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By Zach Levine on 2017-02-10 22:25:00

Asbury Park NXT Results

By Zach Levine @zmanjets86

Greetings from Asbury Park as NXT made their second visit to Jersey. Solid night of many newcomers to the brand making their NJ NXT debuts. The only one to return from last year surprisingly was Asuka and who knows how much longer she'll be in NXT...

1. Aleister Black over Steve Cutler. Cutlers from NJ and got cheered first, but then asked to be called from Orlando, FL. He got on the mic and said he requested to go first so he could leave NJ first, and also said he had hoped Hurricane Sandy destroyed this town (Massive boos). Solid match with the former Tommy End winning with a spinning heel kick.

2. Ember Moon over Daria Berenato. Excellent match, real impressed with Daria who showed a ton of fire and hit Ember with a spear as she was coming off the second rope. Ember wins with the diving stunner and raises Daria's hand at the end. 0-2 for NJ though...

3. Eric Young over Oney Lorcan. Decent match with the crowd chanting for Nikki Cross to wrestle. Some comedy spots as EY busted out his old version of the Flair Flop he uses to do all the time in TNA. Nikki got tossed by ref Drake Wuertz a la Umpire Frank Dreben. EY won with the wheelbarrow neckbreaker.

4. Authors of Pain (sans Paul Ellering) over #DIY. Great showing by all four as the crowd was strong for Johnny and Ciampa. AOP won with the neckbreaker/lariat combo on Ciampa.

5. Tye Dillinger over Patrick Clark. Clark came out again in his Prince attire but then removed his shirt to show off a Tom Brady jersey to massive boos. He said 12 is the best number and nobody beats 12. The crowd chanted hard for 10 and then Dillinger came out to the Pop of the Night. Decent match, though a bit long. Lot of comedy spots. Dillinger wins with the Tye Breaker.

6. Sanity over Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Ford and Dawkins work well together as a team, though the most over part of them seemed to be that Ford had red shoes on and Dawkins white. Decent tag match which Sanity won with the body slam/neckbreaker combo.

7. Asuka over Mandy Rose. Mandy came out to a weird rip off of Pour Some Sugar on Me which the crowd sang along to. She held her own pretty well against Asuka, so look for her to do big things in 2017. Asuka wins with the Asuka Lock.

8. Shinsuke Nakamura & Kassius Ohno over Andrade Cien Almas & Bobby Roode. Entrances alone made this match. Ohno's theme is awesome and his attire when he comes out is an old school Sonics basketball jersey with Kassius across the front and Ohno on the back. After the four entrances the crowd had a huge This is Awesome chant. All four were immensely over. Some great work with Almas and Ohno as Ohno bicycle kicked him mid Tranquilo, and Almas chopped Ohno loudly around the ring. Nakamura and Ohno win with the Kinshasa on Almas. Great main event from four guys at this point last year you'd never expect to see in NXT...

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