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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-15 15:14:00

The semi-finals are Pete Dunne vs. Mark Andrews and Wolfgang vs. Tyler Bate.

They showed Robbie Brookeside at ringside.

SEMI-FINAL: Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne

Some nice action earlyThe story was Andrews' flying against Dunne's punishing offense.  Dunne tried to stomp his hand on the ring steps but Andrews pulled away and jumped up to snap him off the stairs with a rana.   Back in the ring, Dunne gained control and nailed some bruising shots across the face and stomped on Andrews' neck.

They continued back and forth until Dunne worked him over and sent him to the floor.  Dunne nailed his X-Plex on the ramp, which looked brutal.  Andrews was nearly counted out.  Dunne could not believe he returned to the ring and began stomping the living hell out of Andrews.  Dunne went for the X-Plex but Andrews turned it into his stundog finisher for a close two count.

Andrews went to the top but Dunne cut him off.  They exchanged forearms.  Andrews sent him crashing down to the mat.  Andrews went for a shooting star press but Dunne caught him and packaged him for a two count.  Dunne could not believe Andrews kicked out.  Dunne went for the pumphandle Implant DDT but Andrews used a armdrag to escape.  Andrews came off the ropes but was nailed with a big forearm smash.  Andrews was able to reverse a move and roll up Dunne for a close two count.

Andrews went for a shooting star press off the top but Dunne moved.  Dunne grabbed him and suplexed Andrews into the buckles and nailed the Bitter End for the pin.

Your winner, advancing to the finals, Pete Dunne!

The best thing on the show so far.  At times, it was so good and competitive I forgot to type it up!  Just some really compelling and entertaining exchanges and near falls.  I am in love with Dunne's work and Andrews made himself a player this weekend.

Wolfgang vs. Tyler Bate

They noted during the commentary that it's believed Wolfgang may have broken his nose.

Bate caught him with bop and bang.  That pissed off Wolfgang who nailed several shoulderblocks in the corner.  He was caught with a big knee but took down Bate and slammed him.  Wolfgang called for the moonsault but Bate attacked him after he jumped on the ropes.  Wolfgang grabbed at his knee.  Bate kicked him in the nose.  

Wolfgang was caught with a sunset flip for a two count.  Wolfgang snapped him down with a pop up powerbomb.  He went to the top for his swanton but missed as Bate rolled out of the way.    Bate was caught with a big spear as he approached him for a two count.

Wolfgang went for a move but Bate slipped out and caught him with the Tiger Driver 97 for the pin.

Your winner, Tyler Bate!

Another good match with a good story.  Bate's charisma is something else.  They protected Wolfgang well by making it clear injuries he suffered over the course of the injuries were hampering him.  Wolfgang was just awesome last night and tonight.  I really feel he did a great job making the most out of the opportunity he was given this weekend.

Pete Dunne attacked Bate and sent him into the ringpost shoulder-first.  The announcers said he was trying to ruin the tournament.  As Dunne left, William Regal met him on the stage and shoved Dunne backstage, pissed.

They showed Earl Crabtree, the son of British legend Big Daddy.  They also showed Darren Fletcher, a football star.

Neville came out and took the mic.  Big reaction to him from the fans since it wasn't announced and he's a British star.  He said that it appears someone has been forgotten yet again.  He said he was overlooked in the CWC and 205 Live and now has been overlooked in the tournament.  Neville declared he should be the champion by default.    He ripped on the fans until Tommy End came out.  Odd that he's Tommy End since they just changed his official name in NXT.  I guess it's not anymore.  He's going to face Neville.

Neville vs. Tommy End.

They locked up and End brought Neville down to the mat.  Neville armdragged him over and played to the crowd. 

They went back and forth with some nice action.  Neville saw End was going to get him and went to the floor, killing time.    Neville locked on a chinlock.

They went backstage to Charly Caruso, who said Bate was taken into the trainer's room to be evaluated.

Neville continued to control End, drilling him with kicks for a two count.    End made a comeback with a big knee to the gut.  Neville went to the floor but this time, End hit a pretty spectacular looking moonsault to the floor.  End brought Neville back into the ring and drilled him with a ton of strikes and kicks for a two count.

End continued working Neville over with a nice bridging back suplex for a two count.  End went to the top but was cut off by a Neville leaping kick.  Neville nailed a super rana off the ropes and then hit the Red Arrow for the pin.

Your winner, Neville!

Good bout.

They announced that Bate a partially separated AC joint in his shoulder but has been cleared to the finals.

As Michael Cole and Nigel McGuinness discussed the main event, Finn Balor came to the ring.    Balor took the ring mic and put over what a great night it's been.   He said he has been happy to have played a small part in everything that has happened this weekend, but said the reason it has happened is the fans and their passion here in the United Kingdom.   The crowd chanted, "We deserve it."  Humble blokes!  Balor said that they did and it was time to see who was going to be the first United Kingdom champion.


William Regal came to ringside with the championship belt.

Bate came out with his shoulder taped.

Dunne was aggressive early muscling Bate around the ring and slapped him upon breaking in the corner.  Dunne was able to take him down and began tying up the arm and shoulder, trying to injure his shoulder worse.    Bate was able to slip out and jump up into a dropkick before challenging Dunne to fight him.

Bate took control and began working over Dunne's ankle.  Dunne began working over Bate and stomped his arm.  Dunne attempted to send Bate into the ringpost but Bate reversed it so now Dunne got a taste of his own medicine.  Bate nailed a springboard uppercut followed by an exploder suplex for a two count.  Bate went for the Tiger Driver but his arm was too hurt to do so.  Dunne immediately attacked the arm and set up for the Bitter End.  Bate caught him with a small package for a two count.

Bate locked in an Airplane Spin but made himself dizzy so he reversed direction.  He teased losing it, then spun again and slammed Dunne down for a two count.  Dunne saw Bate coming for him and grabbed his arm for a triangle choke, also battering Bates' bad arm with left hands in the process.  Bate was able to pull himself up and powerbombed Bate down with one arm.  They had some awesome crowd shots of everyone singing and clapping for Bate.

Dunne rolled to the outside where Bate nailed him with a dive and tossed him back in.  Bate went to the top and nailed a 450 splash but Dunne kicked out at the last second.   Dunne backed away from Bate, seemingly shocked but grabbed Bate and nailed the Bitter End.  Bate kicked out at the last second but was trapped in a Kimura Lock.  Bate tried to get to the ropes but was rolled back towards the center of the ring and trapped in the move, with Dunne even wrapping his leg around Bate's neck to increase the pressure.

Bate was able to reverse a forward guillotine into a brainbuster for another close fall.  Bate went for a German suplex but Dunne landed on his feet.  They fired back and forth with explosive maneuvers and when Bate fired up, the place went nuts.  Bate nailed a big knee and drove Dunne down with Tiger Driver 97 for the pin.

Your winner and the first WWE UK champion, Tyler Bate!

Just a great match.    Bate's performance here was excellent.  It blows my mind he's only 19 years old.  Dunne also did an amazing job over the course of the tournament and made himself the heel for the UK division.  This blew away anything on Raw or Smackdown TV for match quality of late.

Triple H, Finn Balor, Fit Finlay and William Regal all came to the ring to raise Bate's arm.   HHH wrapped the belt around his waist as the audience chanted "You deserve it."

Pretty great job WWE did the last few days.  Go out of your way to watch the shows if you get the chance.

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