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By Bill Bodkin on 2017-04-01 18:55:00

Ring of Honor’s SuperCard of Honor XI is live from Lakeland, Florida. If you haven’t ordered it yet, check it out on the Fite App!

We’re live in the Jenkins Area. Some sound issues to begin, but everything smoothed out quickly.

Match #1: ROH Television Title - Adam Cole vs. “The Villain” Marty Scurll

Cole makes his way to the ring to a big reaction, and some streamers being tossed into the ring. The lights went black and the buzz from the crowd was palpable for The Villain. Not sure how I feel about his ROH theme — his Bloody Beetroots theme is much more infectious. Scurf came out in a crazy bondage-esque Bird mask, and leather jacket and Roman soldier style shirt. 

“Too Sweet” chants rained throughout the arena. Cole bowed to Scurll mocking the Englishman. Cole extends his hand for the Code of Honor, but Scurll kicks it away to a nice reaction.

Cole goes for a wrist lock but Marty spun his way out beautifully. The two trade headlocks and scissor holds. Scurry and Cole piece each other. Cole backs Scurll into the corner, and backs off and does his Adam Cole Bay By Spot. Scurll responds doing his “caw” and bird flap.

Cole charges and nails a Shining Wizard. Cole buries a knee to the middle of Scurll’s back. Cole runs the ropes and lazily slaps a chin lock on. Scurll counts with a roll up. They break things up, and Scurll hslams him yo the mat.

Cole goes to the outside, Marty bounces over the top and goes for his apron kick but its gets blocked. Marty lights up Cole with resounding knife edge chops. 

Marty gets in the ring, but Cole already escape. Cole grabs the umbrella, and swings and misses. Villain grabs the TV title and there’s a British(?) stand-off. The crowd chants “Do it!” Adam Goes got a kick but his leg gets stuck on the apron. Marty runs in the ring, bounces out and LEVELS Cole with a kick. He flips the crowd off. 

Back in the ring, Scurll continues lighting Cole up with chops. He stalks the fallen Cole and whips him into the corner and nails him with a double chop. He chops some more but Cole puffs his chest, and spits in Villain’s eye. Cole gains advantage with huge forearms. Marty seems out, and falls on Cole’s chest. He then surprises Cole with a massive forearm. Cole gains advantage and hits LAST SHOT, but only for a two count. It was a fireman’s carry drop as Cabana notes, and it’s lest effective than when executed for a brain buster position.

Cole goes to the top rope but gets caught by Marty. Cole does the “Just kidding.” Villain gains control and goes for the Just Kidding kick but Cole once again nails Marty.  Marty eventually gets the dust kicking. Cole hits a bicycle kick to no effect, but Marty nails Cole with a brain buster. Marty gets a one count.

Marty starts to get the crowd hyped and that means the Chicken Wing is coming. Too much time! Jumping enziguiri and a Shining Wizard comes from Cole within seconds. 

Cole mocks The Villains and does the same shuffle and hype up and goes for a Chicken Wing. Marty rolls through but only 2. Cole rakes the eyes, and kicks Scurll in the jaw. 

Cole showboats but gets HIS HAND CAUGHT! Marty snaps two fingers. SICK! Marty and Adam exchange kicks. Cole gains the advantage and nails a PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!!! TWO AND 8/9!!!

Cole grabs the title belt…again wasting too much time. That’s the mantra of both men this match. Cole and Paul Turner jaw jack…this allows Marty to DESTROY an umbrella over Cole’s head. The Villain hits a snap piledrive for JUST TWO!

The crowd has come unglued, and we’re only in the opening match. “This is Awesome” chants ring throughout the arena. Marty slashes his throat and goes for the tombstone but Cole reverses, but falls unexpectedly. Two count. Cole goes for the tombstone again. Then tries again, but falls again. Cole clutches his lower back. The crowd is turning on the match. Marty grabs the fingers again…CRACK…again…CRACK…piledriver…two count!!

Chickening Time! Will he tap…HE DOES!!!!

Winner: “The Villain” Marty Scurll — retaining the ROH TV Title.

Match #2: Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser vs. The Kingdom 2.0

Recap: Silas Young comes in and tells Vinny and Taven that he’ll be their tag partner. Then we see them lose to The Briscoes and Bully Ray. We see Taven and Silas arguing blaming each other for the loss.

TK O’Ryan walks Matt Tavern and Vinny Marseglia to the ring. 

Taken cuts a promo on the fans running them down for coming to “Wrestle-Melvin” weekend. He said they were supposed to defend the six man tag title, but their sassy wild horse (TK) hurt his hoof. Sadly that mustachioed melvin (Silas) cost them the title. TK takes the mic and craps on the fans for not supporting him. He said he’s a king and roll with the baddest six man unit in the world. They’re The kingdom, they’re the best around.

Silas and Beer City Bruiser make their way to the ring to a decent babyface pop. TK threatens Silas on the outside. The Bruiser raises a “Beer City Brew” while Silas grabs the mic. He runs Taven down saying he’s making excuses. However, there’s facts — it was originally scheduled for a six man tag match. TK snapped under the pressure and you needed a “man” to take his place. He says Kingdom came to him for help, not the other way around. When it comes down to it, VInny got pinned. Silas said instead of whining, he’ll let his fists doing the talking.

