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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-12 16:24:00

Moss & Slater Open Challenge Ladder Match for the What Culture PW Tag Team championship.

Tag Team champions Johnny Moss & Liliam Slater vs. El Ligero & Gabriel Kidd vs. Prospect (Archer & Gracie) vs. Scott Wainwright & Will Ospreay.

Prospect grabbed one of the ladders that was positioned in the entranceway and brought it to the ring.   Wainwright's partner was Will Ospreay, his former parter in the Swords of Essex team, which was a surprise as his scheduled partner was not there.  Everyone battled around the ring.  The announcers mentioned that What Culture would have a live event as part of Wrestlecon over Wrestlemania weekend.

Lots of big dives, building to Ospeay teasing one, only to be backdropped over the ropes by massive Moss.  Moss teased a dive but was trapped by Kidd and Ligero.  They nailed a pair of dives to the floor onto everyone else.   That allowed Moss time to recover and hit a tope con hilo over the top to the floor, wiping out everyone else in the vicinity.  Prince Amin, who came out with Ligero and Kidd, climbed to the top of a ladder, unfurled a "magic carpet" and rode it down onto everyone on the floor.

In  the ring, Gabriel Kidd brought a ladder into the ring and set it up but was stopped by Prospect.  Kidd made a comeback and did the Terry Funk airplane spin with the ladder.   Kidd then used Ligero as a weapon, spinning him in Airplane spin mode to wipe out everyone.  Moss caught Kidd and suplexed him, with Ligero on his shoulders to boot.  Moss was sent to the floor.   Wainwright set up a ladder in a bridged position in the corner.  He tried to hit a Razor's Edge on Ligero but Ligero slipped out and backdropped him onto the ladder.

One of Prospect nailed Ligero and placed him on the ladder.  He went for the Worm, which Ross called "gimmick infringement" but when  he went to smash Ligero, his missed and hit the ladder.  The other then accidentally hit him.  Slater and Archie fought over the ladder and Archie ended up crotched on it.  Slater and Ligero began fighting over the ladder.  Ligero trapped him in the corner but Slater returned and slammed Ligero upon the ladder.

Ospreay nailed Moss off the ladder and scrambled up to try and get the belts bit was caught by Slater, who drilled him with headbutts.  Moss and Slater slipped underneath and nailed powerbombs on their respective opponents.  A second ladder was brought into play by Prospect.  There was a comedy bit where one of Prospect's tights were pulled down and underneath were underwear with Jim Ross' face on the backside.  Moss ended up with a double decker as he had both members of Prospect on his shoulders stacked up and they did a Doomsday Device spot.

Wainwright got on a ladder but it was too far, so he used the ladder and bounced over, only to be grabbed by Moss and hit with a big belly to belly suplex onto a ladder in the corner.   Moss ended up hurt and was taken towards the back, telling Slater to return to the ring and keep fighting.  There was all sorts of chaos.  Jake Drake hit the ring, apparently to help Prospect but then turned on them.

A larger ladder was brought into the ring.     The battle continued until the Swords of Essex captured the belts.

Your winners and new WCPW Tag Team champions Will Ospreay & Scott Wainwright!

Total chaos.  They were all over the place.  Moss is a beast.  Lots of hard work.

The self-proclaimed Women's champion Bea Priestly came to the ring.  She was scheduled to face Tessa Blanchard but Blanchard was hired for the WWE Studios "Fighting With My Family" film and is in Hollywood working on that.

Bea said she was supposed to wrestle Tessa but Tessa was "too much of a p****y" to show up, so she was issuing an open challenge to any female wrestler in the back.   Out came Nixon Newell, the actual champion, who is waiting for her visa to be approved so she can join the WWE Performance Center. 

Nixon Newell vs. Bea Priestly

Newell hit the ring but missed a charging kick when Bea went to the floor.  Newell hit a big dive to the floor.  Bea caught her returning to the ring and attacked the arm.  She began focusing on that attack and the announcers noted that there was tape on her shoulder.  Newell beat on her shoulder to get feeling back into it.  Newell came back with a shining wizard and a hard running forearm in the corner.

She missed another charge but slipped through the ropes and kicked Priestly in the face.  She nailed a high cross bodyblock off the ropes for a two count.      They drilled each other with kicks at the same time to the head and crashed down.    They battled back and forth with forearms.  Newell nailed a kick to the head for another two count.

Newell was trapped in the corner and nailed with a kick to the face.  Priestly went under the ring and grabbed a steel chair.   The referee took it away from her so Priestly grabbed the belt and went to nail Nixon with it as the referee was putting the chair out of the ring.  Nixon ducked and the referee was nailed and knocked out.  Nixon nailed a kick to the head and covered her, easily getting a 30 count, but the referee was still KO'd.

