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By Bill Bodkin on 2017-04-01 18:55:00

We had intermissions, and my feed cut out….

But when it returned…Bobby Fish and Silas Young were brawling. Silas had a chair and got DQ’ed for beating up Paul Turner. Fish then speared Silas into the guardrail. Silas ended up putting Fish through two chairs with a spine buster. Illogically though Fish got up shortly thereafter and chased after Silas and tackled him on the ramp. Silas retreated.

The announcers put over the fact Fish made his “stunning” return to ROH, and that he was ready to fight. 

Will Ospreay and Volador Jr. vs. Jay White and Dragon Lee

Okay guys, I’m not sure I can do this one justice, but I’m sure as hell will try. I have never seen Jay White or Dragon Lee wrestle and I’m stoked to finally get the chance to do so.

White and Ospreay kick it off. They lock up and with fancy footwork Ospreay gets advantage. White counters with a headlock takedown. He has a standing wrist lock which Ospreay counters. Whitedoes a roll and nip and gain advantage, Opsreay is on the mat and does the “Land of 1,000 nip ups” (I made that up) and the does a Flair strut. White charges and Ospreay tells him “Wait.” Ospreay points to the crowd and gets White to finally look and slap on a headlock. The two trade arm drags. The two run the ropes, miss big moves, and then stand-off. 

Valor and Dragon are tagged in. The two exchange arm drags and then have a stand-off.  Lee and Volador run the ropes. Valor does a handstand out, then hits a rant which Dragon cartwheels out of. Dragon hits a rana of his own send Volador out of the ring, he then propels himself out of ring with a high speed tope. White tags in, and wipes out Ospreay. White whips Volador into the ropes. There’s a miscue and he barely hits an elbow. Lee comes in and things are very awkward with kicks right now. They stomp on Volador in the corner. No one seems to know what to do. The crowd knows it…it’s very quiet.

Valor is whipped into the corner but Volaor ducks and White gets nailed and Lee crashes into him. Volador hits a kick to Whites dome. Ospreay comes in with a flying forearm to Lee. He charges Lee in the corner, and on the outside his a kick followed by a big springboard dropkick White backs him into the corner and nails a European uppercut. Volador is wiped out. Osprey avoids double teams and then wipes out his opponents with a rope assisted handspring kick. There’s a standing shooting star followed by a stand moonsault followed by a twisting centan by Ospreay, Volador, and Ospreay respectively.

Ospreay slams Lee. Volador goes to the top but gets knocked down by White. Lee hits a no hands leaping rana on Ospreay who is on the spring. SICK! White crashes into Lee, then Volador hits an Asia too Lee on the outside. White comes out with a tope suicida. Ospreay is in the ring and he runs the ropes and does the Sasauke Special to the outside but White catches him and slams him on the apron. White runs to the corner and waits for Lee’s tag. White goes to the top and hits a flatback missile dropkick. Lee hits a frogsplash but White pushes him off for a cover (he’s the legal man). Volador comes in with a lucha arm drag. He gets dumped outside by White. White grabs Willl who lights him up with a forearms. White hits a Flatliner and a German. He hits the standing C5, but gets leveled by Lee via a dropkick. Volador levels Lee. White nails Volador. Ospreay takes out White with a twisting kick. Valor is tagged in and lights up White a chop. 

Eventually Lee hangs Volador on the second rope and does a double foot stomp. Only two! The good guys go for a double dropkick but Volador wipes out Lee with a super kick. Lee stops the match and gets the crowd hyped. Volador FLOORS Lee with a massive super kick. I missed a bunch of moves sorry! Osprey wipes out Lee with a Shooting Star on the outside. White his a German on Volador. Volador goes for a top rope hurricanrana, misses and basically hits a flying body scissors for the victory. I mean this looked really, really bad.

The live crowd loved this match, but man this was really, really disappointing as the guys never gelled or seemed to be on the same page.

