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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-01-31 21:57:00

Match Number Four:  Alexa Bliss and Mickie James versus Naomi and Becky Lynch

Becky and Mickie start things off and Becky has something to say to Mickie before Mickie tags in Alexa.  Becky with a waist lock take down and then she takes Alexa to the mat again.  Naomi tags in and she hits a sunset flip for a near fall.  Naomi with a kick and a leaping leg drop to the back of the neck for a near fall.  Naomi goes for a cross body but she misses and bounces off the ropes.  Mickie tags in and she kicks Naomi in the head.  Mickie with a snap mare and drop kick for a near fall.  Alexa tags in and she kicks Naomi in the ribs.  Alexa stands on Naomi's face but Naomi with a kick.  Alexa prevents the tag and gets a near fall.  Alexa punches Naomi and then hits a knee drop and rolls through into a handspring knee drop.

Mickie and Becky tag in and Becky with two clotheslines and a drop kick.  Becky with a running forearm into the corner and hits a jumping side kick and a back heel kick.  Becky with an exploder for a near fall.  Becky goes up top but Alexa tries to stop her.  Becky kicks Alexa but Mickie with an arm wringer and a kick to Becky for a near fall.  Mickie has the referee send Naomi back to the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Alexa with a head lock and she sends Becky to the mat and stands on Becky's hair.  Mickie tags in and Alexa sends Becky into Mickie's boot.  Mickie chokes Becky in the corner as the referee warns her.  Alexa chokes Becky while the referee was not looking.  Becky with punches to Mickie.  Mickie with a punch but Becky with an Irish whip and Mickie with an elbow.

Mickie with a head scissors from the turnbuckles and she gets a near fall.  Mickie with a sleeper and she traps Becky's arm.  Alexa tags in and she connects with a forearm to the back.  Becky with a kick but she cannot make the tag.  Becky with a rollup for a near fall and Naomi tags in and hits a springboard cross body.  Naomi with a drop kick to Mickie.  Naomi with a round kick followed by a flip clothesline.  Naomi with Speedball Kick followed by head scissors driver for a near fall.  

Mickie and Alexa double team Naomi while the referee deals with Becky.  Becky takes Mickie to the floor.  Naomi with an enzuigiri and she hits the double jump split legged moonsault for the three count.

Winners:  Naomi and Becky Lynch

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are in the interview area.  They are asked what's next.  Chad says they have had the titles for a month and no one has stepped up to challenge them.  Jason asks if everyone is scared.  Chad wants to know if anyone wants to take the titles from them.  Chad says they are going to make an open challenge.

We go to commercial.

American Alpha come to the ring for their open challenge and the Usos make their way to the ring.

They are followed by the Ascension and the Vaudevillains.  Then Fandango and Tyler Breeze make their way to the ring.  

Rhyno and Heath Slater make their way to the ring.

Everyone fights in the ring as mayhem ensues in the ring.  Konnor and Gotch fight on the floor while security and referees try to resolve things.

We go to commercial.

We are back and everyone is still fighting and security and officials are having no luck.

The Usos work over Heath Slater and they go to the floor.  Breeze is pulled out of the ring and he is punched on the floor.  Rhyno punches Viktor in the corner as the referee waves his arms around.  Gable and Jordan clothesline Konnor over the top rope.

Tom Phillips talks about the issues between Nikki Bella and Natalya and we see what happened last week.

Daniel Bryan is on the phone with Brie and he says he has a solution.  Two members of security enter and they say it is all clear and Natalya enters.

Natalya says Nikki is out of control and she does not feel safe at work.  Natalya says she figures she is here to talk about her new merchandise.

Nikki enters and Daniel says this is why he brought them in here.

Natalya talks about Nikki's boyfriend while Nikki talks about Natalya's family.

Daniel screams that he has had enough.  Daniel says he is making a match between Nikki and Natalya at the Elimination Chamber.

Natalya storms out of the room.

Adrian Neville says he proved everyone wrong when he beat Rich Swann to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.  He will prove on 205 Live that no one is worthy to step in the ring with the King of the Cruiserweights.

Miz and Maryse join the announcers.

Match Number Five:  Dean Ambrose versus AJ Styles in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Ambrose with a waist lock into a front face lock.  Ambrose with a shoulder tackle.  Styles with a waist lock but Ambrose with a wrist lock.  Styles with a reversal.  Ambrose with a side head lock.  Styles with a side head lock.  Styles with a shoulder tackle and Ambrose with arm drags and a slam.  Ambrose with a side head lock take down.  Ambrose goes for a Cloverleaf on Styles.  Styles tries to get to the ropes and Ambrose with a modified Rings of Saturn.  Styles gets his foot on the ropes.  Styles goes to the floor and he hits a thrust kick when Ambrose goes to the floor and then Ambrose is sent into the announce table.  Styles sends Ambrose back into the ring and he kicks Ambrose in the chest and punches him.

Styles with a flying forearm for a near fall.  Styles with a chop.  Ambrose with kicks but Ambrose is sent shoulder first into the ring post and Styles gets a near fall.  Styles with a chin lock.  Ambrose with punches.  Ambrose with a flying clothesline and punches.  Ambrose with a back body drop and a clothesline that sends Styles over the top rope.

Baron Corbin's music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Baron Corbin is on commentary as well.

Ambrose goes up top and Styles crotches him.  Styles with a pump handle gut buster for a near fall.  Styles wtih a kick to the back and he gets a near fall.  Styles with a flying forearm into the corner followed by a flying clothesline.  Styles misses a forearm into the corner when Ambrose moves.  Styles with strikes but Ambrose with a swinging neck breaker.  Ambrose with running forearms and a flying clothesline.  Ambrose with a running forearm and he goes for a superplex.  Styles escapes and he hits Snake Eyes on Ambrose.  Styles with a torture rack but Ambrose with an O'Connor Roll.  Styles goes for a springboard move but Ambrose with a forearm to send him to the floor.

Ambrose goes for a suicide dive but Styles with a jumping forearm and both men are down.  Styles sets for the Phenomenal Forearm but Dean with a kick.  Styles avoids the double underhook DDT.  Ambrose bounces off the ropes but Styles avoids the clothesline.  Ambrose with a suplex throw for a near fall.  Ambrose runs into a boot and then Styles comes off the turnbuckles but Ambrose catches him.  Styles with a crucifix rollup for a near fall.  Styles with an Ushigoroshi for a near fall.  

Styles with a rollup for a near fall.  Ambrose wtih a near fall.  Styles with a Pele Kick and Ambrose bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline.  Ambrose with a kick and Styles goes to the floor.  Ambrose goes up top and hits the elbow to the chest.

Miz and Corbin brawl and Miz goes into the ring.  Ambrose with a clothesline off the top but the referee does not see it.  Ambrose with a suicide dive onto Corbin.  Miz is sent into the ringside barrier.  Styles with a kick and Styles Clash for the three count.

Winner:  AJ Styles

After the match, Miz attacks Ambrose and hits the Skull Crushing Finale.  Corbin hits End of Days on Miz.  Corbin wtih End of Days to Ambrose.  Styles watches on the ramp as we go to credits.




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