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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-03 22:55:00

For those of you who are planning to watch the New Japan World stream of Wrestle Kingdom tonight, it begins at 2 AM Eastern.  They actually had a stream up earlier showing the construction of the ring in the empty Dome.  Obviously, we will have ongoing coverage of the show and for PWInsider Elite subscribers there will be a post-game discussion recorded shortly after the show ends.

Cody Rhodes has dedicated his New Japan debut to Drax Shadow (Elijah Mainville), the young boy with neuroblastoma who was "signed" to a WWE contract in 2015 during a special in-ring ceremony at a Raw taping and was later presented with a one of a kind action figure of his WWE persona.  Rhodes announced it in a great Facebook post, which you can read below, where he reflects on his past year, debuting for New Japan and sitting in a hotel room in Tokyo watching footage of his father vs. Bob Backlund from Japan:

WWE's Dave Finlay is in Tokyo to watch his son David wrestle in the Dome.

Although he has wrestled many times in Japan, tonight will be the first time Steve Corino has ever appeared in The Tokyo Dome.

On Page 2 will be some potential spoilers for the New Japan Rumble.

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