Winner: Volador Jr. and Will Ospreay

Post-Match: Everyone shows respect.

ROH World Title Match: Dalton Castle vs. Christopher Daniels (Champion) 

It’s insane to think I saw Daniels fight in the first ROH Title Match in the Murphy Rec Center, and now we’re here, 15 years later. 

They adhere to the Code of Honor.  Again, a far cry from Daniels from 15 years ago.

Dalton grinds his pelvic area to a big reaction. Daniels stalks the ring.

They lock up, and Daniels tries to roll through the arm bar. He uses the ropes to flip through, and trip Dalton. He hits a patented running one legged dropkick to Dalton’s face. Dalton slows things down by getting fanned off by The Boys. He trips Daniels and then floats over and picks him up in a gut wrench. Daniels flips out, and charges but Castle stops him with a defiant pose.

Daniels sits in the corner and tries to get fanned off by The Boys. They almost do it. Daniels is back to his feet, and they lock up again.  Daniels shoots Castle off into the ropes by gets a dropped with a shoulder tackle. Dalton goes for a German but Daniels counters and gets Dalton to the outside. Daniels takes the fans from The Boys, and mocks all three men. The Boys enter and try to get the fans, but they fall on their face. Dalton comes from behind and takes Daniels down. He rolls Daniels around and then hits him in the back. Dalton holds onto the midsection of Daniels possibly inflicting pain on the ribs. Daniels gets to the ropes and it’s broken. Castle clotheslines Daniels over the top. He hypes up and hits the ropes and fakes Daniels out, and does his peacock strut.

Daniels is back in the ring and hits a big boot and comes off the rope. Castle catches him and tosses him. He goes for the cover for a quick one. Castle holds the waist lock and Daniels shoots some elbows to the neck. He hits some back elbows and clotheslines to keep Castle down. Then a beautiful STO floors Dalton. He picks The Proud Peacock up and goes to dump him, but Dalton stops it with some strikes. He charges CD, but gets dropped with a tilt-a-whirl side slam. Daniels grabs a standing Castle with an STO into a Koji Klutch. Dalton gets to the ropes. He chops Castle in the back of the neck and follows it with a neck breaker. Daniels chops Dalton in the neck again. Daniels methodically dropped bombs on Dalton. Dalton tries to retaliate with head butts to the gut, but to no avail. They begin exchange strikes from out of the corner. Dalton gains advantage with chops and punches. He whips Daniels into the corner but eats a back elbow. Castle is able to get a series of suplexes with a ton of impact, and Daniels is down. Castle goes for a waist lock but is backed into the corner, he’s able to counter with a knee strike then drapes Daniels on the top turnbuckle. He runs across the apron and drills him with a knee strike.

On the outside Dalton punches Daniels straight in the jaw. Daniels whips him into the apron but Dalton jumps, spins and hits a sitting rana off the apron. Dalton throws CD into the ring, but Daniels shoulders him down. Daniels takes out the boys with a springboard moonsault, but then is drilled with a tope. 

Back in the ring, Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two counter. He then executes his crossed arms throw into a sit-out from the top. Yeah, I don’t know the move’s name. Two count only. Daniels picks up Castle and dumps him with a judo throw, but not a lot of height ever. He goes for the BME but no pool in the water, and Daniels is caught in a deadlift German. Only two!  Dalton and Daniels jockey and then Dalton hits a Saito suplex. He charges Daniels in the corner with a knee strike then hits The Bangarang…one…two..KICK OUT!

Castle is in shock. Dalton takes forever, but hits an STO into the Koji Klutch.  Dalton powers out. He has slams Daniels into the corner. Daniels with a kick to the gut and Angel’s Wings gets countered with a Bangarang which gets countered. Dalton with a German attempt, but Daniels ROLLS THROUGH and scores the surprise win! 

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Post-Match: Cody Rhodes comes out and levels everyone! He hits the Cross Rhodes on Daniels! Kazarian comes in and Cody bails.


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