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By Bill Bodkin on 2017-04-01 18:55:00

ROH Tag Team Title Match — Ladder Match: The Hardys (Champions) vs. The Young Bucks

The crowd rains down “Too Sweet” Chants. The Bucks get a massive reaction. It’s almost deafening.

The Hardys come out…intriguing to see how “broken” they will be.  Jeff still has the contact lens in but looks pretty normal. Matt, well he’s still got the wild hair, and the wild laugh. 

Side Note: Totally nuts that Jeff Hardy was boo-ed out of the Rexplex in 2003 when he debuted for ROH. Now, beloved.

“F THAT OWL” Chants ring throughout the arena. 

The Bucks light up The Hardys with kicks in the corner, but Jeff gains control over Matt Jackson. Broken Matt bites Nick. Double elbow and leg drop centan combo on both Bucks. They tried doing the vintage corner leap but Nick Jackson LEVELED Jeff with a superkick. They try it on Matt but he pushes a leg into one of the Bucks. Eventually after trying a bulldog, he eats a super kick. 

Matt Hardy is in the corner. They charge Jeff and he gets the the enziguri treatment. Jeff gets a double stomp to the back, then Nick Jackson hits the lung blower on Matt.

Bucks whip the Hardys, but a dosey dough and DOUBLE Twist of Fate on the Bucks. They go for a ladder outside but they get it dropkicked into their face. The Bucks do their vintage neck hold dropkick on Matt Hardy. The card hypes them up and there’s a double dive on The Hardy. The Bucks grabs the ladders and put them in the ring. They are setting them up, but The Hardys come in. The Bucks are pulled off. Matt chops Matt Jackson, Jeff chops Nick. DELETE and OBSOLETE chants resound throughout the crowd.  Matt Jackson is on the ground. Nick gets up and is grabbed by Jeff and Matt. He’s whipped into a ladder. Matt Jackson hits the ladder as well. 

Nick is thrown into a ladder again. Matt stops The Hardys from climbing. He gets into a slugfest with Matt Hardy. He’s sent over the top, and gets  ladder to the mouth and is sent crashing through the table to the floor. 

Matt Hardy grabs Nick Jackson and pulls him in the ring. He gives him a neck breaker. There’s now a ladder teeter-totter in the ring. This will not end well…at all…for whomever. Nick charges a perched Jeff and knocks him down. Matt Jackson comes in the ring.  They grab Matt on the top. MattHardy hits a crucifix bomb on Matt Jackson. Jeff shoves Nick Jackson off the top and Nick hits the ropes on the hamstring…HARD. 

Broken Matt sets up two tables on the outside. They’re looking to suplex Matt Jackson through them. Matt Jackson gets out. He rams Matt Hardy’s head into the post and Broken Matt is on the floor. Jeff and Matt axon are fighting. Jeff goes to do a handstand int the corner, but eats a super kick. Jeff Hardy EATS the damn teeter totter via springboard Facebuster!!!! Matt Hardy wipes out Matt Hardy with an asai moonsault. Nick hits a HUGE 450 SPLASH through the DAMN TABLE on Jeff Hardy!! Matt Jackson is setting up ladders. The giant ladder is opened and Matt Jackson is climbing up them. But Broken Matt is racing up the other side. They exchanged punches! It’s nuts! Delete! Too Sweet! The chants are off the charts. Matt Hardy gains advantages with punches. The Bucks get Matt off the ladder and hit The Buckle Bomb/Enziguiri Combo! 

One ladder is leading on the ropes. Matt Hardy s on the ladder. Jeff trips Nick Jackson. Matt Jackson is on the outside now. Nick super kicks Jeff. Then gets gorilla pressed over the ladder. Purposefully? Nick gets a double wheel barrow suplex through the ladder. OH LORD!!!  The ladder is destroyed. Easily. That was insane. Jesus. 

Matt Hardy is climbing the ladder. Matt Jackson comes in, and shoves off Jeff, then takes Matt off the ladder. He grabs a ladder and puts it into MH’s gut. He then wipes out Jeff with a Tornado DDT on the apron. Jeff eats a super kick. He’s now on a table. Matt’s in the ring with evil intentions in mind. He can go for the titles…or Jeff Hardy. Matt Jackson is climbing the ladder, but is taken off by Matt Hardy and then gets dropped. Matt pushes an ascending Nick Jackson off the small ladder…Nick then jumps onto the big ladder…which falls… and then he SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASHES JEFF THROUGH THE TABLE.


Matt Jackson and Matt Hardy are duking it out again. “Delete” and “Suck It” chants ring out through the arena. Both men fall and get clotheslined on the top rope.  

All four men are somehow in the ring. Everyone’s climbing ladders. They’re al fighting on top of the ladders. Matt and Matt are the closest. Matt Hardy falls and hits the small ladder…Jeff gets on the big ladder. Matt Jackson and Jeff Hardy are just decking each other. Jeff is pulled down byNick and they level each other clotheslines. Matt Hardy bites Matt Jackson’s foot. He dumps Matt Jackson out of the ring onto TWO tables, and the one table EXPLODES. Seriously.

Matt Hardy is on the ladder, but Nick springboards on the ladder. Jeff brings him down. They double stomp on Nick in the corner.  Nick kicks both Hardys multiple times. He does knee strikes to the corner. Matt Jackson is in. Whisper in the Wind is countered with Superkicks! Super kicks on Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy counters with a huge double lariat. All four men are down. 

Matt Jackson charges Matt Hardy is backdropped onto a table. Jeff Hardy charges Nick Jackson and is backdropped onto a table. Matt Hardy and Nick Jackson charge each other on the apron, and Matt Side Effects him through a table. All four men are down…again.

Nick Jackson is in the ring. Somehow his brother is in too. The Hardys are back in too. They are both climbing their ladders. They’re exchanging blows on the ladder, but SUPERKICKS OFF THE LADDER!!!!

Nick Jackson grabs the title. Matt grabs the other!!!

Holy crap. What a match. 

Winner: AND NEW Tag Team Champions — The Young Bucks

Post-Match: Broken Matt calls out The Bucks of Youth. He says they’ve fought everyone for 25 years. He says with absolute confidence that The Young Bucks are the best tag team they’ve ever faced. Matt says he doesn’t know how long his bodies will allow them to do these matches, but with The Bucks around tag team wrestling is safe and in the main event. The Hardys give “the ultimate respect” they kneel before the Bucks and shake their hands. 

Jeff say they will fade away and classify themselves as “obsolete.”

Wow…read into that what you want.

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