Bobby Roode is backstage, intently examining his title belt, then we see Edge & Beth Phoenix sitting in the crowd and watching the show.

Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Aleister Black

Black (formerly known as Tommy End) has a pretty awesome new ring entrance.  Almas tries to hang back and play mind games with Black, then does the same after a quick mat wrestling sequence.  Black backdrops Almas to the floor, goes for a dive, but Almas moves, so Black Lionsaults backward and lands on his feet, then sits Indian style to wait for Almas.  Black unloads on Almas with some kicks when he comes back in, but Almas connects with a BIG chop and works him over in the corner.  Almas gets a hanging armbar over the ropes, but Black starts firing back with a series of kicks that drive Almas to the floor, then takes Almas out with a moonsault.  Black with a victory roll for 2, Almas unloads with some forearms and a big boot, then Almas catches him with another hanging armbar.  Black counters a missile dropkick to a powerbomb for 2, but Almas gets a modified Rings of Saturn, forcing Black to go to the ropes to force a break.  Almas misses a corner charge, Black gets a small package for 2, Almas gets a rollup for 2, Almas rocks Black with a strike, then they knock each other silly with simultaneous kicks to the skull.  Almas with a cartwheel Pelle kick for 2, followed by a bridging German suplex for 2.  Black with a boot to the face, Almas almost goes out, but Black picks him back up and hits a spinkick to the face and covers for the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

Great match!  Black looked like a real star here, great debut.

Ember Moon is backstage getting ready for her match with Asuka tonight, and while she does that, it's time for our next match...

NXT Tag Team Title Elimination Match: The Authors Of Pain vs DIY vs The Revival

William Regal unveils the new NXT Tag Team Title belts, and they are indeed much nicer looking.  They all start brawling at the bell, then DIY and the Revival take out the authors of Pain on the floor before turning their attention back to each other.  DIY with a double dropkick to the Revival, and they have Dash trapped in the ring where Gargano gets a snap dropkick for 2.  DIY with a double hiptoss to Dash, but them Akam comes in and takes both Gargano and Ciampa out with a double clothesline.  Ciampa is caught in the Authors' corner, he tries a crossbody on Razar, gets caught, slips out and drills Razar with an enziguiri, and he goes to make a tag to the Revival...who both back off and leave Ciampa hanging.  The Authors double team Ciampa, then Dawson slips in and gives Akam a DDT, then puts Ciampa on top for 2.  Now the Revival is in and they're working Akam over, Akam gets Dawson with a big shot and Dawson goes for a tag, but DIY hangs back and now leaves Dawson hanging.  Gargano blind tags in and hits the spear through the ropes on Dawson for 2.  Gargano with the rolling kick to Dash, boots Akam in the face, then Ciampa hits Akam with a running knee off the apron while Gargano hits a somersault senton on Razar.  Back in the ring where Gargano hits a slingshot DDT on Dawson for 2.  The crowd is solidly behind Gargano, who goes for a dive over the top rope onto the Authors, who catch him, throw him at Ciampa when he tries a dive through the ropes, then catch him bouncing back and throw him onto the Revival.  Insane power by those guys.  Gargano is in trouble as they come back in the ring, and Akam gets him in a torture rack.  Gargano slips out and goes for a sunset flip, Akam goes for an elbowdrop, Gargano dodges and tries to get to Ciampa, Akam grabs him, Gargano slips free and shoves Akam into Dawson, and finally makes the tag to Ciampa.  Ciampa off the top with a clothesline to Akam, boots Razar off the apron, hits Razar with a running knee when he tries to get back in, and German suplexes Akam.  A second German suplex to Akam, and he connects with the running knee.  Ciampa covers for 2, then he tries to sunset bomb Razar off the apron, Razar tries to block, Gargano comes over to join him and still can't get him over, so the Revival comes along and knocks Razar off, and he goes through a table DIY set up at ringside earlier on.  Now Akam is getting back to his feet and is surrounded by all four opponents, but I'll be damned, he still somehow fights his way out.  He goes for a powerbomb on Ciampa, who blind tags the Revival, and the Revival comes in and works Akam over, and Dawson gets his trailer hitch submission on Akam.  Gargano goes to stomp Dawson, but changes his mind and gets the Gargano Escape on Akam.  He has nowhere to go, and Razar fights to get in, and Ciampa and Dash try to hold him back, but he shoves both of them onto Dawson and Gargano to break up the double submission.  What is it going to take to beat these guys?  Razar tags in and picks up both of the Revival, but they get out and work Razar over, Gargano comes in and superkicks Razar, and Gargano and Dawson do a DIY finish on Razar, then Ciampa and Dash hit the Shatter Machine on Akam.  The crowd is going NUTS for this as it comes back to DIY and the Revival, and the Revival tries to cheapshot them, then they just flat out go at each other.  Dawson and Ciampa go to the floor, Gargano and Dash go at it, then decide to work together and take the Authors out with stereo dives to the floor.  Dawson and Ciampa battle it out on the top rope, and Dawson superplexes Ciampa to the floor onto everyone else in the match!  DAMN this is a great match!  Dawson is up and rolls Ciampa into the ring, but Razar blinds tags himself in, lays Dawson out, and they hit Ciampa with the Last Chapter and pin him.

DIY is eliminated.

We're down to the Authors of Pain and the Revival, and the crowd is not happy about that.  Dash is quickly put on the defensive against the Authors, who hit a modified Sidewiner for 2.  The fans chant DELETE as Dawson knocks Razar down from behind, and then they hit Razar with a double team inverted bulldog, followed by a series of European uppercut/german suplex combos on Akam for 2.  Dawson goes for the trailer hitch, but Razar just grabs him by the throat, swats Dash away, and chokeslams Dawson.  Dash disrupts the Last Chapter and Dawson rolls backward over Akam's shoulders, but Akam kicks out at 2.  Authors go for the double powerbomb and hit them, then Razar goes for a powerbomb on Dawson and Dawson just collapses.  Razar picks him back up as Dash holds Razar on the floor, and Dawson gets a small package for 2.  Akam rams Dash into the barricade while Razar DVDs Dawson into the corner, then they hit the Super Collider and Akam covers Dawson for the win.

Winners: Authors of Pain

This was easily the best match on the show so far, and I gotta say, the Authors showed that they're more than just a couple of big lugs in this one.  A LOT more.

The show concludes on Page 3!

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