Bruiser spits a beer in Vinny’s face. He says “you’re in a fight with me!” Vine crushes the can on his head, and we’re starting out with his fists.” The four  exchange punches on the outside. Taken jumps on the guard rail and almost falls, but nails Silas. Tavern eventually gets in the ring and hits a plancha. Vinny his a springboard moonsault on Taven and Silas. The Kingdom knock Silas around in the corner. Bruiser comes in and wipes out VInny. Silas hits backbreaker and Bruisers hits a running kick to Taven’s face. 

Vine and Bruiser jaw at each other. The exchange slaps and forearms. Vine head butts and repeatedly bicycle kicks Bruiser. Bruiser hits a cross body, but Taven breaks it up with a springboard elbow drop. Taken goes for another dive but he gets caught throat first by Silas. Silas tries a plancha but misses. Vinny sunsetflips inside but Bruiser sits down on him. Taken hits a swinging face buster on Bruiser. 

Silas and Taven exchanges punches to the jaw. Silas whips Taven into the corner and ends up crotching him on the top rope. Vinny tries to come in but Silas catches him, and hits a top rope snap superplex. But Taven and Bruiser are on the ropes, and hit DUELING FROG SPLASHES.

They exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Bruiser charges but Taven pulls the top rope down. He goes for a middle rope dropkick but Bruiser moves. Bruiser hits a MASSIVE cannonball off the apron. Vinny hits a super kick and drops Bruiser. He spikes a charging Silas Young. 

TK O’Ryan hands a Cigar and Lighter (Bruiser’s) to Vinny. Vine lights it up and starts smoking. I know where this is going…and it’s not going to end well at all for someone. He tries to jam it in Silas’ eye, but instead Silas counters and hits MISERY. He puts the cigar in his mouth…and VICTORY.

Winner: Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser

ROH Six Man Tag Team Title Match: Bully Ray and The Briscoes (Champs) vs. Hangman Page & Guerrillas of Destiny

Bully Ray video promo is shown. He’s talking about how important being in Ring of Honor is. He talks about attacking Cole, winning a match with him and the Briscoes (against War Machine/Davey Boy Smith Jr.), then beating Kingdom and Silas for the Six Man Tag Titles.  He says tonight is huge…he and The Briscoes are taking on GOD and Hangman. He puts over GOD as one of the best tag teams in the world…who also happened to be two of his students at the Team 3d Academy. For the first time ever he will stand across the ring from two of his own students and “do what he has to do.” He’s Bully Ray, and he brought GOD in and he’s the one who can take you both out.

Hangman Page comes out first. Then Guerrillas of Desiny come out (Tanga Loa is sans make-up tonight). 

#DemBoys, The Bricoes come out next. Bully Ray is out next. All three walk to the ring together. 

Tampa Tonga and Mark Briscoe start things off. They lock up and Tama snaps in a headlock. Tama is whipped into the ropes, but nails Marks with a shoulder block. He hits the ropes but blocks a hip toss, and he and Mark just got nuts nailing each other with forearms. Briscoe tries a head butt but is dazed. Tampa charges but does the crane and Tama stops dead in tracks. The two battle but Mark gets advantage with a massive body block. Jay comes in and hits a picture perfect dropkick. Jay hits the ropes and a blind tag goes to Loa. He nails Jay. He knocks Jay around a bunch, but Jay escapes and tags Mark.

Mark tries everything to stun Loa. He goes for a cross body but Loa catches him and drops him. Tama Tonga comes in. The Bullet Club work over Marka  bit. GOD is in the ring, and Bully Ray tags in. He says “10 years I’ve been waiting for this. And we’re going to do it the way your father taught you, and the way me and my brother taught you.” He extends his hand to both, and they shake his hand…then LEVEL him. Tampa and Bully brawl but Tama takes advantage.  Loa comes in and he taunts Bully and tells him to bring it to him.  Bully tries, but fails. He hits a double clothesline and then nails Page with a big boot. He goes to the top rope and wipes Bullet Club out with a flying cross body. He slams. Hangman, and he and the guys execute the WAZZZUP. He then tells The Briscoes to “GET THE TABLES.” ECW chants rain out. Tampa stops the table getting on the outside and suplexes Mark. Jay hits a boot to Tama’s face, but then gets whipped into the rails. Hangman works over Bully Ray. Bully and Page trade chops and punches respectively. Page charges but eats a big spear. Both men are down and Bully makes the tag to Mark while Page gets Tama. Mark hits a sit-out single leg dropkick. He slaps Tama in the face. They’re battling on the top. Tampa comes off but gets caught with an over the head Uranagi. He lights up Tama Loa with chops and forearms. Loa LOVES it. Tag to Jay. Jay hits a lariat. Mark jumps to the top rope and hits a Froggy Bow on Tama on the outside. Jay is whipped to the outside and hits the Shooting Star Shoulder Block.

Loa hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count only. Hangman comes in and fast washes Jay with lazy kicks. Page charges but gets nailed with a lariat again. Page eventually hits a slingshot lariat but tags in Loa who hits a clothesline. Bully comes in Spikes Loa. Tama comes in and cleans house. Mark is on the top rope and Page and Tama catch him. Jay and Bully grab them off Mark and there’s a DOUBLE doomsday device. They then nail LOA with a Super 3D!

Winners: The Briscoes and Bully Ray — Retaining the title.


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