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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-06 20:16:00

TNA Tag Team champions The Hardys vs. Eli Drake & Tyrus

Jeff Hardy said Drake and his big mouth were going to rendered obsolete. Matt Hardy did his usual mic work and it was great. He said tonight Brother Nero could be Jeff Hardy, the Charismatic Enigma.
Tyrus ripped up a "Somebody Call Your Momma" sign in the front row. He disrespected Pope, throwing his t-shirt in Pope's face while Pope was announcing.
Drake pointed in Matt's face. Matt bit him on the finger. He worked over Drake and tagged in Jeff. They nail a double suplex on Drake for a two count. Hardy drilled Drake into the turnbuckles several times. Drake came back with a series of right hands. He sent Hardy into the ropes but ate an elbow as he charged. Matt nailed an elbow for a two count and tagged out to Jeff Hardy.

The Hardys nailed some of their double team moves but Tyrus tagged in and manhandled Jeff.  He sent Jeff into the corner but Hardy elbowed his way out on Drake and Tyrus.  Hardy ascended to the top but was cut off.  Drake charged and leapt up for a superplex into the ring for a two count.  Drake brought down some right hands and tagged in Tyrus.  Drake held Hardy down as Tyrus nailed a big right hand to the belly.

Tyrus nailed a legdrop but Hardy kicked out at the last second.  Matt Hardy began screaming and snarling at Tyrus to try and distract him.  Drake and Tyrus tagged in and out as they worked over Hardy.  Tyrus worked over Hardy for a long time before missing a Vader Bomb off the middle turnbuckles.  Drake tagged in and tried to stop Jeff from tagging out but was kicked off.

Matt Hardy hit the ring and cleaned house on Drake.  He nailed a belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Hardy went for the Side Effect but Drake slipped out and blind tagged Tyrus.  Matt hit Drake with the Twist of Fate but Tyrus caught him with the Asiatic Spike.  Drake tagged in and wanted to make the cover but Matt kicked out.  Jeff hit the Twist of Fate on the floor on Tyrus.

Jeff and Matt each hit the Twist of Fate on Drake.  Jeff nailed the swanton bomb.  Matt covered Drake and scored the pin,

Your winner and still TNA Tag Team champions, The Hardys!

Solid bout  The Hardy antics rarely fail to please.

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA champion Eddie Edwards.  Eddie said it's been a crazy last 24 hours.  He said that this craziness is what makes a true World champion.  He said that EC3 asked for another shot and he's happy to give another shot.  He said that there will be no controversy over who the true champion will be.

TNA champion Eddie Edwards vs. EC3.

Lashley came out and sat at ringside, watching the main event.  So, he's going to get involved and then Davey Richards will hit the scene and...turn, maybe?

Some back and forth feeling out process early.

EC3 finally took control with a big clothesline.  He dropped down with a double axehandle.   He worked over Edwards until Eddie snapped him with dropkick.  Edwards charged but was kicked off.  EC3 nailed a missle dropkick out of the corner and clotheslined Eddie over the top to the floor.  EC3 suplexed the champ on the floor.

They battled on the apron back and forth with forearms and kicks.  Edwards suplexed EC3 on the apron outside.  They battled back and forth.  Edwards began working over EC3's back and chopped away at him in the corner.  EC3 hit a powerbomb out of desperation.  Lashley began stalking around ringside.  EC3 nailed a Stinger Splash in the corner.  EC3 nailed the TKO and scored a two count.

Edwards surprised him with a forward roll for a two count and nailed a German suplex.  They battled over clotheslines until they hit the other in stereo. Lashley got involved and got into it with the referee.  Edwards nailed a dive to the outside on them and wiped them both out.  EC3 caught Edwaeds with the One Percenter as he returned to the ring but there was no referee.

EC3 nailed a TL3 off the top but Lashley got into the ring with a steel chair.  He handed EC3 the chair and said it should be them fighting for the belt not Edwards.  EC3 considered it and tossed the chair out.  Lashley speared him.  In hindsight, he should he clobbered Lashley, eh?     Lashley brandished the chair to nail Edwards but Davey Richards hit the ring and got the chair.  He went to hit Lashley but got EC3 instead but accident.  He chased Lashley out.

Edwards nailed the Busted Knee Party and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Eddie Edwards!

OK main event. 

Overall, it was an OK show but nothing that you would need to go out of your way to see if you weren't watching live.

They announced the next One Night Only PPV would be "Risk or Reward" on 2/17/17.

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