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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-31 00:10:00

Craven Varro vs. CAQ

CAQ does an insane gimmick.  He screams a lot.    He worked over Varro for a long time before missing a splash.  Varro nailed a Lionsault for a two count.  CAQ was worked over in the corner.  CAQ cut him off after he went to the top and went for the Electric Chair.  Varro turned it into a reverse rana.  Varro nailed a Van Terminator on CAQ but only scored a two count.  CAQ finally scored the pin.

Your winner, CAQ!   

DDT Pro Ironman Heavyweight champion Joey Ryan vs. Brandi Rhodes

Joey asked who wanted a blowpop.  Brandi tried to do the same and he wasn't happy.  She kicked him and nailed a DDT for a two count.  She nailed a STO for a two count.  Ryan came back to nail a series of shoulderblocks in the corner.    Ryan choked her in the corner with his boot.  Ryan worked her over and pulled out a bag of Legos.  Swoggle ran out and switched the box.  Ryan dumped it and it was thumbtacks.  He and Brandi fought.  Brandi went for a bulldog but Ryan caught her and dropped her on the tacks.  Yep, on the tacks!   Ryan shoved a Blowpop in her mouth and went for a superkick but she avoided it and rolled him up for a two.  Brandi went for a pinfall takedown and caught Ryan in a submission and tapped him.

Your winner and new DDT Pro Ironman Heavyweight champion Brandi Rhodes!

WrestlePro champion Bobby Wayward vs. Anthony Bowens vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Matt Macintosh

Dutt was sent to the floor.  Bowens was double teamed but hit a double clothesline, sending Macintosh and Wayward over the top to the floor.  Dutt nailed a moonsault to the floor on everyone and tossed Macintosh back in for a two count.  Macintosh came back to nailed a nasty backbreaker.  They went into some good sequences leading to Wayward nailing a double sitdown stunner.   They all battled back and forth.  Lots of good stuff until Wayward scored the pin.

Your winner, Bobby Wayward!

Really good.  Too much to recap correctly. 

Dutt got a nice round of applause after.

WrestlePro Tag Team champions The Heavenly Bodies vs. Da Hit Squad

It was all Hit Squad early.   The Bodies cut off Maff and worked him over.    The Squad made a comeback and slammed the Bodies into each other.    Maff locked in a figure four, allowing Mack to hit a top rope splash.   In the end, The Bodies nailed Mack with the belts and scored the pin.

LAX's music hit and as a surprise, the entire LAX faction from Impact Wrestling hit the ring and destroyed the Bodies and DHS.  Konnan cut a promo saying that they were back in the cut and now everyone was going to have to pay taxes.

GFW Nex*Gen champ Cody Rhodes vs. Brian Cage.

Melissa Santos did the ring announcement for Cage.

Cody got the biggest reaction of anyone on the show.

Cody started off fast but Cage cut him off.  Cage worked him over on the ropes.  Cage nailed a delayed vertical suplex and hit a standing moonsault.  They battled to the floor.  Cody was sent into the barricade. Cage tried to suplex Cody out of the ring to the floor but Cody fought him off.  They went back and forth and nailed high cross bodyblocks at the same time.

Cody came back to nail the Disaster Kick for a two count.   He went for Crossrhodes but Cage slipped out and nailed a superkick.   Cody locked in a figure four.    Cody went for a springboard move but was shoved off through a table.  Cage brought him back into the ring and worked over Cody.  Cody caught him out of nowhere and nailed Crossrhodes for a two count. 

Melissa Santos hopped on Rhodes' back.  Brandi Rhodes hit the ring and they had a catfight.  The fans chanted, "Better than Roman" at the catfight.  Cody nailed Crossrhodes and scored the pin.

Your winner and still GFW Nex*Gen champion, Cody Rhodes!

Good match to close out the show.

Overall, a fun show, although it went way long.

Cody cut a promo saying that as an eleven year survivor of this weekend, he had advice for everyone - be good to each other.  He put over that there were lots of great shows and promotions running and thanked everyone for being here.  He said he wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity and for watching WrestlePro.  Nice speech!

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