The chair was brought back into play, but Newell caught her with the title belt this time and covered her for the pin.

Your winner, Nixon Newell, who took back her championship belt.

Short but sweet.

What Culture PW champion Drew Galloway vs Joe Hendry.

They locked up and jockeyed for position.   Galloway was able to grab a side headlock and control Hendry.  He was sent into the corner and went up and over.  Hendry caught him and took him down but Galloway was able to kick out of it.  They locked up again and Henrdry was able to get control.  Galloway kept getting caught in a headlock with Matt Striker positing the theory that Galloway's neck issues last year might be Hendry's focus.

Galloway missed a right hand and was caught with one.  Galloway drove him backwards into the buckles and nailed a hard chop.  Hendry nailed several uppercuts and whipped Galloway into the corner, only to have it reversed.  Undaunted, Hendry nailed Galloway and scored a two count.  Galloway caught him with a clothesline that sent them both over the top to the floor.

Galloway stalked the challenger on the floor but was sent into the ring apron.  Galloway drilled Hendry and took him down on the floor.  Hendry fought to return to the ring but Galloway drilled him with a headbutt to the face.  Hendry grabbed his ankle after crashing back to the floor.  Galloway began whipping out a variation of The Garvin Stomp for a two count.

Hendry tried to mount a comeback but as he was going up and over, Galloway caught him with a kick to the face and covered him for a two count.  Really good action thus far.   Galloway worked over Hendry, who snapped him with a neckbreaker.  Galloway caught him and slammed him with an facefirst Alabama Slam for a two count.

Galloway set up for the Futureshock DDT but Hendry was able to escape and nailed a Fall Away Slam for a two count.  They went back and forth until Galloway spiked him with an evil looking piledriver for a close two count.  Really good match.   They keep going back and forth until Galloway nailed a Future Shock DDT for the pin.

Your winner and still What Culture PW champion, Drew Galloway!

Just a tremendous old school back and forth battle with some great, physical action.  Really enjoyed this.  Galloway is going to be one of the hottest free agents in the business by the end of the month when his TNA deal expires.

They aired a promo from Alberto El Patron that it was his destiny to kick Kurt Angle's ass tonight.

They then aired a promo by Kurt Angle, who said this was his final match in the UK and for What Culture.

Kurt Angle vs. Alberto El Patron

Big reaction to each.   When the bell rang, it was obvious the crowd saw this as a big deal.  They locked up and Angle was backed up to the ropes.  The crowd chanted "F*** 'em up Angle, f*** em up."  They battled to the floor, where Angle gained control and even choked Alberto with the ring apron.  Alberto was tossed back into the ring but caught the Olympian with a enziguiri as he returned to the ring.  Alberto dragged Angle over to the announcer's desk and slammed Angle right in front of Jim Ross.

Angle was tossed into the ring.  Alberto nailed a clothesline off the ropes for a two count.  He worked over Angle and drilled him with kicks to the legs and quads.  He grabbed Angle in a side chinlock, working him over.   Alberto used the hanging neckbreaker on Angle's arm.    Angle was able to stun him with a clothesline with his other arm to give himself a chance to recover.

Angle nailed a German suplex and then rolled through and nailed a series of suplexes.  Angle went for the Angleslam but Albero slipped out and nailed the Backstabber for a two count.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome" at the bout.   Angle caught Alberto with the anklelock but was kicked into the buckles and nailed with a kick to the head for another two count.

Angle was hung in the tree of woe and had a trickle of blood from it.  He caught Alberto out of nowhere with the Olympic Slam for a close two count.   They battled at the top but Alberto headbutt him down and came off the ropes with a double stomp for a two count.  Angle caught him out of nowhere with an anklelock but Angle was kicked off.  Alberto snatched the cross armbreaker but it was countered bak into the anklelock.  Alberto shoved him off and countered it back into the armbar again.

Angle tried to shove his body to the ropes as the crowd chanted for him.  He made it close enough to drape his feet over the ropes.  Alberto was not happy.  Angle missed a charge in the corner but reversed Del Rio into a anklelock and scissored it.  Alberto tried to fight it off and even grabbed at the referee but finally tapped out.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

Best Angle match I have seen since he left TNA.  Del Rio seemed REAL motivated here too.  Good action.

The crowd chanted "Thank you Angle."  Angle offered his hand to Alberto, who accepted it.    Alberto left. 

Joe Hendry came out and said that since he wrestled Angle, things haven't gone well for him, but tonight is about Kurt.  He asked everyone in the building and watching at home to show respect for Angle.    He raised Kurt's arm but then nailed him with a low blow.    He disrespectfully hit Angle with an Olympic Slam and stood over him mocking Angle to close the show.

Next up for Angle is Northeast Wrestling on 3/3 vs. Cody Rhodes in a steel cage.

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